Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Humpday Confessions...

Wednesday - let's do some confessions

I confess:

... I threw away all the ketchup packets in my glove compartment. I think they could have been up to 3 years old. Someone could have died if they used any of them.

... I hate daylight savings time. Like HATE HATE HATE.  Like I'm doing a countdown until its December 21 (when the time starts adding 1 minute of daylight) 46 days.... & another until Spring (136 days)

... I have one more photo session planned for the year before I take time off for the holidays & the temps look super cold. I really hope I can squeeze this last one in.

... I heard some rumors around work yesterday that made me want to initially freak out, throw the papers off my desk & scream my head off.  But instead, I sniffed my Stress Away essential oils & bowed my head & prayed to God for patience.  A much better reaction.  I deserve a bonus just for that.

.... I am in complete denial that Christmas is around the corner.

... I am already trying to plan out when to put up my Christmas tree though.

... It took people in our town up to 8:30 pm to vote last night. What frustrated me is that they were saying on TV that 100% of the votes were counted when I knew for a fact that people were still in line... that makes you feel like your vote doesn't count.  Thanks Obama

This has nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh

... the only real reason I vote?  Because I have someone in my office who is so vocal about her political party... I mean VOCAL... & it just grates on my nerves. I vote because it gives me the best pleasure ever to know my vote just canceled hers out.

... My uncle is in surgery right now for pancreatic cancer. I want to puke thinking about it.

... my dad & brother scheduled a colonoscopy for the same day so they could go together... me & mom are trying to figure out what we can do together ourselves.  Mammograms?

... My cabinets are full but I can't find anything to make for supper lately. How is this possible?

... Timehop sends me on a roller coaster of emotions. Yesterday had a picture of my original 4 dogs laying on the bed together from 5 years ago. Loved seeing the picture, but twists my heart at the same time.

... Harvey Dent gets so depressed about the mornings. When he sees me & Ricky getting dressed, he just lays down with his head on his paws & gives the saddest puppy eyes.  I think I need to be a stay at home dog-mom.

... I bought Fault in our Stars on DVD & haven't watched it yet. I can't find a time that I want to sit down & know I'm going to be depressed & want to cry.

... anyone else suspicious that there's not much talk about Ebola lately?  I want an update channel 24 hours on how the disease, & all the diseases are traveling along.  It would be perfect for my germ phobia.

What do you need to confess today?


  1. My sister is that way, maybe even more so ... she is obsessed about politics (to the point of even unfriending a few high school classmates who have the audacity to be as vocal about their politics as she is about hers). For the sake of family peace, I keep my opinions to myself, but I do get a lot of pleasure from knowing that my vote has canceled out hers. ha!

  2. I haven't watched TFIOS yet either! I'm saving it for a night that I'm home alone with nothing to do so I can sit on the couch and bawl my eyes out because I know that's exactly what's going to happen. Prayers for your uncle today, hope everything goes smoothly!

  3. I just laughed so hard TWICE reading this! :) haha!! Mammogram date and cancelling out your coworkers vote- both excellent but funny ideas!

  4. Good luck to your uncle and his surgery - thinking good thoughts! And I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner either, though it's making me super excited for the holiday season and I *may* have already broken out the Christmas music!

  5. cancelling out your co workers vote made me LOL!!!

    I need to confess that I just got back from Trader Joes....yep I was there when they opened at 8am...I think I have a problem. However, I know it will be a very long time before I can go again!!! And in my defense I was dropping off my daughter at work and it was only a LITTLE out of the way on my way back home. :)

    I also hate daylight savings time. I grew up in Arizona where we never changed time...I like that.

  6. I haven't even thought about putting up the Christmas tree, yet. Maybe once we make it through Thanksgiving.

  7. We both cried after watching that movie! Hahahah yeah, just make a family day of it, mammograms for sure :) LOL

  8. I can relate sooooo much to the full cabinets & can't find anything to make for supper (Why does my brain just shut off on what I have and how to combine it into somethign edible?!) and the dog mom guilt! When my pup Gato does that pitiful face in the mornings I melt!

  9. I'm in denial too - mostly because we've started our x-mas shopping but that's about it!! I haven't thought about cards or anything else yet blah!

  10. ugh i hate daylight savings too. you did make me feel a little better that it peaks on december 21st i didn't know that, but to see 100+ days sent me to tears (thats so far away)!!!

  11. I hate daylight savings time too. The only upside is that it's light out and I don't need a flashlight to take Cleo to pee in the morning. :)

  12. Stay at home dog-mom would rock! Maybe Harvey Dent needs a puppy sister or brother ;)

  13. Haha I never thought of "canceling" someone's vote out, but you're so true!!! Definitely another great reason to vote ;) I also keep ketchup packets in my car and definitely need to do the yearly clean out haha


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