Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The last days in my office....

This week, I may have already had a few panic attacks... a few ulcers flaring up... days where I want to throw up & staying sick to my stomach...

I'm just upset...

This is my last week in my office at work.

Now, don't get confused. I still have my job.

My wonderful job that hasn't given out raises in 7 years & took away our health insurance about 5 years ago... (Thanks Obama) ...yeah, its still my job...

But this weekend, we are moving locations.

& my drive just got another 20 minutes longer.... in one direction. 40 minutes EXTRA total in my day.  My drive will be about 45 minutes.  So an hour & a half of my day just driving.

... because I love being in my car so much & car sickness doesn't touch me at all. 
Can you hear the sarcasm just dripping?

I have been at my job 22 years & have drove to the same place every day.  That I am a creature of habit is one thing, but there's so much about this move that just irks me so badly.

The drive, obviously is one thing.

Right now, or at least for 3 more days, I've been in Downtown, which is great to be in the center of getting anywhere I need to during lunch or after work.

Just yesterday, at lunch, I ran back over the bridge to Indiana & ran into Joann's & got a new loom & about 15 skeins of yarn.

...Trying out retail therapy to ease my aching stressed belly....

& lunch options? Well yeah, in Downtown, you can find anything anywhere.  & the best thing about lunch for me?  Ricky is in downtown.  We've gotten in the habit the past year of meeting for lunch about 2 - 3 times a week.  No more.

Oh yeah, & did I tell you I'm loosing my office? 

Yeah, I get to sit in the middle of the floor of this huge room with another lady...

I feel like I'm going to be Les Nesman from WKRP in Cincinnati with his tape on his floor for his office.... (& if you know that reference, then thumbs up for kids of the 70's)

Add on that I get to go into work on my weekend & have to set up my 'space' - cant call it an office anymore...

I just want to cry.

Let me correct that - I want to cry AGAIN... & maybe puke.

Oh, & the icing on the cake?  Monday, on my first long drive to my new 'space' in this office - its going to be snowing & there's a chance of icy roads...

Wonderful... fantastic... perfect...


I know there are more important things in life that I should worry about & there is so much real, heavy stuff that people are going through & in the big picture, this is nothing... & its something I'll adapt too & it just is what it is... I really do understand this.

& I know I sound whiny & all Ms. Complainer USA

but right now, I just want to have a pity party...

... I'm off to pack up my stuff...


  1. This sounds awful! I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this. Hopefully, God will reveal his purpose behind this all quickly to help relieve some of your stress.

  2. I was there yesterday (pity party) and ice cream helps! of course if it is about to snow, maybe ice cream won't help.....

    I'm so sorry about all this!

  3. Been there, done that. Praying for you, dear one.

  4. I'm sorry! :( Maybe God has something else in mind that is coming to you!!

  5. I'm so sorry! The drive is a big deal to me. I only drive 20 minutes now.. I have no idea how people do any longer. I hope the move ends up being good or you find something else!

  6. Change is never easy, but you'll adapt like you always do!! I think being in the car longer will be the hardest part, but that's why they invented books on tape!

  7. Ugh, this really does suck. Sometimes a pity party is just called for and I think you've deserved that right! Nick's office moved in Chicago RIGHT before we moved to Michigan... increasing everyone's commute time by about a half hour. It's seriously so rude!

  8. that sucks! honestly though i would hate to work downtown :( lol but i'm a creature of comfort to be sure.

  9. I'm sorry, that really does stink. Especially when you've been there as long as you have. I think it's absolutely fine to have a pity party.

  10. Ok yup, this seriously sucks girl. I totally don't blame you. Not getting lunch dates anymore, a longer drive and losing your office? I feel for you! Let it all out girl and eat lots of ice cream..

  11. I'd complain, too. Hell, I complained when I had to move to the office across the hall - even though it was bigger! hahahaha

  12. That really stinks!! I have a 45 minute drive too so I feel ya! So much wasted time in the car!

  13. That sucks, I hope it's not that bad! I used to drive an hour each way to school, and was bored, but I would probably just listen to podcasts now. I wouldn't have minded if my car could drive itself :). I love my job, but my company is poop sometimes. This year they stopped matching our 401K's and took away all but two of our personal days, giving us a few more holidays instead. Definitely rather have my choice of personal days..

  14. You don't sound whiny at all. Change is tough. Especially work change. Praying for you! (and if you tape off your "office" please take pics) ;-)

  15. oh, this downright sucks. You are so creative with such an awesome personality - you deserve better. tell them I said so >:-(


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