Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm finishing up packing my office today... tomorrow is the big move.
Needless to say, I was up all night with a sick stomach. I mean SICK...
I'm wondering if stress is tackling me...
at least I hope that's it.  My 'let's google everything & freak out' side wants to go into full force... so for now, I'll just tell myself its stress.
Let's ease some of that by looking at some favorites of the week


 Favorite Winter Item:
The temps are staying in the 20's... you'll find me under some sort of blanket until Spring

 Favorite Knit Item:


I want to make these!
How cute are they to wear around the house...
I'd even stick my feet out from under blankets to let everyone see them

Favorite Home/Craft idea

You make one for you & your spouse & then the other has to fill it in every week
... or make one for each of your kids & fill it in for them to see
LOVE this idea... so simple

"I love you because _________" frames ... change the reason daily with dry erase markers.

 Favorite Thought:
Especially after being in downtown & seeing 'men' with their butts showing & having to walk like a penguin
A Better Time For Clothes
But would this mean ladies would have to wear heels & dresses to vacuum the house?
... mmm... nevermind...

Favorite Tea Reminder

I love me some Green Tea. Used to be a little obsessed about drinking it because it was so good for your immune system.  But this is a handy little chart to remember what teas help in other areas.

What tea to drink according to what ailment you have//
Favorite Words of the week:

 Ture that:) #haters #quote

Favorite Funny of the week:

we can do anything!
According to serving sizes, I'm a family of four.

Favorite TV Moment of the week:
The Walking Dead...
 Eugene confesses.  Anyone else not think this dude was a scientist. I mean, can a scientist have a mullet? 
 Favorite Funny Video

I saw the one video that is full of BatDad videos... but I hadn't seen the other videos that are combined of his vine videos... oh my gosh... check them all out - here's #9
This has to be the best husband & dad!!!!



  1. I hope the move goes well! I'm sorry about all the stress but I love your list of favorites :) The dog in the blanket was hilarious, that's totally me too.

  2. Blankets! :) haha. Happy Friday! Stay warm!

  3. I didn't love this last episode of walking D. It was just so boring to me! I was like, "well, duh! Of course he's not a scientist!" I am really starting to like Abraham though-- I loved that we got to see some of his back story!

    Of course, all I really care about is Daryl!

  4. Blankets....YES!!

    Puppy in a blanket - adorable!!!

    Batman...funny on the video, but could you imagine living with that all the time?!?

    Serving sizes family of four...truer than I'd like to admit. Oh my!

  5. Oh my gosh - that puppy GIF is adorable. And I love those boots. Happy Friday!

  6. Love that home craft idea - so cute!! Hope the move goes smoothly tomorrow!!

  7. That puppy rolling up the blanket, so CUTE! Yep, that'll be me too :) Good luck tomorrow...

  8. I definitely people still dressed like that! Don't get me wrong, I love fashion today but I love all those suits haha!

  9. I definitely people still dressed like that! Don't get me wrong, I love fashion today but I love all those suits haha!

  10. I knew Eugene was faking the whole time! Scientist cannot have mullets. Haha! I love that tea chart! My fave!

  11. if you make those socks...I want to buy one!!!! so very cute! actually I will buy 2 because my daughter would want a pair as soon as she saw them and then she would take mine!

    and if you don't have all those teas....use your essential oils!!! :)

  12. Those socks look so cozy! And Cory loves Batdad...he is so hilarious!

  13. I love those slippers. I agree with the suits, such a nice look. Heck when I was in H.S. girls couldn't even wear pants! Had to laugh....that is true about sirens in the music while driving. Have a great weekend.

  14. It got cold here over night and I'm crying. You'll find me wrapped in all the blankets too.

  15. I always google what I have when I'm sick. I know it's dumb and never helps, but I do it, anyway. A couple weeks ago, my stomach was really upset for a few days and I had to eat saltines for dinner and drink lots of ginger ale. Anyway, I convinced myself it was either normal stomach bug ooooorrrrrr pregnant. The symptoms cleared up after a week or so, and now I can thankfully eat normal again.

  16. i wish men still wore hats and dressed like that too! people used to take time and almost pride in their appearance.

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  20. Hope you were able to de-stress a bit and have a relaxing weekend :)


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