Monday, November 10, 2014

The weekend that had me saying "there's no place like home"

I honestly can't believe how fast this weekend went by...

When you feel like you get cheated out of it, it makes me want to throw a tantrum like a 2 yr old...

But I'm not a 2 yr old - I'm a 42 yr old, so I'll do the adult version of a tantrum.  Which involves sitting behind my computer giving glares that dares someone to talk to me early this Monday morning.  Seems about right.

I think I'm ready to throw a tantrum too because the weekend was so nice out & they are talking on the radio about how Tuesday, everything is turning cold - more like freezing - & chance of snow?  Oh mercy... yeah... my glare just got more intense.

Friday started with a stop by the craft store closest to my home so I could pick up some yarn.  It doesn't have the best selection of yarn but when a girl is in need for a yarn fix - it'll do.

I got home & ended up being holed up in my bedroom with the dogs while a repairman came to fix our heat.  It went out on Wednesday. Did I share that fun tid-bit with you?  Yeah ... no heat... it hasn't been too bad this week.  We've been lucky that the weather hasn't been miserable, but with the cold coming, we were trying to get it fixed.

needless to say, 2 hours later... our heat still wasn't fixed.  Great.

I did end up getting to finish a book while tucked away & downloaded another book & got started on that one.  Maybe I need to be holed away more often.

Saturday morning, Ricky had to work so I just had a quiet morning of knitting.  I wanted to make a headband for a friend & tried some different patterns.  One totally didn't work.  #knitfail  I ended up pulling it all out & making another one.  It's now my favorite.  I since made another one for another friend. 

See?  What is a mess can be turned into something lovely

I had to leave home for a photo session right when Ricky got off work - passing ships in the night... or afternoon...

I met with a couple that was one of my first weddings & I love that we've stayed in touch. I adore this couple.  This guys parents are the ones who wrote "Men are like Waffles & Women are like Spaghetti"... their family is just the best.  & Caleigh is just gorgeous, inside & out.  She needed a headshot for a new job she got & I'm so glad she got in touch with me.  I told her & her husband when they got out of the car that I was sure this was a trick & they were wanting to do a sneaky baby announcement.  She assured me I'll be one of the first ones to know when that times comes.... I'll be waiting... with a camera in hand.

They pulled out of the parking lot & 2 minutes later, my next session came. It was my cousin... one I had never met!  Now let me tell you. My dad has 1 brother - I know all my cousins on that side.  My mom's side?  She is 1 of 10 children so there are a ALOTTTT of cousins on that side.  As everyone grew up & had children of their own  & after my grandparents passed away, a lot of the family has lost touch.  It's such a shame really.  I was so thrilled when Toni (whom I do know - I remember her wedding to my cousin) reached out to me to take one of her daughter's Senior pictures. 

As soon as I saw this young lady, she just looked like family... she looked like a cousin I grew up with to me...  & I instantly had to hug her.  She's fantastic in every way.  I said I wanted to adopt her as a little sister.  She wants to learn to knit, she is a big time reader, she's happiest staying at home with family & playing games or watching Netflix... yeah... I want her as my sister.

We timed that session perfectly because it was cool but the sun was out & we got so many beautiful pictures... & literally, as I got in my car, stopped at Starbucks for a hot drink, the sun went in & it was dreary & gloomy the rest of the night. Thank you Jesus for another perfect photo session.

This was my last photo session for the year. I always try to not schedule anything mid-November through the end of the year just because life is busy enough with the holidays, so as I packed up my gear at the end of the session, I felt thankful for another awesome photography year...

I was only home for a few minutes before I went to pick up my parents & we headed to see the Wizard of Oz at our local high school.  Let me make the point that our local high school does school plays UP!  Like they are nationally known for their plays.  My mom, being a WOZ obsessed freak fan makes the whole family watch it whenever it is around. 

Hey, I'll give her props on teaching me how its done because the local middle school is doing Beauty & the Beast in April so guess where we'll be then... I already told my nieces they have no choice. They are going with me.

I asked her, Are you going with me to see Beauty & the Beast?
She said, "Um, I guess"
I told her the answer is ALWAYS, "of course I am"

Sunday had our heat repair guy back at our house bright & early.  Ricky ended up not being able to make it to church because the guy was there.

I hadn't been to our home church while we were on vacation so it was good to see the kids again.

Ricky & I went out for lunch & another yarn pit stop for me & then we just enjoyed the beautiful warm weather with Harvey, Bruno & Zoe...

settled in for our night of Walking Dead... which was so boring to me this week. YAWN.  I can't believe there is only just a few episodes let for 2014.  But who has time for TV during the holidays...

So another weekend down... way too fast...

still not sure if our heat is working right. Wish us luck.
What did you do this weekend?
What show or play will you go see EVERY TIME!?


  1. A photo-shoot during the weekend sounds like so much fun and so great that you've stayed in touch with the couple!! I agree - I feel like we get ripped off with the weekends being so short!

  2. Revenge was pretty good though. I don't watch Walking Dead though so can't comment on it.

  3. It sounds like you have the best clients! :)

  4. Time to start buying stock in yarn ;) I agree, too fast! We're off tomorrow for Veterans Day though so I really can't complain!

  5. Don't you wish the weekends had a 'pause' button so you could soak it all in? Wouldn't that be grand? They just whip right on by! I hope and pray your heat is up and running...cold weather is a' coming! Bless your heart for being so kind to knit a headband for are an angel! The one show that I've seen twice and wish it hadn't come to an end is "Cats". I know every song by heart!

  6. Busy, busy weekend! So nice that you're taking a break to enjoy the holiday season - it is so busy and goes so fast anyway :) Hoping your heat is fixed, the temps are seriously dropping later this week!!

  7. I haven't even started watching Walking Dead this season. I need to catch up with it on my DVR. I haven't turned my heat on yet, but I'm bundled in a jacket underneath a blanket tonight, so it's probably time.

  8. How fun that you and your mom got to go see that play!!! I would LOVE to see something like that someday... and Wizard of Oz is one of my alltime faves!

  9. Can you just come to SC and do a photo shoot for me??? Your pictures are so awesome! Glad y'all got the heat fixed with all the cold weather coming in...that wouldn't be any fun!


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