Monday, November 03, 2014

The vacation that started bad... & ended bad... but had good in between...

Like the good ole song of the 90's says, back to life, back to reality...

It's really not fair how fast a week off can go when a week at work seems to take forever.

But I'll take a fast week off work anytime.

It wasn't the vacation we had planned, but it was still good to just relax.

It didn't start off too well.  Y'all saw the post from last weekend - that was great.  But then Monday hit & apparently Monday is universal for a bad day, working or not. 

I got up early & went to let Harvey out of his kennel & leaned down... & something happened to my back.  It was like it seized up or cramped up or just fell apart.  I bent down to unlock the kennel & I couldn't get back up.  Excruciating pain.  I mean EXCRUIATING!!!!  I couldn't move. I didn't know what I was going to do. I called Ricky (who had to work) & told him I thought I was going to have to call my dad to take me to the ER.  He got ready to leave work to come get me himself, but I made my way to the bed & got an ice pack & called Ricky & told him to wait an hour & see if it eased up.  I applied the Panaway Essential Oil & then took some ibuprofen & was pretty much down for the count Monday... & most of the week really.  Perfect. Just perfect.

I refused to let my back ruin the whole week so I just kept popping more ibuprofen & covering my back with the oil & I did OK...

We got to venture out to the new outlet mall that is about an hour away & enjoyed the day there with no one around.  It's so different shopping on a week day then on a weekend.  Nice to be the only one in stores.

I ended up getting my closet cleaned out & ended up filling up two HUGE bags of clothes.  My closet is pretty bare now for winter.  I tried to find some clothes out shopping while we went out & couldn't find anything I liked either.  Great.

Anyone need hangers? I have about 100 spare ones now

I did a lot of knitting... a lot!... & ended up pulling out my sewing machine & playing with it.  I actually got it threaded.  It may have taken me about 4 hours & I still don't think I did something right because my bobbin doesn't fill up right... but it works.  But now, I need to find some easy projects to start with. I'm a pro at making straight lines now though.

We had a great day celebrating our anniversary as well.  Ricky had to work half the day but it was OK.  It was such a gloomy, rainy day but it brought back memories because it was exactly how our wedding day looked.  They say its good luck for rain to fall on a bride - I guess I can attest to that.

Ricky brought me home roses as a surprise & we ended up just enjoying a laid back day of shopping at the Disney store, of eating pretzels & a trip to Whole Foods.   May not sound exciting to most people, but after 19 years, this is how exciting we get :)  We did get to go out to dinner - after getting stuck in traffic forever from the Paul McCartney concert happening downtown & then headed out for dessert.  It was a wonderful day.

Halloween found me just staying home all day.  Ricky had to run out & take care of errands & I didn't want to go out in the cold so I took care of errands around the house.  I always hate we get no trick or treaters in our area... but I live vicariously through Instagram & seeing all the cute costumes out there.

The week, although painful, was great... & ended up with Ricky & I both falling apart.

During the week, I noticed a mark on Ricky's back. Saturday night, I looked & it was so red, it was purple & it had red streaks coming from it... & the streaks wrapped around his side & headed up & was going straight to his heart.  Talk about freaking us out.  So we found a Urgent Care that was open late & we headed there.  I said you can tell you're old when you're excitement for a Saturday is hanging out at an Urgent Care.  #oldcouple

They told Ricky it was indeed a spider bite & it had become infected.  For the record, if you hang out here over any amount of time, yes, this is about Ricky's 5th spider bite over the years that has caused issues.  I told him his desire to become Spiderman is becoming a little extreme now.  Needless to say, antibiotics will hopefully prevent his transformation into the real Spiderman.

& then Sunday, I woke up sicker then a dog.  My stomach was just killing me.  Maybe it was just taking my depressed emotion of vacation being over & putting it into actual pain.  I kept trying to research all the oil remedies & was about ready to put them all on my stomach, on my feet -whatever it took. 

So yeah, we started with back pain, had a great middle of the week & ended it with me sick & Ricky on antibiotics... life... it's full of adventures.

& now, back to routine...

Did I miss anything over the last week?

Anyone else have any constant spider bites?

Where can I find good winter clothes to buy?


  1. Man, what a week of ups and downs! Girl, I think the hardest part of sewing is getting it threaded and sewing a straight line! I learned this year that we don't get many trick or treaters {since this was our first year at home} and I was pretty disappointed! Glad Ricky got some antibiotics but I couldn't help but laugh at the Spiderman comment...maybe one day!

  2. I'm sorry that you guys had so many downs to deal with on your week off :( I hope you're feeling better now.

  3. OH, that's horrible! Hope you guys are feeling better! I have been loving a lot of stuff from Old Navy online and Target too!

  4. Easiest thing I've sewn is pillows. Four straight stitches.

  5. Bless your heart friend! Now you need a vacation from your vacation..ha! Praying your back is easing up and that Ricky's "spider transformation" ceases too. That is scary! And DigestZen (doTerra essential oil) works great on stomach issues. We use it all the time and have very fast response time to it and it works on everything including motion sickness! Hope this week brings more happy moments and no pain for you guys. Love ya!

  6. So sorry your week off wasn't what you were hoping for, but I'm happy to hear your anniversary was the bright spot!

  7. oh my gosh that sounds terrible! I am sorry it didn't go as planned! at least there were some good parts in between there! You should go to Old Navy for Winter clothes. I have been loving Old Navy the last few years. and tell your hubs to lay off the Spiderman kick. -

  8. Holy cow, lady! You just couldn't catch a break with your ailments!! Glad you got to do some fun things in-between everything, though. Hope you are back to yourself soon.

  9. Girlfriend, WOW!!! And you came back to a PILE of work. Seriously.

    I'm so sorry about your back. That is awful!! How is the essential oil working? I've been hearing a lot about this. It seems to be ALL the rage right now.

    And Ricky and these spider bites!! YIKES!!! Do they make an essential oil for that? If they do, dip him in it =)

    Well I have 9" of my cowl done. I have about 6" more to go. Maybe I will get it down this week. WOW!! My projects really take a looonnnngggg time. Whoa!! I need to get with it.

    I hope this week back to work goes well.

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  10. I think our lives are mirrored bit too much! ha!

    did you take thieves for your sickness? are you diffusing it around your house? also you should put it on your feet EVERY day during this flue season!!!

  11. poor dear! I'm so sorry you were sick and hurting! At least the timing was good so you didn't have to take off of work!

  12. Happy belated anniversary!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
    Shopping during the week is the BEST. No people. Heaven on earth.


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