Monday, November 24, 2014

The weekend that I was sicker then a dog... but productive...

If you were around my blog last week, you know it was a bad week because I had a new routine with my job changing locations.  It kicked off on Monday with 4 inches of snow to drive through... & it ended Friday with me not being able to breath & feeling like someone was trying to suck the soul out of me.

I left work on Friday feeling like death....

Maybe because our heat wasn't working in there all week & I was freezing...
maybe because the girl I sit near was coughing & sick all week long...

can we remember that I am a germaphobe so when I heard coughing all day long, I was internally freaking out.

& then let's add onto that germaphobe side because Ricky was sick.

It all caught up to me.

I seriously came home & got in bed on Friday... didn't even change my clothes. Just kicked off my shoes & got under the blankets.

I have pretty much been in the incline position all weekend... except trying to keep my head up so I can breath.

I did try to get up & straighten the house on Sunday... only to instantly feel like I had a fever & feel like my legs weren't attached to my body.

I hate being sick.

I think this is the first time too that me & Ricky have been sick at the exact same time.

We're having coughing wars.

I was productive though. Laying on the couch, I did get 3 Christmas gifts done.  That's something, right?

I promise I will spray them with Lysol so I don't spread any germs.

& I got a gift ordered online.

Call me the sick Christmas elf.

Side note... Saturday on FX Movies, they had a Twilight marathon.  I watched all the Twilight movies from the beginnings.  Just know if you do that all day long & then go to sleep, you will have weird dreams.   WEIRD. DREAMS... a fever may be to blame for that too. 

& we're back to Monday.

Hope everyone had a better weekend then me.  That's shouldn't be too hard to do...


  1. Yuck, I hope you feel better this week. I'm impressed that you managed to be productive with the Christmas gifts while on the couch! I rarely get anything done while I'm sick.

  2. I hate that you have been so sick... Hopefully, you will start feeling better ASAP! It's good you got some Christmas shopping done though!

  3. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well!! Hope you get better quick!!

  4. I hate being sick too! My hubby was sick on Saturday but he had to work - poor guy! He did the same thing when he got home - straight to bed. Hope the heat is fixed!!

  5. Ugh, I have being sick! I hope you are feeling better soon!!

  6. aww I am sorry you were sick all weekend!! That's no fun! Lately we have been watching Dexter before bed and EVERY night I have a dream that I am a serial killer. Every night. Hope you're feeling much much much better!

  7. Ugh,I hope you are feeling better! Being sick (especially on the weekend) is the worst!

  8. UGH sorry to hear your were so sick. Glad you were able to rest though!

  9. I made another headband/earwarmer and I've started a new hat. I'm using a bigger loom, so we'll see how that turns out.

  10. Blahh no fun! Hope both you and Ricky are feeling better soon!!

  11. Oh no! I'm sorry you're feeling sick... I hope it goes away soon! :(

  12. I watched every single Twilight movie in an FX marathon a couple months ago XD. Except the last one, which they didn't play and I couldn't find for rent anywhere!! Get better soon!

  13. hope you're feeling better. just got over a cold and now i have a different one. i want to cry!!

  14. Being sick is the WORST. Hope you're feeling better!

  15. you poor thing, hope you are all better now! KC is starting to get sick, I hope he doesn't pass it on to me, I am such a baby when I'm sick!

  16. sorry you've been sick!! hope you've made a full recovery.

  17. So sorry you were so sick! Praying you are feeling better!

  18. Sounds like my energy......

    Hope you are better soon!



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