Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving... the ups & downs of it

I'm joining in with the ladies that are doing a Holiday Series Link up.

It was great seeing everyone's posts for Halloween... & here we are at Thanksgiving.

I'm not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving - so my post today is going to be all about the UPS & DOWN of Thanksgiving...

I know some people who are ALL ABOUT Thanksgiving. You people, I just don't understand.  But I have a slight jealousy of you.  Here's my view of Thanksgiving.

UP // Food!  There really is nothing like a Thanksgiving dinner.  Food all day long. & for a vegetarian like me, its all about the sides. Sides are the best at Thanksgiving too.  Stuffing, potatoes of every sort. & let's not forget the desserts.

DOWN // Poor Turkey's.  Being a vegetarian, it really does make me so sad to see all the poor birds that are laying on kitchen tables everywhere.  I bet they hate Thanksgiving more then anyone.

DOWN // All that food we are happy about?  Now, let's look at the other side, which is the weight gain.  I honestly think I can gain 5 lbs in one day at Thanksgiving.  Don't tell me it's not possible.  It's completely possible.

UP // Family. Who doesn't love seeing family.  Especially on a holiday.

DOWN // Family. It's always so hard to get to everyone.  & why does both sides of the family always seem to have Thanksgiving at the exact same time?  Ricky & I have spent more Thanksgivings apart then together because we love our families & want to see everyone so he usually goes his family & I'll go to mine... the past few years, we've traveled to Nashville to spend it with our grandbabies.  Which is great... but then you feel bad you don't see everyone.  I hate the guilt.

UP // A day off work!  YAHOO!!!!  Who doesn't love that?

DOWN // We have to work the day after Thanksgiving.   We usually try to save up a day of vacation to take the day after, but like our vacation, Ricky had to use his days for his knee injury so he has to work this year the day after.  It's just not Black Friday without him.

UP // Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I always loved watching this as a little girl & still do.  I think I love this one because they always have songs & parts from Broadway on there before the actual parade starts.  Broadway for the win every time.

DOWN // Football. I know - most some of you love your football.  It's just not my thing.  & football takes over TV on Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness for ABC Family.

UP // Black Friday!  Yes, we're the people who always got out at 3:00 am to get some good deals...

DOWN // Black Friday!  It's not what it used to be.  Stores are open on Thursday now (side note: I bet in the next few years, every store will be open on Thanksgiving like its any other day) & I hate stores that open at midnight. It's not like you can get up early & shop & then go out to the next store & the next.  Midnight, you shop & then its a limit amount of stores.  Others don't open for like 4 or 5 hours later. So do you go home?  Sleep in the car?  Just forget about it?  It's too much planning now.

UP // I get my Christmas tree out on Thanksgiving & put it up... always love the beauty of the Christmas decorations going up.

DOWN // I always say putting up our Christmas tree is what will cause Ricky & I a divorce.  We argue over the stupidest things when it comes to putting up our tree.  But for the record, I will say, we've learned over our 19 years of marriage & Ricky usually puts the tree up, hooks up the lights (Thank you Lord for pre-lit trees - that's a whole OTHER argument that got nixed), brings all the boxes up & then hides until I tell him to come up & see the finished decorated product.  Marriage.  That's how you make it work.

So what are your best things about Thanksgiving you love?
What really gets on your nerves about Thanksgiving... come on, you can admit it!


  1. The food and family are the best. But last year we have family sick and this year it's even worse. So, personally, I'd just like to skip the whole thing this year.

    Now as for black Friday shopping. I'm not really interested in it, but the past 2 years I've gone late Thursday night with a friend from work when she took her teenage daughters. We would just sit in the mall and talk and watch them as they shopped. It was fun watching all the crazy people and just being with a friend. However, that being said she has to work this year. So, again, I'm all about just forgetting it this year.

  2. I can put up with all of the downs just to indulge in the delicious food :) The Broadway numbers are always my favorite part of the parade, too! Can't wait to watch again this year!

  3. What a fun post!!! I love how you did the goods/bads. And your Mickey pin, made me think of one of my favorite Disney cartoons!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  4. Loved this!! The highlight of the holiday for me is the FOOD and then the food/nap/coma that comes after :) I also love Black Friday shopping but it's really disappointing that some stores are opening up on Thanksgiving now. While I'll miss the best doorbusters and sales, I'll probably still stick to going out at 3am!

  5. For me Thanksgiving is all good!!! It is one of my favorite holidays. This year will be a little tough without Alyssa (she used all her vacation days on being sick) though....we will just be skyping her in!! Making my grandmother's yeast rolls without her just won't be the same however.

    I love the time with family, remembering all we are thankful for, playing games, and just enjoying each other.

    I have moved on from black friday...my favorite now is Cyber Monday!! :)

  6. Great post - we are the same way with family and used to spend like half the day in the car driving from family to family (that were like 2 hours apart). This year we're off the hook living in SC, but we will definitely miss all the craziness.

  7. Well I totally agree that the sides are pretty much the best part of the Thanksgiving day meal!! Sounds like you have a lot of UPs though!!

  8. So true my friend. I'm very thankful our work gives us Friday off too, but we don't get Christmas Eve off, it's always weird haha. With all my family in FL this year, Thanksgiving is sure going to be different!

  9. Being with my family ranks at the top of my "What I Love About Thanksgiving" list. They mean the absolute world to me, as you know! My head wrap has been a Godsend...you have no idea!

  10. I am so with you on this post! A few years ago we had to tell our families that we just couldn't do two Thanksgiving meals in one day anymore :(, so now we switch up every year...much easier, but still hard to see everyone we want to see when we are in town. The meal is too good...I look forward to it every year, but stuff myself silly and don't feel so great afterwards :)

    I do love me some Black Friday shopping though...it's one of my only days with my momma and we honestly don't get much shopping done, but we laugh and just enjoy one another and our time!

    I also remember as a kid watching It's a Wonderful Life on Thanksgiving Day...we are so busy now, I wouldn't even know if it was on, but that was a good memory :) Happy Thanksgiving to you friend...hugs!

  11. We struggle with trying to see everyone too! We both have large families so it was hard trying to get everyone in until we decided we would just rotate and spend one year with his family and one year with mine. It's worked out but means we have to neglect one family every year.

    And same thing for the Christmas tree! It has caused some crazy arguments in our house but mostly because we have a crappy tree that is a pain in the butt to put up!

  12. I'm so with you about the stores opening on Thanksgiving, not okay with that! I don't have the patience to go out in the crowds anyway but still!

  13. Bahahaha... I was gonna make a comment about how family could be a downer too and then you went ahead and did it for me! :)

  14. I love the food and the Black Friday shopping!

    I don't like.... hmmmmm.... Oh! I don't like that the kids always eat too much and then are tired and cranky and inevitably have a meltdown, and I have to deal with them, when I really just want to sit down with a glass of wine!

  15. I feel a lot different about Thanksgiving this year, as my first vegan Thanksgiving. I would usually be very excited, but now I just see lots of turkeys :(. I'm going on a hunt for tofurky this weekend!!

  16. thanksgiving is nice but i'm more of a christmas person! i'd say my fav is the food during thanksgiving :)

  17. I cannot wait for Mockingjay!! We will probably wait a couple weeks for all of the chaos to calm down but I am so excited!!


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