Monday, November 17, 2014

Yeah... Monday....


Sorry... no 'real' post today...

this is what I'm doing today...

Look like fun?

Yeah.. add in this...

Snow... we had about 4 inches...


So yeah... I'll be in & out of blog world for the next few days...

Wish me luck... on my sanity...


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  3. Hope all goes well with the move and be safe out in that snow. Hubby brought me into work today, so I didn't have to drive. God bless his sweet heart.

  4. 4 inches of snow and moving? Ugh, I am so sorry :( On the bright side, the week can only go up from here, right? Good luck!!

  5. put on some peace and calming or some stress away and hold's got to get better, right?!

  6. awful. what a pain in the butt to move to another location you are not thrilled to be moving too - be careful w/the snowy streets

  7. Good luck girl - hope everything goes well and drive safe!!

  8. Ugh! I sure hope your week looks up girl <3

  9. You poor thing...when it rains, it pours...or should I say snows? Stay warm and toasty and wishing you the best as you tackle your office move. Remember...chin up!

  10. :( At least the week can only go up from here, right?! Safe travels to/from work this week - we are getting crazy amounts of snow for only November!!

  11. Safe travels in the snow! Hope your week gets better :)


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