Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I need to vent, get a few things off my chest... so its confession time this week


... I am now settled & unpacked in my new office.  I hate it.  It just all feels weird & messed up. That's what 22 years of doing the same thing & going to the same place will do for you.

... I literally drove around for 50 minutes yesterday at lunch trying to find someplace to have lunch.  There is nothing but run down, scary looking places & nothing vegetarian friendly.  I did find one - ONE - Subway though. & at least it was brand new. 

... the people at Subway have no idea they are going to see my face probably EVERY DAY.

This is how it will be at Subway

... I was so upset about not having lunch with Ricky anymore.  After driving around for 50 minutes yesterday, I realized I could probably make it downtown, have lunch with him & make it back in plenty of time.

... I'm probably most sad that I can't get to Hobby Lobby, Joann's or Michael's at lunch time. My yard addiction is crying.

Yep... yarn is always in my mind

... I honestly can't believe next week is Thanksgiving.

... We still have no idea what we're doing for Thanksgiving.

... I really want to spend Thanksgiving in the movie theater.  MOCKINGJAY!!!

... I'm going to start pulling out my Christmas decoration boxes this weekend.  I want to take my time putting them up during the week next week - take some of the pressure off of getting it all done the day after Thanksgiving.

... My stomach has turned against me. For about 2 weeks now, its been just in knots.  Cramping on me, making me live on a diet of Imodium.  I don't know if its stress or some sort of bug, though I don't feel like a fever or anything. I just know I have looked on WebMD a few times & yeah... I'm ready to write my will.


... Speaking of sick, my poor hubs is so sick right now. I told someone yesterday that Darth Vader has nothing on him. He's got a sinus infection, which I think every person in my little town has had... & now, I'm scared for my life. Germaphobe in full effect.

This may or may not be look like how I take care of my sick husband

... When did Winter Finales become a thing for TV shows?

... I've not scheduled any photo sessions for the rest of the year & it feels so funny not having pictures to edit at night.  My knitting is thankful for this turn of events though.

... I don't get this Ferguson riot thing. People standing outside waiting to riot if the decision doesn't go their way?  People waiting around the US to riot?... I'm sorry - isn't that a little like bullying?  I mean, the judge or jurors, or however this is going down, now know that if they let this cop off, the town is going to get burned down.  Sounds like justice, huh?  #stupid

... my laundry pile has taken over a new record.  The pile is so ridiculously high, it almost feels like we shouldn't even have clothes left to wear.

... On the bright side, when all my laundry is done, it will feel like I've gone shopping & have a new wardrobe.

... why can't I decide on boots?  I want a new pair but can't decide if I want brown, black or grey.  Boot decisions are hard.

Confession:  This is how I am in everything in life - not just boots

What do you need to get off your chest today?


  1. I am so sorry about this stinks!

    And I SO wish we could go see Mockingjay together!!! I can't wait!

    For some veggie capsules and put 5 drops Thieves and 3 drops Sacred Frankincense and take that each morning. Also a drop of peppermint on his tongue and then push to the roof of the mouth will open up his sinuses....or he can rub the peppermint on his hands, cup over his nose and breath deeply. I would be diffusing thieves as much as possible too, with lemon. (I'm using that this morning for sinus headache)

  2. My stomach does the exact thing when I go through change - like moving really messed it up! And I totally laughed out loud at the sick husband GIF - that is sooo me, too. If Nick is sick, I'm not taking care of him, I'm staying far away - so terrible!

  3. Oh no - I hope you start to feel better soon and ricky too! I get the same way when someone is sick near me - germaphobe to the 100th degree!!

  4. You made me laugh out loud and that's a good thing!
    I so wish I could knit! I took lessons once and the lady finally said I was wasting her time and my money.....and the strange thing is one of my grandmothers was a knitter and my aunt and several cousins. Sigh, I got my mother's ability to relate to people.......period!
    My husband is constantly saying to me "DO NOT google your symptoms!" I'm sorry you are having stomach issues......maybe you just need meat! :)

    Any new thing in life makes me have a stomach ache so maybe it's the job move! Feel better soon!

  5. Glad you found a Subway! At least maybe you can still have lunch with him sometimes :) I can't wait to see Mockingjay!

  6. You and Ricky both sick?? You two are not having the best month(s). I'm sorry about your new office, everything about it just doesn't seem fun, but I hope you'll find some new lunch spots. Good luck!

  7. I remember when I first started my new job (4 years ago) I didn't know where anything was for lunch so I didn't eat lunch for like a week until I found stuff. It sucked.

  8. And that is why I don't use webMD anymore. Because it's always cancer. Hope you feel better soon though!

  9. I can't believe Thanksgiving is so close. I'm excited but I still can't believe it. I will be bringing some of my Christmas stuff up this weekend, too. So it's not a RUSH RUSH RUSH next weekend.

  10. You need all three colors in boots.

    And I question these winter finales too. Just an excuse to go off the air for a mini-retreat because they think no one watches tv in December.

  11. That "there there" gif is hilarious! I tend to be a little bit of the same way! I hope you & Ricky are both feeling better soon!

  12. I think we could have been sisters in a past life. I can't wait to see Mockingjay! And I'm the same way when Cory is sick! That picture made me laugh out loud {seriously}! And I can never make a decision easily.

  13. Web MD! I lol'd bc that's been me the past two weeks, I've nasically terrorized myself with googling my symptoms and it always ALWAYS ends awful.

  14. Oh my, girlfriend, I'm right there with you on WebMD. I had some sharp pains in my lower right abdomen while we were gone, and of course the first thing I did was check the internet. I was sure that I had cancer and might not even make it back home! :-o

    And don't get me started on Ferguson. We're about 40 minutes from there, and with all the hype on national and local news, I'm definitely ready to fortify my house and then never come out. Seriously, I'm concerned about having to go to the airport (which is really not very far from Ferguson) to get my sister next Wednesday. :-o They're already rioting and the judgement hasn't even been handed down! Crazy. Do they really think that's going to change things?

  15. I've missed reading your blog! Sound like so much has happened in my time away. Sorry to hear about the move...I'm so not a fan of change........



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