Monday, February 01, 2016

The weekend that we finally had our last Christmas for 2015... in 2016....

I can't believe we are in the 2nd month of the year...

especially when we're still celebrating Christmas! ... its true... sad, but true.

But let's look at the whole weekend.

Friday was just lazy. I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things & ended up spending my normal $125.... (GEEZ! WHY every time?!?!) ... & then came home to eat pizza.  Who wants to cook when you spend all that time & energy getting food to put in your cabinets?

I ended up sitting on the couch snuggled in watching The Vampire Diaries since it has come back... moved to Friday. Boo!  Oh well, looks like I have a new date on Fridays with the Salvator Brothers.  & also my Mikaelson Family.  I'm glad they didn't separate the two shows though.   When are they going to do a good cross over episode like all the super hero TV shows?

Ricky had to go to bed early since he worked on Saturday.

My hope is always to sleep in on Saturday but when Ricky leaves to work on the weekend, I guess it makes the dogs think its a normal work day so they just stay up & active, waking me up.  So I am always up early on Ricky's work days. Not fair.

I had to laugh though when I woke up & thought of how awesome my style is....

Princess pants & a Neon yellow/grey sweater that I left on from work.  Class. I have it.


I just spent my morning cleaning the kitchen - something I can always do so much better when the hubs is away... & then some Bible Journaling... & then I stepped outside.


It was like the Spring Fairies just were stopping through to remind us that cold goes away.
It was glorious!!!!

I was so excited because it meant I was able to take my long run out on the road.

It was snowing last week with a blizzard.. & this week, sun was shining in all of its glory.
Look - shorts!

I was so excited to not be on the treadmill.  Now, if I can put in an order to Mother Nature to have the rest of my Saturday's just like these for my long runs.  Too much to ask? I don't think so.

I was excited to get home & cleaned up because we were heading out for one last Christmas!

We had plans to get with our friends for our Christmas get together the week after Christmas, but we had to do our Nashville trip, & then Ricky got sick...  & then I got sick... & then jobs & life... & WHEW - we finally got it in.

Good thing too - we had our grand buddy a Bronco outfit (They are Bruno fans to the fullest) & with the Super Bowl next weekend, it would be a shame for her not to get that to wear on Super Bowl Day.

We stopped to pick up dessert to take & just HAD to get this cookie for them too...


... along with a box full of cupcakes... say it with me - YUMMMMMM


Calories don't count at Christmas, right? ... even if Christmas is over a month late? ... SURE!

We actually went to church before hand & then our friends cooked dinner for us & then it was time to give Miss Thang her presents.  She was just the cutest thing opening every one of them.

My favorite thing?  We got her a book & you would have thought it was the best present ever.  Forget the toys - forget all the boxes still laying there to open up.  She just wanted to go through the book over & over.  A girl after my own heart.

Ru c jy:
She loves her Pappy

I feel so bad - when we go over to our friends, we just seem like we're moving in because we looked down & it was nearly 1 am... OH my... but that's what happens when you're having a good time- time just flies.  So we got home & got in bed at nearly 2 am.

Let me tell you - I felt it the next day.  My body can't handle late nights anymore.  #FeelingOld

Sunday, since we went to church the night before, we just took some time in the morning & the nice weather to take Zoe out & work on her hair.  She can't get groomed at a 'real' groomer because she 'crocodiles' - she spins herself in the harness where they can't do anything for her - so its up to us to keep her trimmed up & after this past snow, its got her hair all a matted mess.  Bless her little heart.  But Ricky got her legs all shaved down... & she still have a fluffy body - so not be surprised if you dont see any pictures of Zoe for awhile.  She looks like some strange creature right now.

But I got cleaned up & headed back over to Chasity's home for our JOY Bible Study.  I'm so excited because we are starting a new one by Kelly Minter.

I actually remembered a picture this time - GO ME!!!

We had a little ice breaker to start with & then dug into the study.
We had a few missing members this time but our little group has grown a bit so even if some have to cancel, we still have a good number to discuss together. It's all just falling into the perfect place. God is so cool like that to orchestrate things.

Then it was time to head home & I picked up some dinner - yeah, that's how much time I spent at Chasity's again. Dinner time by the time I got home.  I really should just keep a sleep over bag at her house :)

It was time for me to get in the shower - give Bruno his weekly bath & get settled in....

I have been so giddy about it since I heard it was happening & was beyond excited that it was finally here. I can't even put into words.  I love anything Musical anyways & am so excited that TV is really promoting these things lately.

I'll always be happy to end my weekends with a musical & a warm day... Where do I put in to have that happen as well every Sunday evening?

Another weekend... & confession?  My bare Christmas tree is still up. Give me a break though, it did have gifts under it until this weekend.  Now that the gifts are gone, maybe we'll FINALLY get it down.  It is February, so also don't be surprised if I put hearts with some red crepe paper all over it.

So did you have warm weather where you were?

Anyone else still have Christmas sprinkled in your life?

Did you watch Grease Live?????


  1. Those cupcakes!!!! We got caught up on Vampire Diaries and Originals this weekend too!!! I wasn't really sure where they were going with the whole ground hogs day thing on VD haha. I hope the ending was still not the real thing! Yikes!

    I dont really have anything Christmas-y left in our house. I do leave one of our Christmas past pictures up all year though and our wedding Lenox ornament because my grandmother always said it was good luck to have at lease one Christmas item out all year. Dont know if that is true or not, but who wants to chance messing with luck?? Not me!!! Oh, and it was warm here this weekend too. Its all fine and dandy until the tornado warnings come tomorrow. Give me back the cold, stable weather!!!

  2. I think they did a great job with Grease Live - some of the songs were a bit off for me - like Boys II Men singing beauty school drop out...didn't sound right LOL! Glad you were able to enjoy that run outside! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm so sad I missed the Grease musical. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Grease OR musicals in general, but I thought it sounded like a good combination of actors! It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I think Friday night was the night for pizza because we ordered in, too!

  4. That's crazy you just finished up Christmas! Kind of nice to keep them spread out! Grease Live was amazing!!

  5. it's been warm here as well and i love it! yesterday it hit 13C and i was so happy :D

  6. Those cupcakes look delicious! We were still pretty cold on Saturday but it warmed up nicely on Sunday. I'm looking forward to having some warmer weather for runs this week and maybe even having all the snow melt away :)

  7. You always have such fun weekends! I love that headband game. Such a good time!!!

    I love your comment about the grocery. Isn't that the truth?

  8. OK, you want Christmas confessions? I still have a Christmas wreath on my door, I still have my Christmas cards up, AND I still have one Christmas gift out that needs to be delivered! Other than that, i'll be decorating for Valentines day. And by decorating I mean pulling out a pink table runner that has hearts on
    It was beautiful this week here too. I was so looking forward to a snow day of some sorts so I could sleep in but at last I think spring may be on its way as there is no snow in the forecast for the next few weeks.

  9. Yummy looking cupcakes! I forgot about Grease, so I didn't see it. We did watch the 5th Harry Potter on Saturday. Been enjoying watching them again.

  10. We definitely haven't had any of that warm weather, unless you count the other day when we had our warm before the storm and it got up to 40, LOL We keep getting snow storm after snow storm, another one is moving in right now by the looks of it. But that's okay, we desperately need it and will take all the moisture we can get this winter!
    VD, Friday was the first time I watched it live as it aired. I seriously hope the move to Friday doesn't mean they are considering cancelling the show. I hate when they do that, especially when I just get into it. I am not caught up on Originals so I didn't watch that one, but I am on the 2nd season now, loving it more than the first:) but truthfully it's all great!
    Love all your pictures! I forgot Grease was on, I would have loved to of seen it. I am sure they will air it again(not so live, LOL), I'll have to watch it then!

  11. Ah, I totally forgot about Grease! Glad that Vampire Diaries is back on, but it is strange that it's coming on on Fridays. Have a great day!

  12. Don't feel bad! We have a pile of Christmas decorations that need to be packed away still. And I missed the first 15 minutes of Grease but I enjoyed seeing the show. Seemed like they were trying to copy-cat the original but I was OK with it. I saw that Vanessa Hudgens (Rizzo) lost her dad to cancer the day before so that made me emotional watching her continue on - she said that's what he would have wanted her to do. (tears!) And yep, I'm loving this weather!

  13. About your super stylish outfit...when I get home from work, church, anything, I always put on some comfy black shorts. Jeremy always makes fun of me because I'll be wearing some dressy top or sweater with my old black shorts. We're just stylish like that, and that's ok!

  14. Still celebrating Christmas in February = my kind of girl :) Those cupcakes look amazing! Enjoy the warm temps, we're getting them too and I LOVE it!

  15. Your princess pants are amazing!!!!! And I'm definitely on board with Christmas whenever we feel like it... especially if cupcakes are a part of the festivities! ;P

  16. We have the same problem with our dogs on weekends! We don't get up to work, but I'm an early riser (like 7 or 8) and Michael likes to sleep until like 10 or 11 (even though we go to bed at the same time). Once I'm up, the dogs are up too, and our barker just goes NUTS and I have to try and keep her quiet and it drives me nuts! She's always riled up at the worst times.

    I could really go for one of those cupcakes right now! Yum!

  17. Your are always so busy. Glad you finally finished up with Christmas. That cookie and the cupcakes look yummy. I loved Grease, they did a great job. My brother said he didn't get the umbrella's and rain....LOL, I told him it was raining in LA and they were live outside!!!


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