Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #52} ... last of the year!

This week I am thankful for:

... for the holidays with all our family

... Christmas with our doggies too.

... that our dogs were safe while we traveled to Nashville

.... that my step daughter fed into my love of Beauty & the Beast!!!

... for work letting us off early on Christmas Eve

... my hubs who spoils me every Christmas

... that blanket! I'm so thankful for a warm cozy fluffy blanket!

... So loving this warm weather & not needing a coat or really anything warm, while traveling for Christmas.  Even driving with the windows down this weekend.. in December! Loved it so much!

... for a Christmas celebration still to come this weekend. ... (Would you laugh if you knew I was STILL wrapping gifts?)

.... for another Christmas with Bruno. This was his 14th Christmas... he's such an old man & I after loosing Sydney & Buffy, we appreciate each one we get with our older dogs.


.... for a sweet friend who surprised me with a Starbucks cup & a handmade card & a special note.  This meant the world to me when it showed up so unexpectantly on my front porch.

I've threatened Ricky's life if he touches my cup... I do it out of love

... for friend's sense of humor.  The last family in the wedding I just did, they said that Chasity & I are just part of their family now, so when they put up their Christmas jammie picture, I couldn't resist to Photoshop me & Chasity in... haha... I told them every time they put a family picture up, I'm totally photoshopping us in... If you see the hashtag #wantobeadoebler trending - you get it now :)

... Getting to start using my Erin Condren planner for 2016

... for free Starbucks drinks on your birthday! ... I had the sweetest barrista too.  She said, "oh this is for your birthday?" & she handed to me in like a presentation type style & said, 'You have a Happy Birthday" with the sweetest smile.  It really did make my morning.


... for all the kind & thoughtful messages I received on my birthday.  Say what you will about Facebook, but it makes you feel special on your birthday... & all the texts I received & phone calls?  I appreciate you ALL that took the time to send me some good birthday wishes.

... made it a full year of doing Thankful Thursday posts.  I have loved seeing the joy in life every week so I'm going to continue it into 2016... love to see others join me in the link up.

... excited to go through our Gratitude Jar tonight & look back over the things we're thankful for...

... & thankful to start a new empty jar that we expect to be full of gratitude in 2016

... More then anything, I'm thankful for another year... every DAY is a gift, so 365 gifts in a year?  Yes... MUCH to be THANKFUL FOR in that alone...



  1. I'm so glad you are going to continue with the Thankful Thursday link-up. It makes me happy. I always enjoy reading what you are thankful for.

    I see your new laptop is a Toshiba. So is mine. I think I'm going to like it but I just need to learn and get used to Windows 10.

    Laughing over the photoshopped picture. Loving the Beauty and the Beast pillowcases too.

    My post is up and I'll link up with you later at work. I'm on the iPad right now..

    I hope you guys have a great last day of 2015.

  2. All your pictures and gratitude is the perfect way to kick off my morning! You got such a nice haul for Christmas and I LOVE how you cherish the time you spend with your fur babies!

  3. Ricky gave you a new laptop?????
    That photoshop picture is just hilarious!!! :)
    Thanks for always making me smile when I visit!

  4. Going to do this a bit later today. I have to run a few errands and handle a few chores first.

  5. Going to do this a bit later today. I have to run a few errands and handle a few chores first.

  6. Love the pillow cases. So many things to be thankful for. Happy New Year!

  7. Photoshopping yourselves into their family pictures is the best. It cracks me up. Also geez all the men in that family are twins!!! Strong resemblance. You gave me a Starbucks craving. Might have to get some after work so I can stay awake till midnight... And, random, but your hair is so gorgeous!!!

  8. I love the idea of a gratitude jar!

    Happy New year to you guys.

  9. i think this was your best thankful Thursday yet!! happy nye!

  10. What??? How did I not know about the free starbucks on your birthday??? I'm totally taking advantage of that one ( and even making my family member who don't drink starbucks go there

    I love the thought of the gratitude jar and reading through it at the end of the year. The only end of year tradition I have is adding up my miles at the end of the year!

  11. First of all, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year to you and your beast. Praying 2016 is a great year for you and for those you love!


  12. I am glad you had an awesome birthday. You always have the cutest starbucks stuff, and I don't even go to starbucks haha.

  13. Who keeps your dogs when y'all go out of town? Sweet Bruno! I'm thankful for every day with my sweet babies!

  14. love the Beauty and Beast what a sweet gift!

    I love the boots too, way to go hubs!


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