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30 Disney Questions

Underland to Wonderland: The 30 Disney Q's (in 5 minutes) Tag!!:

So my buddy from Underland to Wonderland did this 5 minute tag awhile back & you know when I hear Disney, I gotta jump on this...

& I'm GONNA try my hardest not to pick Beauty & the Beast for EVERY answer. Y'all ALREADY know where this heart lies... but I'm going to try & be fair & share the love on this one.

So let's jump into it...

1.  Favorite Character
I just ADORE Lumiere.  He's a little romantic fella who loves loves, loves his friends ... & concerned for ladies who are hungry.  That's my kinda guy!

2.  Favorite Princess
OK, Belle isn't technically a Princess till the end, so I'll go with Rapunzel.... she knits.

3.  Favorite Heroine
.. & here's where I'll pick Belle because she saves her Beast, not afraid of him, falls in loves & THEN becomes a Princess... YEAH!  That's my girl!

4.  Favorite Prince
I know I'm not starting off good here trying not to pick all Beauty & the Beast stuff - but come on.
Adam / the Beast is the best!  He finally learned to love ;)

5.  Favorite Hero
Mulan... because hello!  Girlfriend saved you all!

6.  Favorite Animal
Shadow from Homeward Bound ... Oh gosh - he made me want to get a Golden Retriever!

7.  Favorite Sidekick
How adorable is she!! I cant wait for her own movie

8.  Favorite Villian
I really do think he's the most likeable Villian... If that's really a thing

9.  Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)
Minnie... because GIRL POWER!

10.  Favorite Love Song
I'm so obsessed with song.

A runner up - the song from Pochantas - it was never really played in the movie - but I have always loved this song

11.  Favorite Song

"Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules ... I LOVE this song!  I've got a remix version too that I love running to.

12.  Favorite Villian Song

13.  Least Favorite Song
"Mine Mine Mine" from Pocahontas

14.  Favorite Kiss
Belle & Beast {Adam}
I know... but I have to pick this... I mean, its MAGICAL!!!

15.  The First Disney movie you Saw
Snow White.
I can remember going & seeing it in the theater with my mom, aunt & cousins.  I'm not THAT old, but they re-released it in the theaters in the 70's.  I still can remember being scared of Snow running through the woods.

16.  Favorite classic

17.  Song that always gets stuck in your head
You can't help it living in today's world... but "Let it Go" from Frozen

18.  Favorite Pixar Film
Probably a tie between all the Toy Story movies (so smart & love all the throw backs on toys) & The Incredibles.  I love a good Super Hero movie!

19.  Lease Favorite Pixar Film
Brave .... I just didn't feel it for some reason.

20.  Favorite Sequel
Toy Story 2 ... though I CANT WAIT for The Incredible's 2

21.  Overrated Movie
Inside Out
... I thought it was meh...

22.  Underrated Movie
Ratatouille.  I really do like this movie but I don't think many people have even seen it.

23.  Move that Makes you Laugh
Emperor's New Groove!  Its is HILARIOUS!  David Spade is perfect in it.

24.  Movie that Makes you Cry
Those first 10  minutes of the movie... oh geez...

25.  The Saddest Scene

I literally won't even watch this because every time I see it - I bawl like a baby

26.  Saddest Death
Mufasa.  I can't deal.

27.  Favorite Quote
Y'all already know

28.  Favorite Theme Park
Disney World.  Always the classic.  I never go there & don't feel like a kid again.  How can you not when you step onto Main Street USA?

29.  Favorite Theme Attraction
Haunted Mansion.  I can remember being little with my parents in there & when they have you in that first room & its like you're trapped & the pictures move... I was so freaked out!! I love going back & seeing other kids in that room experience it with WIDE EYES.

30.  Favorite Theme Park Show
Fantasmic at Epcot Center. I don't even know if they still do that. But when I saw it on our last trip in 2000, I literally cried because it was so amazingly spectacular!

OK... feel free to grab & play along. I mean, who doesn't love to know more about other's & their love of Disney!


  1. I am so with you on the favorite ride at Disney World. Everything is great, but the Haunted Mansion is AWESOME!! I remember when I was a kid and they'd premier new rides on the Magical World of Disney and once I saw that became the holy grail of Disney for me. I was 20 when I went to Disney for the first time (our honeymoon) and the Haunted Mansion lived up to every one of my dreams. :)

  2. I love this! I felt like Wreck It Ralph was really underrated too. It was a great movie but didn't get much attention. I think the Cars franchise is my least favorite among the Pixar movies.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this!! And HOW DARE YOU share a scene from The Fox & The Hound. That movie is the WORST. Up is another one that's just too darn sad for me to enjoy. Ugh!

  4. Anything I need to know about Disney're the girl! I'm with you..."The Fox & The Hound" gets me every.single.time.

  5. How fun! Here's mine if you care to
    First Disney movie I remember seeing was Cinderella at a movie theatre when I lived in texas.

    I thought Frozen was over rated. It taught young girls to keep secrets from their

    I had the fox and the hound book on a record book (remember those?) and I cried every time.

  6. No doubt about it - you're a Disney fan! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. No way I'll remember everything I wanted to talk about! That scene from Fox and the Hound is SO DANG SAD. I loved Ratatouille and Emperor's New Groove is hilarious. When I was little, every time I went to this one friend's house I always wanted to watch Homeward Bound because I loved it but we didn't have it. My friend pretty much always said no because she thought it was too sad.

  8. I love Mulan! She is my favorite heroine and hero! Girlfriend saved China and was cool about it! I loved Shadow in homeward bound. I'm glad he was able to make it home. That worried me when he fell down in the train tracks. I was never a big fan of Adam...oops, but I loved Beast. I think I just wanted Beast to stay a beast haha (that's horrible because he was cursed, but he looked just as handsome in his beast form). You're bringing up my childhood here on some of these movies, and seriously I cried in the fox and the hound....oh my gosh....It was sad to me because they were best friends but at the end of the day they were the hunted and the hunter. UP no words...I cried there too.

    liz @ j for joiner

  9. Aw I love this post so so much! I love Disney and Beauty and the Beast is amazing so who can blame you for choosing them for so many answers. And the fox and the hound always makes me cry, even now as an adult.

  10. That is my favorite villain song too and Dory is my favorite side-kick too.

  11. Love this! And Shadow from Homeward Bound is EXACTLY the dog that made me fall in love with Goldens, too :) I've wanted one since I saw that movie!


    <3 Homeward Bound.

  13. DISNEY!!!!!!!!!! Hahahah!!!! Oh how I loved and cried during Homeward Bound! One of my all time favorite movies. I sort of wanted to name a dog Chance after that movie. My husband had a cat named Sassy bc of it. I loved all three of them so much!Lumierre cracks me up!!! I love him and Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. Gaston is such a douche! LOL! The Incredibles was such a good movie! I have an Incredibles video game that I grabbed at a thrift store that I need to get around to playing! I haven't seen Brave.

  14. LOVE how many Beauty and the Beast answers you have!! Looking through your answers, the only movie I haven't seen is The Emperor's New Groove!

  15. Oh, I love this! And I love that you picked Shadow from Homeward Bound. If I want a good cry I watch that movie!

  16. That was fun! Loved reading your answers. I love Lumiere and Tangled is a favorite of mine along with Dora!!! I love Olaf's "In Summer" plays often in my head. Your right about Ratatouille, great movie!!!


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