Monday, February 22, 2016

The weekend that made me sad to see the day end....

This weekend probably went down as the most beautiful weekend of 2016 so far.

It gave us hope of SPRING!  It's coming.... Soon.  Right?  Now, we have to go back to dealing with some cold & snow flurries this week (really Mother Nature?) but I'll give her props for letting us have a 70 degree day.  Especially when last week was in the 20's.  What a crazy lady Mother Nature is.

I will give props though that this beautiful weather was on a Saturday & not like a work day where you couldn't enjoy it.  That'd be the WORST!!!

I wasn't even sure it warmed up on Saturday until I went out to soothe a poor pouting dog that wanted to play frisbee... & stepped outside & was like WHAT IS THIS?

It was just so warm already at 11am!

It didn't take me long to wrap up what I was doing & pull out my running stuff to head down to the park for my 6 mile run.

I literally want every Saturday to feel like this.  I honestly don't think its too much to ask.
Really. I don't.

I have to tell 2 stories though from being at the park.

There is a basketball court at the park & there was about 4 preteen/teenage boys playing basketball. I could see from a distance someone who just didn't look like they fit in.  White hair. Short.  A lady.  ... & she had a basketball in her hands. She was dribbling the ball & would scoot a little faster & then she'd go to throw the ball up to the basket.  The ball never came close to the net - never had much strength behind it to even get much higher then maybe 1-2 feet over her already short height.  But she'd scoot over to the basketball & try again... & again... right there in the middle of these teenage boys.

& not one time did they make fun of her. They even ran after the ball a few times & gave it back to her.  She stayed right at the same net they were at - neither her, nor the boys went to the net on the other end of the court.  I don't know if she was someone's grandmother waiting on the boy to finish playing, but when I came through on my 2nd lap, she was gone & all the boys were still there.

Even if it was someone's family member, I thought it was adorable that these young kids let her 'play along' with them for awhile

How my face looked watching this all play out

.... & then another person I saw in the park.... perspective is what she brought to me.

I was at about 5 miles - had 1 more to go.  I was getting stiff & starting to get to the point where I wanted to start complaining.  I look up & see a husband & wife walking down the sidewalk.  A slow walk.  Blankets all around her even on this warm 70 degree day.  I see her head is covered in wraps as she's lost all her hair.  The closer I got to them as I running by, I could see she was struggling to take this walk, but her husband had his arm around her & helped her with each step.  At one point, she just closed her eyes & put her face to the sun & let it soak in.

As I got past her, I just had to stop & thank God that I am able to get out there & run.  Thankful for my health. Thankful for another day.... & thankful that this woman & her husband were able to enjoy the beautiful day together.

No one knows what tomorrow holds.  Neither me nor this woman.  Every day, we should all take a moment to just put our face to the sun & let it soak in.

... needless to say, it was a great day for a run.

On the way home, I stopped over at my mom & dad's & was able to watch my dad give his horse a bath.  You think giving your kids a bath is a struggle?  Give a few hundred pound creature a bath & then watch them immediately find a pile of dirt & roll in it as soon as you get done.  That'll make you feel like "why bother?" more then anything.

shaking the water off

I came home to take care of my own creature ... Ricky & I took Zoe outside to work on her & trim her down.  She looked SO GOOD at the end. The best Ricky has ever done with her.  I am the official "holder"... which means, when we get done cutting Zoe, I am covered in more hair then she is.  I wear old sweats & a hoodie so I can take it all off before I come back in the house. I really need to take a picture to show how covered I get.  The things you do for your babies.

I finished my night almost sad that the sun was setting. I don't want these beautiful days to end.

Sunday, we went to hear our friend wrap up his series for February that he was preaching.  & then it was time for me to venture off to our Joy Bible Ladies.

It was a full house... 8 ladies, 3 babies & 2 baby bumps... & lots of great talk about fellowship & about unity in churches.  I honestly could sit & chat with these ladies ALL day.  I feel like we do good to get in & out in 3 hours.  It always flies by.

I headed home, but not before I stopped at Michael's to get some yarn (YIPPEE!) & some supper for Ricky & I.

Time to wrap up the weekend by making out bills & settling in for some more Walking Dead. I'm so excited its back on!... & no spoilers, but I was about JUMPING at this one. For such a different reason then I normally jump.  If you saw the show, you GOTTA tell me what you think of the new story that began last night!!!

Getting geared up for a busy week ahead - I have a dental appointment (can you feel me rolling my eyes) & Saturday kicks off the Triple Crown of Running... & our Nashville gang is coming up!  It's going to be a big hurrah to wrap up February.  (Is that right?  Yep. Amazing)

So how was your weekend?  

Did you have the warm weather for the weekend?


  1. What a super, toad-ally awesome weekend! Mine was pretty amazing, too. We have had spring like weather for a while now- flip flops in February=YES! My daffodils started blooming! We had a birthday party for my adopted granddaughter and I got to hold her 5 month old sister for a while. :) We had our annual Daytona 500 party and it was awesome. Finished the evening with 2 hours of crochet. Now, I HAVE to get off the computer and get ready for my real job.

  2. i know you were enjoying the weather!! good for you. and what great lessons you learned on your run. here's to hoping next weekend is more of the same!

  3. Walter and I spent Saturday at the park. It was such a wonderful day!

  4. We had a wonderful weather weekend too! I'm glad it was on a weekend, like you said. I even went out for a run both days. Your run in the park sounds beautiful, especially those two encounters.

  5. That is so true! So much to be thankful for ,including legs to run with it! Glad you got to get out and enjoy it girl

  6. Those are both super sweet stories. I'm glad you had such a glorious day to run and trim up the pup and soak in the sun!

  7. Our weather here this weekend was pretty darn perfect, too...hated to see it end. Now, it's raining cats and dogs! Glad you got in a good GO! I know what you mean about being thankful to run and walk...something I often take for granted.

  8. It was nice for a while on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, but it rained in the morning. I can't wait for 70 degree days. Six miles?! Way to go! I love what you saw in the park.

  9. I felt the same way--so sad to see such a glorious weekend ending! Great stories from the park. The horse rolling in dirt after getting a bath is too funny. I never knew horses rolled around at all, much less after getting a bath. Ha!

  10. Awww... I'm so glad you had a great weekend! We've had good weather the past few days too and I love it!

  11. The weather this weekend was BEAUTIFUL! I wasn't convinced it was really going to warm up on Saturday either, but there was no denying it! Sad that we're back the gray, cold today :(

  12. we had amazing weather on saturday. i walked out of the gym and it was 16C and SUNNY! i drove all the way home with the windows down and music blasting. SPRING, COME HERE ALREADY!!

  13. Oh - I loved your stories about the people at your park. I totally blew off a run on Saturday only because it was so nice out! I did get my run in on Sunday after the rain cleared away so it was cooler. Didn't get as far as I had hoped but it was good to be outside. Good luck with the dentist!

  14. I thought last nights episode was more on the funny side. But enjoyed it since it was mainly about my two favorite characters. Just as I was thinking the episode was just going to go down as okay, the end. I totally saw that one coming, but now I am thinking she's got to die right, because all his love interests die. But then this is her, and she's kick butt and totally his equal in many ways, so maybe not. But loved the episode!

  15. Wow! Your post had me smiling and then crying for the woman wrapped in a blanket and her husband. It is such a blessing that you can get out and run! My knees (and old body) won't let me even walk very far, but your descriptions of your runs make me feel like I've accomplished something too, so don't stop! LOL

  16. Fabulous weather.

    Loved the basketball court story - thanks for sharing!

    Ugh dentist this week...thanks for sharing.

  17. can't believe February is almost over!!! goodness.

  18. It was so nice to enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend! I'm so ready for spring! How sweet that those boys played along with the older woman, it's always heartwarming to see things like that. Have a great week!

  19. Your story of "perspective" is such a good one. I'm thankful for it. I need those reminders. I saw so many post about the unexpected beautiful weather this past weekend. It's nice that you got to enjoy it :)

  20. Loved to read about the boys playing basketball nicely regardless if they knew that girl or not. I feel like in today's world...more of these people need to exist. And chills reading about the couple you walked by. Sometimes we have to be reminded to be thankful for things we take for our health! Hope you have a great week!

  21. That story of the woman enjoying the sun...makes a pregnant lady cry! I can't handle that. You and Ricky are brave for cutting your own dogs. We've tried (and failed miserably) with Stein. Poor thing looked so ugly. And we just got caught up on The Walking Dead yesterday. I've really enjoyed the past two episodes!


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