Monday, February 15, 2016

The weekend that I feel the love... but not for winter....

I am going to start off today by saying what is truly & most deeply in my heart....


It was so stinkin' cold this weekend.  Miserable cold.  With snow.
Stop Mother Nature. Just stop.

Especially when our heat is still not working right.
Always something in life. Always.

Now, don't let it confuse you in thinking I didn't enjoy my weekend though.

Friday kicked off with me sitting in traffic.
There is a trend that traffic backs up on Friday. I guess everyone is on the race to get home... but ugh. Me & traffic just don't get along.  It makes me sick. Literally, sick. The stop & go. I honestly think sometimes I'm just going to pull over & turn on Netflix on my phone & stay still until it clears up.

But I finally made it through & stopped to pick up some dinner for Ricky & I.  While I waited, I ended up running over & picking up some treats for the dogs at a pet store.  They need Valentine's too!

I spent the rest of Friday looking for a new knit/crochet project to work on & watching "Day After Tomorrow".

Now, I've seen it before - but when you're sitting in a cold house & the temperatures are in single digits & you know its going to be cold for awhile, this is NOT the movie to watch.  It was freaking me out thinking about our environment & the changes in the weather that keep happening.  This sort of stuff just always bother me.

 I was always the little girl that watched the weather for fun & knew the forecast for the day & the upcoming week.  Highs & lows.  I would have made a great meteorologist.  My body has taken over the job.  I can always tell you what the weather is with the aches & pains of bones & joints.  Funny how that works.

Saturday, I just knew I didn't want to leave the house.  The temps never even got out of the 20's.

Ricky ended up running out to the store to pick up some lunch while I just stay snuggled up & working on my Bible Journal for the day.

I just wanted to do a good page for Valentine's Day & with all the scripture on LOVE - so much to choose from.

The guy working on our furnace came back & ends up its a bigger problem then we thought so he has to come back during the week.  We do have heat - but its electric heat right now running some sort of emergency heat - I'm not sure how it all works - but what I do know?  I've been told to watch out for our electric bill. Apparently, the way its running, its drawing more energy.  You all may hear me scream when I get the bill for this higher heat, for a week, when its been like 15 degrees.

Didn't I already say its always something? .... yeah....

I wasn't about to venture outside in this cold for my run so I stuck to the treadmill.  Making a Murder still my entertainment.  Everyone is all the talk about it & I do find it interesting, but I have to say, I get so bored in parts of it.  Maybe its the treadmill talking.

I'm glad I got in the 5 miles & burned a butt load of calories because this.....

My dad called & said he was driving something over.  He made me my favorite thing in the world for Valentine's Day - a Hershey pie... with my other favorite thing - Cadbury Eggs tucked in it.

It was so funny when I walked in the kitchen with it - Ricky was like, "Is that his coconut cream pie?"  Ricky is OBSESSED with my dad's coconut pies.  I said, "Um no... this is MY Valentine's Pie"... to which Ricky humph'ed & moaned that he wanted a coconut pie... all the while sitting there eating the Hershey pie.  Ricky ended up eating a good 1/4 of the pie while complaining it wasn't coconut.

Let's just chalk it up that Ricky will eat anything that is full of sugar. Coconut or not.

Sunday, I woke up with the best surprise.

Ricky walked in the bedroom with roses, a huge balloon & breakfast in bed.

I think I've gotten breakfast in bed maybe 5 times my whole life.  It was such a sweet & thoughtful surprise.

We got ready to go to church but we had snow coming in so we were going to take Ricky's truck... only for him to start it & I saw something just POUUURRRRR out of the bottom.  That didn't look good.  It was like this orange color thick stuff.  Yeah. Not good.

Ricky was so upset that he said we just needed to go in & give him a minute.  So we ended up missing church.

We ended up just waiting a little bit & going to Sam's club, Target & of course picking up some Starbucks & Chuy's to take home to lunch.  Just an easy day.
An outtake from our #VincentsRockSunday pictures :) haha

We really wanted to go to the movies but nothing great was showing.  Ricky & I love our super hero movies & everyone is talking about Deadpool... but um.... I dont think we'll catch that one. I love me some Ryan Reynolds.  Ricky loves Deadpool.  But the previews?  WOW... just WOW... a little too much for us.  Raunchy just seems to be the theme.  I may be wrong. I just know that the guys at Ricky's work saw the movie & already told him he wouldn't like a lot of it.  So we'll just have to wait to the next Super hero movie to come out I guess.

We got home just in time before the snow really started coming down.

Winter continues.

& I was just excited that The Walking Dead is back.... Now that's a Valentine's show to watch, right?

No spoilers.... but DANNNNGGGG!!! Anyone else watch it!!!!

My reaction pretty much the whole hour
So another weekend in the books. where I felt a lot of love.

Now to tackle Monday... which doesn't really like to show a lot of love to anyone.

How was your weekend?

Do anything nice for Valentine's day?

Did you watch The Walking Dead?


  1. I'm so over the cold, too... thank goodness February is half over. And also feel the same way about MAM! We finished it this weekend, but there were parts that I had to play on my phone to keep my eyes open while watching!

  2. That pie looks delicious! And I LOVE that page in your Bible journal!! It's one of the favorite ones yet!

  3. I'm over winter too! I'm so ready for it to warm up and everything start turning green and pretty again. I haven't watched TWD yet, but I'm definitely excited for its return. Have a great week! :)

  4. i'm so sorry it is miserably cold there!! here's to hoping it warms up a little soon! that dang groundhog lied to us! ;)

  5. I love snow, but I'm so ready for spring! I am in awe of your artistic abilities ... I'm afraid that if I tried to journal, my Bible pages would look like someone threw up on the pages (TMI?).

  6. Love the Carrie Bradshaw pic!

    So, I am a weather nerd too. When it's snowing I will watch the weather channel even though I already know what it's True story, I was required to take a meterology course in college. I was a journalism major but apparently they thought we were all gonna go on to broadcast the Anyway it was the only class I ever failed!!! Back then I think grades in the 60's was considered failing. It was legit harder. Lots more to know than just "it's sunny, it's snowing,
    So sorry about Ricky's truck. I hope he figured out what was wrong. Looks like you had a fun day anyway.

    Oh, I had wanted to ask you about that bible journal. For the longest time I thought the journal came like that. I didn't realize you were painting in it. Is it an actual bible or one of those daily devotionals?

  7. I really don't know how you do it. It's in the 70's here. When it's anything below 50 I panic. Heck even 60 is cold to me.

  8. Don't hate me but it was 70 degrees here in texas! :D I love ittttt. And your bible journaling is perfect!!! Love it!

  9. Oh man, I kind of wish I had run on the treadmill. I ventured outside yesterday, since it was "warmer" to do my long run. Should have been 10 miles, but ain't no way I was going to run past my car & not get in it. NOPE! But, I will say, I ran a pretty fast 5 miles.

    I just finished Making a Murderer, not sure what episode you're on. I agree about there being some slow parts. But overall the information shown just astounded me. I read a lot of theories online afterwards as to alternate scenarios presented. It is SO interesting.

    And you're in KY? How neat. I grew up there & the family is still down that way!

    1. Its the testimony scenes that put me in a snooze fest :)

  10. Is this the one with Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhal? Or someone other famous actors? My mom laughed throughout the entire movie on how ridiculous it sounded. It got me paranoid though

    How many trackers do you have girlfriend? which do you like best?

    I love how you decorate your bible. Very beautiful :)

    Even with the cold and lack of heat, it still seems like you had a good weekend! That's great of you to make the best even with some upsets.

    liz @ j for joiner

  11. That page is beautiful! And you look GREAT! I am so over this cold weather too. The groundhog said early spring, so let's see it!

  12. it was crazy dol here as well; we're talking -28C! my husband is crazy and geared up to go cycling in that weather. i was like, NOPE - kayla and i are staying in!

  13. My weekend was good, but we don't really do anything special for Valentine's Day. It's just never on our un-romantic radar. Never watched Walking Dead, but did watch Downton Abbey last night. Sounds like, with the exception of the truck problem, yours was good! Hope the heat gets fixed soon! That bill will be a doozy! Yum to that chocolate pie!! I would like the coconut too!

  14. Oh I love the Walking Dead, it was the most looked forward to thing over the weekend. The show couldn't of started out better, so much going on when it was over, I was like no way did an hour just pass already.
    Loving this season, they are really making it worth watching!!!!

  15. I am so over winter too! UGH. That pie looks sooo good. I'm like Ricky, I'll eat anything full of sugar. :) Hahaha. I absolutely love coconut cream I want to try your dad's version!! But I wouldn't discriminate--I'd still eat the chocolate too. Ha!

  16. Ugh - I hope your furnace is fixed soon! Keep an eye on the weather map though -- supposed to be back in the 60s by this weekend! :) I'm also so impressed with your posts/pics of your Bible Journal. I know I'd never be able to do that though -- I'm the type to second-guess any underlining I want to do -- it's got to be an amazing verse that really reaches out and grabs me if I'm going to put a mark in my Bible! I think I need to get a blank journal and keep it with my Bible -- then do a page in the journal whenever I come across something in a Bible study ... that I still need to find and start. So ... little ... time ...

  17. i don't watch the walking dead but i did see everyone freaking out about it haha. that pie looks amazing! gotta love cadbury creme eggs. now i want coconut as well haha. girl i am so with you on winter. so over it. also, i watched the day after tomorrow once. that's enough for me!

  18. Hey, I was watching that movie too! Way to go on getting your exercising in. The pie looks delicious!

  19. Yeah, I'm over the cold too. Hopefully this is Winter's last gasp. I'm skipping Deadpool too. Mike went to see it with friends and they liked it but I can tell it's not going to be my thing.

  20. Making a murderer! I think your the ONLY person that feels the same way as me! I was SOOOO BORED I wanted to cry most episodes. I fell asleep for most of them ( it could be that I didn't watch until later at night ). But I also read your last post on your other blog - you're a runner regardless if you don't run everyday! Love following you! :)

  21. Hey when I saw this it made me think my daughter was talking about this bible journaling to me too the other week. They have a FB group called Journey of Faith bible journaling you may want to check out! I'm with you I'm so over you winter! Bring on Mr. Spring!!!

  22. YS & his girlfriend saw DeadPool last night; he said it was pretty good.
    Stay warm! :)

  23. I'm glad you had a good weekend despite the miserable cold weather! I hate winter too, I am so over it! Hope your heat is working soon!

  24. I couldn't agree with you more about being so over winter! I know weather-wise it could have been a lot worse, but I guess I'm just getting old because I'm NOT loving it! LOL about watching The Day After Tomorrow when it's cold in your house and single digits outside!

  25. Ricky sounds like my spirit animal in terms of our food pyramid. Sugar, sugar... MORE SUGAR!

  26. That's disappointing to hear about Deadpool. Cory ask every day when we can go see it!


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