Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #60}

Today I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

145 / The Little Clinic. I've talked about this during the week, but I am really thankful for places that can help you with quick problems when you can't get in with your doctor for weeks or months.

147 / The Pharmacy tech at Walgreens.  She told me one of the presciprtions the doctor gave me, my insurance was only going to pay $1.00 & the exact same medicine was sold over the counter for more then half of what it would cost me.  I would have had no idea. So glad she pointed it out to me.

150 / Sun back out after nearly a week of gloom & grey.  I can't handle that. I truly am solar powered.

151 / My life has changed & opened up.  I knew I could borrow books online from my local library but I just found out that with a click of a button, that book could be sent to my Kindle. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking I'm way behind in the times, but I thought it was going to be complicated or a lot of work to set up. It literally was like 2 clicks & BAM! On my Kindle for 2 weeks.  I have since read 6 books that I've been wanting to read but didnt want to spend the money on.  I am one happy girl.

Exactly how I feel right now

154 / 70 degree temps.  It doesnt get better then that.

155 / Zoe looks so cute with her hair cut Ricky gave her.

156 / Tried a new pattern I found for a cowl. This took me just a few hours & I LOVE how it looks, fits & feels.

157 / Sleeping with the windows open!  This is one of my favorite things in life.  The best sleep EVER.

159 / New faces in our Bible Study Group. I met these ladies when I did their daughter/sister's wedding years ago ... & then saw them again when their niece/cousin was getting married & I did her wedding.  Staying in touch over the years, I love they have joined our Bible Study Group.

160 / New Yarn. I went on the hunt for a good 3 combo of colors for a queen size blanket I'm going to start on. This will take some time, FO SURE!

162 / Didn't puke in traffic. Whew. I had to stop & go for over an hour & I was never more grateful to get out of my car then this day.  I just stood outside for about 10 minutes when I got home to breath in fresh air to get my nerves & stomach to calm down.

164 / Jefferson Bethke commented on my IG picture. First it was Kelly Minter, & now him. Made me so happy.


165 / Kickboxing workouts.  The best way for me to burn calories. I guess its because I was in martial arts at such a young age, but all the kicks & punches are just natural to me. I could do a kick boxing work out every day.

167 / Podcasts. They are the best things to listen to at work.  There's one on The Walking Dead that is like 2 hours long after every episode - it cracks me up! I know people wonder what I'm snickering about at my desk on Tuesdays.

What good things have been happening in your 
life this week?


  1. This week I'm thankful for lazy evenings and working laundry machines and yellow cake with chocolate frosting :)

  2. I love when sales people direct us to something cheaper! It goes to show they are not always about making more $.

    I am a dummy, I don't know who Jefferson Bethke is?

  3. Your scarf is awesome, LOVE it and the color.

    And I LOVE renting books on my kindle!

  4. I love how positive you are and this post is awesome! I cannot believe you MADE that scarf, it's gorgeous! I get so giddy when people I love comment or reply to my comments on instagram, too! it's like "omg they know who I am!!" haha so I totally get it :) And i have been loving being able to have the windows open alllll day, (and night) too! It's so nice! Bring on spring!

    xo Candace
    Lovely Little Rants

  5. Kickboxing is seriously one of my favorite cardio workouts!

  6. I cannot wait until open windows are a daily thing. There are very few things I like better!!!

  7. yay for the walgreens person! i love when they do that. man, kickboxing is hard! you go girl. and yay for kindle books at the library! isn't it the best?! the only bad thing is when i don't read them fast enough lol

  8. I love that I can borrow e-books from the library!!

  9. I love the techs at Walgreens too, they are always so helpful and when they can save you money? Heck yes!!! They dont have to help you that way and when someone does just restores your faith in the world lol.

  10. I seriously need to look into reading more books for the library - why am I lazy about it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. I do so enjoy your posts and am so glad we are connected now!! We enjoy sleeping with the windows open too. I need to look for a library app for my Kindle now. Thanks for the tip! I'm behind too!

  12. You know whats funny. So I work occasionally in a library and I am always amazed at how many people don't know that you can do exactly what you said. Once was talking to this woman and she was so worried because she couldn't get her kids to the library often to read all the books on their reading lists. I was like, do they have phones? Kindles? Tablets? (Which here in this state most kids are required to have them for school) she said yes, and I said, well then they never even need to come in, they can just download them at home.
    The look she gave me, I think she thought I was an angel granting her an unheard of miracle, LOL
    But yeah, it's very hassle free to read or listen to books these days. Even if I am still old fashion and prefer to go to the library to get my paper copies, LOL

  13. Gloom and grey- so thankful we have had lots of sunshine here. E books from the library are the best. I always look forward to summer, when my schedule is not so busy for some glorious free reading just by clicking a button. The scarf- AMAZING!!! I really love it! Excellent job. Set goals for the blanket. Remember starting is slow, but it will speed up. Finally- sorry you were sick. So thankful you were able to get cheaper meds and you feel better. Have a toad-ally awesome week my friend!!

  14. Only $1 covered?! WHAT IN THE ______?! What's the stinking point at that point?? That was nice of the pharmacist to help you out!

  15. We've had a sunshiney week and it makes me so happy! Isn't getting Kindle books from the library the best?! I just wish you could renew them like you can actual books, but it just makes me have to find more time to read, which is a good thing! I need to try kickboxing. I want to try a bunch of new exercises so I can have a variety of things I like!

  16. i remember our old beach house where we slept with the windows open--the best sleep ever, you are right!! now i have the sounds of the city, which i don't mind at all.

  17. I need to know how to figure our this library thing!!! Please help! are all libraries the same?

    Do you ever sell your cowls? I LOVE that one and the color!!!

  18. I just love Jefferson Bethke! His family is so precious and his Instagram really makes me want to pack up and move to Hawaii!


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