Monday, February 29, 2016

The weekend that was full of sunshine, goal setting & sugar

Hello Monday!
& hello Leap Year!
I keep getting messed up. I thought all day yesterday that its the last day of February... oops!
I hope everyone got a taste of Spring this weekend. Mother Nature has been playing mind games with us - snow one day, 70's the next... but she's at least been kind that the past 2 weekends, we've gotten the 70's & sun, & the snow & cold has hit during the week.  Thank you Mother Nature for that one!

So here's a highlight look at how my weekend went....


... Alarm rings at 5:30am for race day & it makes me rethink race days every time.  Sleep is always so nice.  Especially when its 27 degrees outside.

... BEST 5k RACE!  I hit a personal goal that makes me uber proud of myself. (I'll talk about it tomorrow in Training Tuesday when I do a race recap)

... can't wait to see the race pics because the race photographer pulled Ricky & I to the side at the finish line & took our picture together!  Fingers crossed its a good one!

... Got a text at the start line that our Nashville gang was puking & wouldn't be making it up.

... Had to laugh when I thought of all the bananas I had bought the night before for the G-boys.  I need to go back to that banana recipe link I posted a few weeks back.  Goodness knows I'm going to have an abundance of ripe bananas here soon.


... stopped at Panera Bread for our usual tradition stop for breakfast & noticed that more then half of the people in the place had on race bibs.  #runnersfuelup

... Once again proved I can't make it out of TJ Maxx without buying one (or two) (or three) journals.  Every time.

... Had to go to Hobby Lobby to get a new scrapbook for my race bibs. I keep track of all my races, with the bibs, notes on the day & pictures I take.  My last book was from 2011 to 2015 & I wasn't about to go home without a new book to start filling up.  I like that the first race of 2016 starts a new book.  Excited to fill it up with lots of races.


... I was a little put off when we showed a Spiderman framed picture to the manager where the frame was ALL sorts of scratched up & asked if they could give us something extra off.  We weren't looking for a hand out - just maybe 10% off - something. It was a bad scratch.  The guy was so short with us & said he couldnt do anything for us.  Come on now. #youtotallycan  #lostthatsale

... we finally tried the Starbucks Butterscotch Latte. OH MY GOSH!  We only got a tall & even split it.  That was plenty. SUPER SWEET!!!  But mercy, its yummy if you need a sweet treat.

... ordered some Chuey's to take home for lunch or dinner for later so we didn't have to worry about what to eat when we were home.  #mexicanforthewin

... Made my first ever coconut pie. It was AMAZING!! But it should with 1 & a half cups of sugar & 1 whole stick of butter! YIKES!  I put the recipe up on my last Friday Favorites if anyone wants to try it.  But note - next time I make it, I will probably cut out some sugar. It's THAT sweet!

... Got my Erin Condren calendar ready for March.  No easy task. It took me about an hour to tape it up & get it ready for another month.

... Spent some time coloring. I've missing doing that.


... Totally fangirl'ed out catching up on my DVR with The Vampire Diaries & The Originals crossover!!!

... Couldn't take it anymore - fell asleep at 10:30 trying to finish watching Mercy Street


... tried out a new church.  Really enjoyed the message & the church... & then we were kind of taken back when the pastor was done with his message & EVERYONE just up & bolted to the door.  Ricky & I literally just looked at each other & I think I even said, "What is happening?" .. it was like a fire alarm went off.  We're used to people kind of taking their time, talking to others, gathering their stuff.  People hanging out in the sanctuary chatting. Fellowship kind of stuff.  I don't guess that's how it works here.  It was like a RACE to get out the door.  It was so odd.

... I had brunch at O'Charley's. I never order brunch but thought I'd try something different. Oh my goodness, it was delicious. WAY too much food. I couldn't eat it all.

Brun ch:

... headed to Target & saw an old church friend.  Good seeing her & catching up for a little bit.

... Stopped for a Starbucks green tea lemonade on this beautiful warm day! ...Ricky got himself another Butterscotch Latte.  Has to be a winner if he ordered it again. But the boy does love his sugary treats.

... Took advantage of the warm weather to cut on Zoe's hair some more. She's going to learn to hate nice days.

... I took my Kindle outside & sat on the porch soaking up the sun.  Always makes me sad to do this because it makes me think of Sydney. My reading partner. Though I will say, Bruno didn't leave my side & at one point, I even had to pick him up & balance my Kindle on his back.

... #OscarsSoDontCare / I never even turned it on.  Instead, Ricky & I watched The Martian. Loved every second of it.  I've got the library book on hold & I think I'm up next for it so can't wait to read the book now too & compare.

... wrapped up the weekend watching our usual, The Walking Dead.  I don't know much about the character Jesus from the comic books but I hope he lasts awhile. I like him on here.

& bam!  Weekend done!

What were some highlights of your weekend?


  1. Congrats on the awesome job in the 5K! Maybe it's a sign I'm getting older, but I literally don't care about any of the award shows anymore. I mean I watch the Country Music awards, but beyond that most of the time I don't even know about the other stuff.-haha

  2. congrats on the race!! so awesome.
    i didn't turn the tv on last night either; they should have a 10-minute recap of who won and what they wore because let's face it - we only care about the pre-show LOL

  3. the weather was SO nice this weekend!! glad you got to soak up the sun.

  4. Congratulations on your best race - that is an amazing feeling! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Congrats on that 5k PR! I look forward to hearing more about it :) Sounds like it was a great race. And I hadn't even heard of that butterscotch latte but now feel the need to go out and find it. It sounds amazing.

  6. So awesome! Congrats on your race. Those eggs + avocados look DIVINE!

  7. Lots of fun things going on this weekend. Way to go on your race, can't wait to read more tomorrow!

  8. Can't wait to hear about the 5K! I was just wondering the other day if Starbucks had new flavors for spring or if they still had Gingerbread and other flavors from Winter. Now you have me curious to go find out!

  9. Congrats on your awesome race! You know, my mom got me a coloring book for Christmas, and I thought it was odd but at the same time it got me really excited. I haven't colored in forever, and I think it will be a good way to de-stress.

  10. Congrats on your race, that is awesome!!!! I had another Butterscotch Frapp and Chuy's on Saturday too!!! Hope you have a great week!

  11. yay for the martian! hope you like the book if you read it. and congrats on your race, that is AWESOME.

  12. We had beautiful weather all weekend~~ I definitely took advantage of that.

    And congratulations on the PR! You go girl!

    Smoothies for those bananas! Or frozen banana ice cream. that brunch looks delicious as well.....yummy yummy yummy.

    I love your scrapbook :) amazing I don't keep one anymore, but I loved the one I made.

    liz @ j for joiner

  13. congrats on the race!!! I loved the Martian too! great movie!

    I have to tell you that I sometimes read your blog and wonder just howdy you get it all done!!! :)

  14. Wowzers...what a weekend! I'm downright exhausted just reading about it! ;) So thrilled for you on your race and I cannot wait to read all the details! best start scouring recipes for what you can do with all those bananas. Banana bread, perhaps? That coconut pie makes my mouth water...I LOVE coconut!

  15. Yay on your race! Can't wait to read tomorrow's recap! We were shivering our bums off at the race in Indianapolis and I was getting plenty of notifications about the Anthem 5k on Facebook and Instagram. I kind of missed running it but enjoyed the one I did too. Kinda wish they'd been on different weekends!

  16. Yes, it seems like spring is peaking its way across the country and it's kinda nice!
    I haven't seen the Martian yet, really need to I hear so many good things about it!
    You've had such a fun week, awesome about the race:)
    Can't say I loved last nights WD episode, but I do like Jesus, he just has beautiful eyes LOL Hard to tell where they are taking things right now, and I try to force myself not to peek into the comics to find out details, but its looking like it might be quite the battle coming up. Since I am all for action in the show, I am all for it!
    A highlight for my week, hmmmm. Well it will sound stupid, but my sisters and I watched a few episodes of Fuller House, and we are just loving the show!

  17. Your weekend sounds pretty wonderful & though I usually skip the crazy sugary drinks at Starbucks I've seen so many positive reviews for the Butterscotch Latte that I just may have to give it a try.

    I got several coloring books for Christmas, & I love using them, but it's been slow progress. I don't even have one picture all the way finished yet because they are so intricate! AH.

    And how I wish I had thought to journal with my race bibs. I could never go back & start now, I kept them all for a while, but since I didn't know what to do with them I threw them all out recently. Save for one or two that were extra special.

  18. Congrats on your 5K!! I love that you scrapbook your bibs and race experiences.

    When we got the smoked butterscotch latte it wasn't super sweet at all! Michael got one another day...I wish I had tried that one to see if it was sweet. I feel like their drinks aren't always consistent.

    I loved The Martian--both book and movie!!

  19. Whew, what a busy weekend!! We don't watch the Oscars either - haven't for years. I'll look forward to the race recap tomorrow!!

  20. Way to go on the race!

    That pie looks AMAZING - I might have to try it.

    Our church always has coffee hour after church. Not everyone stays, but every visitor gets invited to stay by about 5 people :)

    LOVED the Martian! I read the book. Then I listened to the book. Then I made Mike listen to the book. Then I listened to it again. THEN we watched the movie. It's our new favorite thing :)

  21. I have to try that latte now! Sounds amazing.
    I actually turned on the Oscars, but turned them off after 10 minutes...SO boring.
    I've never been to a church like that, that's really strange!

  22. Yayayay! Congratulations on your race! I can't wait to hear about it tomorrow! My husband got the smoked butterscotch latte and didn't like it much. Hmm... Maybe he needs to give it another chance. He also caught the puking bug that seems to be going around, so we were both at home sick today. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!!

  23. Races like this makes it worth getting up early for right?! Can't wait to see the pictures they took of yall! Don't you love you EC ! I use the life planner and try to keep up with everything, it's not all that pretty, but it's there. I've seen some really cool pictures of how people use stickers and washi tape and all to really dress it up! Oh and Spring is on the way, according to one little flower in my yard anyway! ;)


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