Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Mug

A positive mug.:

Favorite Food Ideas

10 Healthy Brown - Rice Bowl Ideas
All under 5 ingredients!!!

Favorite Photo Prop Idea

Isn't that a cute idea
Just get some yarn or string & cut out hearts &
let them hang from the umbrella.
It would be super cute for a Couple's Picture too for Valentine's Day!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast


Favorite Bracelet

Silver Love Coffee Charm 925 Sterling Silver. A cup of hot coffee can warm you up .:

... & if I took all the money I've spent at Starbucks,
I could afford this :)

Favorite Bag
I'd never have anything that would fit in it, but I love it anyways!
kate spade//:

Favorite Craft Organizing

How to Make a Giant Peg Board at #gingersnapcrafts #craft #storage_thumb[1]:

So many great ideas!!
Craft Storage for Small Areas  LINK

Favorite Funnies

The fish that lived // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures:

This is sooooooooo true!!!!!!!!! Lol:

So true:


.... me every time they report Donald Trump still has a chance of being President.

... the hubs when I come home from Starbucks & don't pick up a cafe mocha for him

... how I basically watched all of Grease Live

... when I'm standing in front of the Cadbury Egg display at the grocery story
& I want to buy them all.

.... me at 4:00pm today

Happy Friday Y'all!!!


  1. OH, that mug is so cute! And, I adore that camera bag, but, like you - I wouldn't have anything that would fit in it! Maybe it would make good decoration? lol

  2. I'm a sucker for coffee mugs. I think that one fits you perfectly! I'm always such a big fan of your gifs and memes at the bottom- haha! I wish I had the ability to make one of the peg boards! I'm just too lazy and too broke. ha!

  3. i LOVE my craft pegboard! it's so versatile and holds so much.

  4. I love pegboard storage, no room for it in my house right now, but it's definitely a thing I'm keeping in mind for the future.

  5. I'm such a fan of rice bowls, but it's been a while since I've had one - now I know what I'll be getting for lunch LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Happy Friday friend. That mug is perfect and those pictures with the umbrella is just too precious. What a fun idea for V-day! :)

  7. That pic of the little girl with the fish made me lol.
    Hey, I just saw those Soufeel bracelets this week and I found one that you can have a pic of your dog on it. I fell in love with it. I tried to pin it but my phone was acting up.

  8. That umbrella would be soooo cute for pictures!

  9. So much good stuff! I love that photo prop, it's too cute! And that picture of Chip!!! Chip is my favorite! My mom bought me a Pandora bracelet a few years ago and she buys me charms slowly, like for Christmas/birthday presents...I might have to alert her that that charm should be my next one!!!

  10. I need that coffee soufeel charm. I need about 9 more charms and my bracelet is full!

    Your husband's reaction is my reaction when Kyle comes home with no coffee for me and Sophie's reaction if he has nothing for her hahahahaha. We're horrible, all we want are coffee and croissants from the man.

    I am in love with the photo prop took me a second to realize they're attached to the umbrella! Perfect for Valentine's day or spring if you change out the hearts.

    So glad it's Friday! Felt like this week dragged on for me.

    liz @ j for joiner

  11. The camera bag is adorable! But these funnies made my day. You are fantastic at picking these out! The Trump & Cadbury egg ones are my favorite. :) Happy weekend!

  12. That craft board is cool. All I can stare at is how many scissors that person has O.O!!

  13. Love the mug. Thanks for the brown rice healthy recipes. Love the photo of Chip. Love the starbucks bracelet and that purse is too cute!

  14. OMG! That bracelet!!!
    the picture of the little girl hugging the fish is too cute!


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