Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #57}

This week I am Thankful For:

84 / the new soup recipe I tried.  It was delicious! & I'm not great at making soup, but this was easy & yummy! I'm excited to have this for cold winter days

**  / The perfect shot.  I literally just threw the frisbee & turned my phone on & clicked the button - didn't try to get anything special - totally didn't plan on the lighting - didn't even think I'd gotten Harvey grabbing the frisbee... & then I saw my phone & saw this picture & about freaked out.  Ricky wants to have it blown up.

85 / All the holiday candy is GONE from the house. FINALLY!  It was laying around in dishes since November... tempting me... calling my name.  & now, its all gone.  Maybe the number on the scale will move faster now.

87 / 1099's & filing done at work for year.  I have 3 companies I deal with... & to get everything boxed up for year end & get certain tax work & paper work out by January 31st - whew - it can be exhausting. But its done!  Another year behind me.

91 / Getting to spend some time with our friends & having our Christmas together.

92 / New Bible Journal goodies!  Chasity gave me my birthday gift & I was giddy happy at the new stuff that is going to be decorating my Bible Journal ALL UP!  My mind is already reeling on how to use these stencils & the metallic pens!!!

94 / Our new Bible Study kicked off. I'm so excited for this one. I haven't done a Kelly Minter study in a long time but know how amazing of a teacher she is.

103 / Speaking of Kelly Minter - She responded to a tweet I put up.  That always makes my day!

93 / Warm weather to take Zoe outside & get some of her hair shaved off.

96 / Found a running tech shirt on clearance for $7.00 SCORE!

99 / Harvey Dent snuggles.  He is such a BIG BABY ... & I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Every night, he either crawls up in my lap or Ricky's lap & just will lay & put his head on your chest or shoulder & sleep

100 / Covering that gray!  Man, its popping out faster then I can keep up with it anymore.

102 / Our storms we were expecting with the warm weather that has been on us, didn't come in as strong as they thought.  So glad.  70 degrees in February ain't right.  I'm glad tornadoes & damaging winds stayed away.

*** / Bruno's skin is still flaky & itchy, but its healing up.... slowly.... but not getting worse.  I heard it can take awhile to clear up a staph infection.  Let me tell you though - you ain't ever felt how long 5 minutes is until you keep a shampooed lathered up dog standing in a tub, wet, waiting for it to sit on his skin for 5 minutes.  OH MY GOSH!!!  But he's such a good boy....


I'm so excited that I'm well over 100 Gratitude things on my list for the year already!! 
Well onto my way of reaching One-Thousand Things!

So what kind of blessings have you seen in your life this week?


  1. What a great list Rebecca. Love that picture of Harvey Dent and the frisbee. Of course, I love any and all pictures of your babies!

  2. Love the pic you captured of Harvey Dent! I am always thankful for the days with my pup!

  3. That photo is PERFECT. I agree with Ricky- blow that up and frame it! It's awesome!!

  4. Yes yes yes to blowing up that picture!! It's amazing! And isn't it the best when new recipes are keepers? We tried a one pot spaghetti last night and it was SO GOOD.

  5. I love that photo! Definitely blow it up.

    We are aiming to have our tax stuff together to get to the accountant by the end of February.

  6. That picture of Harvey is too good! Don't you just love perfectly timed pictures?! That definitely deserves a frame!

  7. Isn't it so exciting when famous people respond to your tweets? Joanna Gaines responded to one of my a month ago and I almost fell off my chair!

  8. Love this list and that picture is AMAZING!!!

  9. oh wow, that frisbee pic is amazing! and a $7 workout top?! nice!

  10. New soup recipes are my favorite! So are $7 shirt deals! I love that Frisbee picture!!!!

  11. Harvey in the sunshine rays reminds me of Lion King, lololol
    I probably have so many grays... my mom started getting them when she was 24!

  12. LOVE that frisbee's all about timing, lighting and luck! I can't wait to see what you do with your new Bible journaling goodies. $7 deals = SCORE! Need to look into Kelly Minter.
    Have a toad-ally awesome weekend!!!

  13. That action shot is amazing! And there really is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup on a cold day. :)

  14. I think one of my favourite things about winter is soups from the slow cooker. yum.

    Fur baby snuggles are the best!

  15. I mentioned to you last week that I was going to have to put up a Post-It-Note so that I could remember to participate in Thankful Thursday and what did I do? I forgot the Post-It-Note. Surprise, surprise. Next week, I'm IN! I still can't get over the shot you took of Harvey leaping and the ray of sunlight right on him...A-MAZING!

  16. that shot is AMAZING!! perfect timing. i'd want that blown up, too.

  17. that picture of Harvey Dent is so great! I think you need to enter it into a contest!! I am going to txt you a picture of my daughter's aussie....speaking of cuddling. He reminds me so much of Harvey.....lot's of escapades!! :)

  18. LOVE that picture of Harvey Dent! Glad Bruno is doing better. :)


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