Wednesday, February 03, 2016

One Sentence a Day {January 2016}

Here we go - the first post of the year for 2016.
I actually started doing this in the middle of 2015 so I'm excited to have the full year of 2016 in this format.  It will be really fun to get these posts & print them out. My old brain needs all the help it can get in remembering my days :)


1.  We got out early to take some things back to the store before the crowds got out & ended up home early because Ricky got hit with a hard cold bug!

2.  I never put on make up one time during the day while I finished editing pictures & Ricky was still sick.

3.  I thought about taking down my Christmas decorations but then changed my mind.

4.  Ricky still had a horrible cold so he went to bed early & I sat on the couch with Harvey Dent to watch the season kick off of  The Bachelor.

5.  I was so excited that a new season of New Girl started & then went to bed early when my throat started hurting really REALLY bad.

6.  I'm starting off the year feeling bad so just trying to get to bed earlier then normal.

7.  My sore throat & burning sinuses have kicked into a full blow head cold.

8.  I barely made it through work feeling awful.

9.  I didn't leave my couch all day long with this cold/ sinus thing watching Cinderella all day long on repeat.

10.  We had our first snow of the year while I was STILL sick & miserable.

11.  I was on lock down at work when there was a shooting at the business next door to us at work & SWAT Teams were going down the streets trying to find the shooters.

Emergency crews converged on the scene. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Picture from Wave 3 - the road my work is on
12.  It was so cold that in order to burn Harvey Dent's energy, I had to play with him through the crack of the enclosed porch.

13. I sat in a dentist chair & cried like a baby having to get a periodontal treatment that was painful as all get out & hearing the even more painful news of the amount of getting 3 crowns put on.

14.  I got to take my run outside when it warmed up for one day to near 60 degrees

15.  I had to take Bruno to the vet for his itchy skin & then hold him all night loving on him for having to get a shot.

16.  Christmas finally started coming down in my house even though there are still Christmas gifts sitting in the corner for one last Christmas gathering with our friends & the blank tree is still up.

17.  I loved seeing my JOY Sisters for lunch & finishing up our Seamless Bible Study.

18.  We pretty much felt like the world was freezing over when we barely made it to 12 degrees for the day.

19.  I felt like someone punched me in the face a few dozen times after I had the set up for my new crowns on two different teeth.

20.  I thought I was going to loose my mind when I had to drive into work in the middle of a snow storm & it took me nearly 2 hours to get to my office.

21.  I got to go see Beauty & the Beast on Broadway for the uncountable number of times & I was so confused by all the changes they had done to it.

22.  We both took off work anyways with being out late the night before but it was even better a decision when a snow storm hit us.

23.  I finally jumped on the bandwagon & started watching Making a Murderer

24.  I had a good excuse for another Starbucks trip when I met one of my Fall Bride & Grooms to discuss any questions they may have.

25.  I loved watching the snow melt away but don't love my back yard is like a big slushy mud pit now.

26.  I tried a new recipe for a black bean/rice burger that even Ricky loved!

27.  I had every intention to clean parts of my house when I got home from work but ended up taking a shower & going to bed early.

28.  I cooked a new recipe for the 2nd time this week, making a fire roasted tomato & white bean soup that was amazing!

29.  I rode home from work with the windows down which makes the beginning of a weekend ever better.

30.  We finally got to celebrate Christmas with our Framily & Grandbuddy


31.  We worked on Zoe & her hair before I headed over to start our new series, What Love Is, in our JOY Bible Study group.

... & there it is... one month in 2016 down!  
Just like that!

What was the best thing that happened in January for you?


  1. I feel like crying over your periodontal treatment too.

  2. january started off rough for you, but glad it was better towards the end! being sick is the worst. the WORST. so happy you are better!

  3. So much sickness and dental work... I hope February is much more gentle! January was tame for us but we're starting to get into drumline show season so these next few months will include travel and high school gyms and a very busy husband/business!

  4. Your new recipes sound like they were a hit! Hope you're starting to feel better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I'm doing this too in a journal. However, most of my days are becoming more than one sentence. lol

  6. Hope you feel better soon! That's awesome that you've watched Beauty and the Beast on Broadway! :)

  7. Ooh I want the black bean & rice burger recipe - sounds yummy!

  8. post that recipe please.

    hope you feel better soon!

  9. oh my gosh, the shooting, how scary. and oh wow, the tomato and bean soup looks delish!

  10. Your new recipes sound delicious! Your grandbuddy is so so cute. Hopefully February will hold less sickness and dental work!

  11. Haha, I GET IT this month (all those number)! I love this idea and tried to do it too. I even wrote in my planner every day and everything BUT THEN, I missed a few days :( I should still see if I can muster up a post!


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