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{Training Tuesday} Where I talk about nakd

I want to make Training Tuesday helpful or at least hold some sort of content for everyone that wants to make a healthier choice in life so I am going to add in some sort of tip, or more then likely, some of my favorite things that I like - food, running stuff, workouts, recipes, tips & tricks that work for me.  Almost like a Friday Favorite except a healthy version for Tuesday :) ... that makes no sense, but I'm sure y'all get me...

So today, I'm going to start off with a new little snack that I just got turned onto...

Nakd bars... did my title throw you for a second?  haha ... oh clever wording is fun.


This box came to me the other day & I opened it up & saw all the bars & my eyes got as big as a kid in a candy store.  

That's about equivalent in my eyes.  An adult trying to be healthy?  Yep - the same as a kid in a candy store - except I was looking at healthy treats!

The one thing I like about these things is that its all natural ingredients.  


Have you ever really read the ingredients on granola bars or something you are snacking on thinking its healthy?  I'll give you $10 if you can correctly pronounce most of those ingredients.


& we all know what those products look like.  Its not like its "Food coloring #4".. like that's grown down the local field.  

Ricky was fast to pick up on the Cafe Mocha one since his blood has become basically like 35% Cafe Mocha lately...  He did let me taste it & it was AMAZING! Like, really taste like coffee amazing.

I tried a chocolate one & really enjoyed it myself.  

They remind me a lot of the Lara Bars in the sense of texture.   But the flavors just seemed a little stronger & better tasting for me.  There seems to be a bigger variety in these then the Lara Bars.

I also love they have these little nibble bags.  Small little treats you can pop in your mouth.  I'm sure kids would love these since they are perfect for little hand - & again, all natural & healthy!


I saw where this product has won some awards from some of the big time nutrition magazines & web sites.  I mean, why wouldn't it when you are giving a yummy treat that is gluten, wheat & dairy free?  This has got to be a vegan's dream to just order instead of having to blend up dates yourself.  

Speaking of Vegan - the people that create this has all sorts of info about their product, but also about being a vegan.  I know that may seem extreme to some, but even if you just adapted some ideas - like how there is Meatless Monday - something like this would be handy to just check out their Vegan Diet Plan for Beginners - there's even a vegan brownie recipe on there!

I will say, the only down side to some of these products are calorie count.  Not all of them are high in calories - I had one that was 130 calories - I'll go for that.  But some of them are higher then I would want for a snack.  But I guess its about balance if you think about the nutrition of the bar.  It's always about balance.

If you want to know more about this product or give it a try, go to the website RIGHT HERE  
Check out all the different flavors & the boxes you can get.  Right now, I just saw a sampler box is on sale for $9.99 & they have standard shipping FREE right now!!!  BAM!

Let me know if you give it a try... I'd be interested in what you think


Onto my Week 3 of Half marathon training

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I ended up running a total of 8.66 miles for the week & got in 2 strength building work outs in a Dirty 30 Extreme & a Total cardio Extreme...

Monday - Run 2.25 miles
Tuesday - Total Cardio Extreme
Wednesday - Run 2.20 miles
Thursday - Dirty 30 Extreme
Saturday - Run 4.21 miles

I have to say, I can't tell you how thankful I was to get off the treadmill for the long run on Saturday (4.21 miles) - its getting claustrophobic in the basement. My brain needed the break.  I run better out on the pavement too.  You'd think the constant of the same speed on a treadmill would make it easier - it doesn't.  At least for me.  I like the road where I can speed it up, or even slow it down if need be.  It just FEELS more natural.

I will say, my Bicep Tendinitis is already flaring up running again. How dumb that when I run, my SHOULDER is what aches - along with all the other normal runner stuff (knees/feet/back)... but shoulder?  Yep - the swinging of the arm just aggravates it so bad.  I still am debating at running with a sling on, but just wearing a sling at the end of December when I hurt my rotator cuff - the sling about killed my neck - so running a long time in it sound like misery.  I don't know... I've got to figure out a way to make my arm deal with running.  that is just the weirdest sentence.  I mean, who has to worry about their shoulder when running on your lower body?

Excited to get into week 4 ... & we're in February now - which means the first race of the Triple Crown is just 26 days away! YAHOO!!!

So tell me some healthy choice you have made this past week!


  1. love nakd bars!! i keep a few around in my bag.

  2. Oh man, I'm sorry about your shoulder :(
    I think my husband would love those bars... and $10 is a pretty good deal! He's a mixed nuts/granola bar lover... We'll check those out. This week we toured a gym in anticipation of joining. I think we'll pull the trigger this week and then start our morning workouts next week... EEK. I'm a little nervous!

  3. I'm planning to do an indoor run today so this was great motivation! Sorry to hear about your shoulder girl - I hope it feels better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I agree, it feels so much better for me to run outside than on the treadmill. I think something about the constant speed seems unnatural, even though I vary my speed during the workout. Or maybe it's just that I'm afraid of falling off!

  5. I feel like I'm on a never ending hunt for a good protein / snack bar-- I just don't care for dates and they're almost always such a big ingredient. You are making such good progress with your training- I hope your arm starts to feel better soon.

  6. I laughed when I saw your title! Just watch this post will end up being so popular at random for months! A while back I threw in a naked selfie into my title just for the fun of it. It's consistantly gotten odd higher amounts of page views ever since. I have a feeling some are hoping to see something much different than the story I gave them, LOL Makes me laugh!
    Sorry about the biscep tendonitis. I think I told you in the past, I have this happen to me offen at times. My biggest help for me, when it acts up is quit using my arm for a few days, and not laying on it at night. In fact I just got over a flare up on that a few weeks ago. Hope yours mends up soon!

  7. I made a salad yesterday! But really it's only cus I was tired and didn't feel like cooking. I might make it again tonight too..lol

    So these bars, can you buy them at the store? I bought a box of Granola at Target that was called Bare Naked or something like that. I wonder if these products are related.
    The sample pack, is that what you ordered. Did you get yours off the website? That mocha sound fabulous and just enough to get me interested! Oh, by the way, you look great girl!

  8. I've never had these but they sound so good! I love bars. Like too much. I've just been buying Simple Truth ones at the grocery store and I know they aren't great for you and they do have like 200+ calories but I usually eat one as my snack between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner and they also curb my cravings for stuff like ice cream or candy!

  9. lol @ saying the ingredients. totally agree. i'm not big on bars and such, but you can't beat that short ingredient list!

  10. So proud of you and your hard work! Keep it up!

  11. I ordered some of the bars! My 13 year old daughter is asking me to get more healthy snacks...what...rice krispie treats aren't healthy ;), so hoping they are a hit! I will let you know! Good luck with your training...you go girl...oh, and you are looking thinner in your pics...training must have many benefits!!

  12. Guilty, I just had to click it because of the title, ok not really because I love to ready your posts so there :) I'm always on the lookout for healthy snacks since that is my downfall, especially middle of the afternoon like now, at work. I'll check these out for sure. I'm down to only 2 bars that I won from another giveaway so I need to resock! :)


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