Monday, February 08, 2016

The weekend that I saved a dog... to the wrong address....

Can the rest of winter be sunny & in the 50's?

Apparently not, because our forecast is back down in the 30's & even the 20's... with snow...

This is just all a crazy mind game to me at this point.

But I did soak it all up this weekend.  Take it in while you can, right?

Saturday, I woke up with one thing on my mind - who won Celebrity Big Brother. I was so addicted to this show that was happening in England.  People in England take their Big Brother SERIOUSLY!!!! Like CRAZY seriously.  Like its on every night for an hour & then there is an 'after show' special that digs in deeper with panels to discuss what happened in the house for the past 24 hours.  & I like the Celebrity editions because its only a month long.  But I'm totally invested in it...

& the finale was Friday afternoon in England so it was posted up on YouTube Saturday morning...

So I was waiting for my Bible Journaling pages that I painted to dry while I finished watching who was crowned the winner...

Saturday am:
I have to be super careful
... I have one Belle mug that holds my coffee - another Belle mug that I use as water for my paint brushes...
I have picked up the paint mug MANY times & almost drank it without thinking!

That's how you start out a weekend.

The morning zoomed by & I had to head down to one of our little local coffee stores to meet up with a friend to just chat.  She is actually one of my past bride's momma's & we just sort of stayed connected through the years & I just think she is wonderful.  So glad for technology that has allowed us to stay connected.  Loved even more that we made the effort to stay connected as face to face conversation people.

I felt like we just got there chatting away & looked down & seen how much time had gone by...

& how many times Ricky called to see when I was heading home...


that's what happens when I get to talking. :)

Ricky needed me to bring home some food before the UK game so while I waited, I had a $13.00 coupon on top of a $15.00 coupon for Kohl's so I ran in to just grab some new running tights.  I ended up coming out with 4 new pairs for a bargain.  Thanks hubby for making me have to wait for the food to get ordered.

I got home & we had a little lunch & then I had to take advantage of the day to do my long run outside.  It was quite the adventure, let me tell you.

I'm used to dogs running & chasing me - but this time, I heard a noise & turned around & saw a dog had pulled up his chain & was running after me pulling this long chain.  Here's where I realize how old I am & my eyes are horrible - I couldn't see his dog tag.  Nothing but a blur.  So I had the idea of taking a picture with my phone & then zooming in on the picture - except I couldn't get the dog to sit still long enough to take a clear picture.  I did make out the first part of the numbers & all these houses are close in that area so I took the dog back to the these houses & I thought I had the right one... so I took the chain & tied it up to an area where he'd be safe....

& I continued on... to have other dogs chasing me... & of course, my normal horses that I see every time...

You can see in the background of the bottom picture, the dog I tied up...

I got home & looked at the picture of the dog tag once I had my glasses on.  (The dog was still tied up in the place I left him when I was running home)... but I saw the address & OOPSIE - I was wrong about 4 houses down. haha... I told Ricky what happened & we went back down to check on the dog & take him to the correct home, but found the owners had gotten him already. Whew!

Dog rescuing is a hard stressful job. let me tell you.

But I got my 5 miles in... & no, I didn't cheat - I stopped the watch while I was taking the dog back to the house.  Legit 5 miles done.

These are one of my new pairs of leggings too!  Thanks Kohls!

The rest of Saturday night was like Super Hero overload while Ricky & I got caught up on some Supergirl shows, some Arrow, some Flash & Legends of Tomorrow.... we are living in a Super Hero lovers dream world!

Sunday, we ended up going to hear our friend preach.  He just has a knack for making messages so 'real'... a perfect Super Bowl Sunday message.

He made all sorts of analogies about how football games are like life but one point he made was so eye opening to me.  He was talking about how we need to keep our eye on the ball - Jesus... if you look away, you can let it drop... but the end zone, that's where we ultimately want to go... eternity. Heaven.  & what if you don't have the ball?  If you make it in the end zone without a ball in a real game, no points.  The same idea applies... you have to have Jesus to get to that end zone... it was just so powerful the way he did it.

I love a good analogy.

Ricky & I headed out to do a Target run. I haven't been to Target in 2 weeks on my hunt to save money, thanks to my huge dental bill.... & then we ran over to to Q'doba for lunch.  That was a dud.   $22.00 for much of nothing & it wasn't even that great.  Boo!

What was good?  We went over to Starbucks & I have been wanting to try a Flat White for so long- I always hear people talk about them so finally went for it.  It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I really liked it.

Please note my nails are even blue & orange...
I am the least football knowledgeable person ever, but I do love a good fashion support

We headed home so we could take care of some things around the house - laundry, bills, cleaning - grown up stuff.

& then time to settle in for the Super Bowl!!!!

Except I didn't actually watch the Super Bowl....

I wanted to - but it has been proven time & time again that I'm a sports jinx.  Want a team to win?  Let me watch it & it will be guaranteed that it won't happen.  When the Bronco's were in the Super Bowl 2 years ago, I watched.  Anyone remember that shambles of a game?  Yeah - blame me.  I typically don't care who wins any game but my friends are big Bronco's fans so I wanted them to win so I did what a true friend should do.  I turned it over as soon as the coin toss was over...

Downton Abby kept me company.

I did flip back & forth just to keep an eye on the score... & SO HAPPY THEY WON!!!!

Y'all can thank me for this year now that I didn't watch.

So another weekend in the books...

Anything exciting happen in your weekend?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Are you a jinx at anything?


  1. we are in tremblant but today is our last day :(
    it's been so crazy here and the fam is still sleeping so i have some time to myself. nothing like a good cup of coffee and blog reading in the wintery silence.

    the ladies and kids only cared about the halftime show (it was meh) but the husbands were pretty mad at the game itself and they're convinced it was fixed.

  2. Aww, love that you went back to check on the dog when you realized it was at the wrong house.

    I read while the game was on. I like to peep the commercials and halftime.

  3. Dog rescuing is SO HARD sometimes! Good for you for taking the time and even going back, though. People like you are awesome!
    I just had the new peach green tea lemonade from Starbucks this weekend. I don't like green tea but this was SO GOOD. Just talking about it makes me crave one!

  4. You are so kind to go back and make sure that the pup was ok - such a kind soul!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That is so kind of you! I hate when dogs take off following me when I run, one followed me once and got hit and killed and all the drivers were so mad at me because they thought it was my dog and I was letting him run all around in the traffic then they thought I was horrible when it got hit and I kept on going. I felt bad, but not bad enough to let complete strangers come after me for something that was out of my control, I didn't want one of the angry people to hit me or worse.
    People who let their dogs wander off are really putting their dogs at so much risk, I get mad at people who don't take better care of their animals.
    But big kuddo's to you for doing some dog rescuing! You really are such a nice person!!!

  6. I want to try a flat white, but always decide against it at the last minute in case I don't care for it, I might have to give it a go next time though. I would have been so freaked out if I saw a dog chasing after me! I'm glad you were able to figure out where his home was and make sure he made it back okay!

  7. I blame the owners for dogs who leave the yard and chase people! Heck I even have an underground fence yet I still won't leave Baylee outside by herself!
    I would have really liked your friend's sermon, so powerful and a great analogy!
    The superbowl was on at our house but I don't watch!

  8. So happy for the Broncos, too! Especially Peyton Manning as I really feel like that was his final game so I'm glad he got to go out on top. Loving your leggings - you look great!!

  9. Awe, doggy rescuing! You're so awesome. I would be so scared of a dog chasing me. #scaredycat Totally been there with the paint water cup eeek! I did lots of things while the game was on and really only watched it for the commercials / half time.

  10. We watched the last 4-5 minutes. Hubby nor I care that much about football. What is a Flat white? Just curious.

  11. I love your leggings. I need some new ones, all I have are boring black.
    I've never had bad Qdoba! That is my fave place ever! I haven't heard of a flat white either, is that a drink?

  12. you are so nice taking care of that dog! even if you made a mistake with the address lol. and good job on not watching the superbowl so that the broncos could win, lol. i lol'd so hard at your 2 belle mugs! i would totally drink the wrong one haha

  13. yay for coupons! I love Kohls :) Especially with the coupons!

    I was SO glad the Broncos won! YAY!!!!

  14. You didn't miss anything by not watching the game. I flipped it over to the game after DB was over. I wasn't impressed with the halftime show at all, so, again, you didn't miss anything!

  15. Ok so what is the flat white like? I haven't tried one yet either! Look at you saving dogs and stuff this weekend like super woman! And such a great deal you got on your stuff at Kohls! I love a good bargain! I had a Qdoba near me when I lived in Atlanta and it always left me wanting more... I like Chipolte or Moe's better!

  16. Those leggings are so dang cute! I need some fun and colorful patterned leggings! Mine are all pretty subdued. I feel like bright and fun makes you run faster, right?! ;)
    Michael loves his flat whites!

  17. BAHAHAHAHAHHA! I'm dying over you tying the chain at a different house. Hey... the thought was good and at least you were close!!! lolol

  18. I've never understood the Big Brother fascination. It was on pretty much 24/7 when we lived in the UK. A lot of it seemed to be eople watching people sleep? Of course some of the contestants were into mischief as opposed to sleeping, but still. I never got it. You get an A for effort in the dog rescue : )

  19. Funny pictures ;)


    Mónica Sors



  20. Oh my gosh...that dog story is hilarious! Sounds like something I would do. Love the new tights! So fun.


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