Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So I like my numbers... I can't help it!

I have to say, a lot of people noticed & asked me about the picture I put up about my run on Saturday - 'How many trackers do you wear?'

... which is funny because I had put up this picture on Instagram earlier in the week.

So you'd think I'm wearing 3 trackers.

You'd be wrong.

I actually have on 4.  because on my waist, I'm wearing a Fitbit One

Why so many trackers?  Well, let's review

The white one is my Nike GPS tracker. I use it only when I run.  Outside, it uses GPS & keeps track of my route.  Inside, it uses a foot pod that I wear on my laces to track the distance on the treadmill.  That's what I love & its hard to find in most tracking watches.  It also does track my heart rate with my monitor I wear a chest strap for - but I like my Polar heart rate watch

... which leads to the Red one - my Polar.  I got hooked on Polar heart rate watches in my Jazzercise days where Heart Rate training is big deal. I always love to see what zone I'm in & love this one particularly because at the end, it shows me how many of my minutes were spent in a Fat burning zone & how many were in a Fit burning zone.  I always find it interesting the exercises that aren't high impact - like yoga or Pilates - those are the more FAT burning exercises.  Get that heart rate up WAY HIGH & you're training in the fitness zone.

... then we get to the step trackers.  The one in the middle of my wrist is the Garmin Vivofit.  I only got this because it was an amazing deal on Amazon one day.  I actually did a post about the difference between this & my Fitbit - but I just like it because it's waterproof & doesn't need charging.  I basically use it as my watch on most days.  Honestly, I dont think I've ever taken it off since I got it almost a year ago.   I also use it as motivation because the red line on top tells me when I've been sitting too long.

... & finally, the one you don't see - the Fitbit One.  That's my first & original tracker I bought. I've had it like 3 years & its still working great.  The reason I keep wearing this one is because its been proven the ones on the waist are more accurate then any of the wrist bands.  I do find that to be true in my own daily life.  I've done LOTS of trials & tests on these.  Because goodness knows I like data & information & all things numbers.

Sorry - I've always been a number nerd.  Any wonder I'm in accounting?

A fun side note - I also have my old school Garmin Forerunner - my first running watch. It still works great too & if my Nike isn't charged up - you'll even see this baby on my arm.  & its HUGE. I just can't get rid of any of my gadgets. They're all just little holders of information for me.

So yes, I am on the hunt for a tracker that can incorporate most of these. The bad thing, I'm use to all this info now so when I can't find a product that delivers all of it to me, I'm sort of all shoulder shrug & not caring...

I have gotten at least 5 recommendations for the VivoActive ...

I have some things that aren't 100% about it, but I think it may be the best I can get to smash all the ones I wear together... we'll see where I end up.

It's either that or getting longer arms.

Onto Week 5 of Half Marathon Training

Created by Photo Grid.  Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roidapp.photogrid  iPhone  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-grid-collage-maker/id543577420?mt=8:

Monday - Run 3.08 miles
Tuesday - Plyo Fix
Wednesday - Run 1.44 miles**
Thursday - ***
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Run 5.11 miles
Sunday - Rest Day

Plyo Fix - the funny story on that - I had that video ever since I bought my 21 Day fix - & goodness knows how much I've used these workouts.... & I have never once opened this video. It was a bonus workout.  I am so excited to add another great video to my pile. It was a butt kicker. Truly! & for the record, with these knees of mine, I am totally & always doing the modification on Plyo. The less jumping, the better for me.

**Yeah ... so Wednesday. I was on the treadmill doing my thing - that's when our furnace started acting really weird. The noises were rolling.  So Ricky was freaking out that someone was going to have to come into our basement - so it was time to just stop working out & start cleaning. It was the great haul. Let me tell you.  At least 4 garbage cans were filled & 3 boxes put into my car to take to Goodwill.  Why we can't do that every day & keep the house clean, I don't know.

*** Thursday, the Furnace repair guy came over & I was going to work out upstairs in my office but I just couldn't make myself get out from in front of the portable heater & the heavy down comforter in the cold house to change & put on my workout clothes.  Some days, it's just going to be like that.

I'm so excited that this weekend ahead, its going to be in the 60's! YES YES YES!!!

I have to do 6 miles & the idea of doing it on the treadmill just is cringe worthy.  Now, to find a good 6 mile path somewhere!

I'll be PRESSING on into week 6!!


  1. So many trackers!!! I get it though. It is so hard to chose one because they all have pro/features that the others dont. Go on with your bad number self!!!

  2. my husband has the garmin vivo. let me know if you have any questions about it.

  3. Glad you got your furnace fixed! Oh wait, you just said he came, you didn't say he fixed it..lol. Well I hope you are getting heat now!
    This weather is crazy, it's so cold one day and then should be in the 50's this week.
    I like that you have all those trackers! During some races I have been known to wear 2 watches only because I was afraid that if I turned my Garmin back to see what time it was than I would lose my pacing data ( I know that's not true but I wasn't really confident in how to use the Garmin back them). And I know i'd freak out at the end of the race if I didn't have all my data for each mile...haha.

  4. That is a lot of trackers,but it makes sense once you explain what each one is for :) I use the fit bit charge HR for my daily steps tracker as well as the heart rate information. I use a Garmin GPS watch as well when I run to track the running information. But I wear them on different wrists so it's one on each.

    1. I had my eye on that Fitibt Charge HR one for awhile... still considering it

  5. I got my very first fitbit for Christmas this year. Of course... it's dead right now and I haven't recharged it. But once K and I start going to the gym I will definitely have it on all the time!!

  6. ha!! this is the most things i've seen on one person--love it!! and no wonder you work in accounting!! hehe. too cute.

  7. I have the vivofit and I LOVE it. I mainly only track steps - so this one works perfectly for me. I love that you can switch the view to how many steps you need to hit your goal - that motivates me more than anything.

  8. LOL on all your trackers! I really wanted to start using one since I know I walk several miles a day with just my basic routine. I bought one when it went on sale after Thanksgiving and had to return it because my phone was too old to sync with it (and I'm not buying a new phone). I really want one that you either wear on your waist or put in your bra. I don't want one you have to wear on your wrist. So maybe I should look at that Fitbit One? Oh, and I had that exact Garmin Forerunner for 5 years! It still works but just felt like a dinosaur on my wrist, so I replaced it with an updated model.

  9. Oh my, you are definitely committed to fitness!! I have a Garmin VivoFit and have not taken it off since I got it in early December. I love that it's waterproof and that the battery lasts a gazillion hours. I use it as my watch. If I make my step goal, I smile. If I don't make my step goal, I just look at the red lines blinking and think how pretty it is. LOL

  10. so funny! I wear my garmin active mostly because I was interested in learning about my sleep. I have my Garmin 220 for running outside, and when I run on the treadmill I just input the date manually into Endomondo. lol I love my numbers too!

    1. I always forget about the sleep function. I need to not focus on that - it'll be one more thing on my list that I'd want in a tracker.

  11. It's like many bracelets. LOL

    I hope you can find one that at least hits four of them so you can size down.

  12. I really want a tracker that records heart rate too! I just looked into all the ones Garmin has since you mentioned that, but I just really like the Fitbit app so I'm scared to switch! I need someone to like take all my needs and tell me which tracker will work best for me. Hahaha!

  13. Awesome job! You should get bonus points for all those trackers and weight lifting on that arm! :) Thank you for your posts -- I need a kick in the seat to get back to training for the half. I have an 8 mile race next weekend and it's not looking pretty. At this point, I'll be happy to run at least 51% of it. Yay for warmer weather though!!!!

  14. I'm not sure what it says about me that I didn't think anything of your many wrist trackers.

    I don't wear that many, but I do love all the #'s. I've got my Garmin, I had my FitBit before it died & post run I usually track on MapMyRun + SparkPeople to see how they all show the elevations & such.

    1. You dont think anything of it? You're my kinda people :)

  15. I'm soooo glad you've outlined why you have each tracker! I've looked all the other three (I own the fitbit one) but haven't read any reviews from someone I know so it's always hard to tell if that tracker is good or not. I find the one to be the most accurate depending on where it's worn too. I love it personally myself. And I vote for longer arms haha or wearing them on both :)

    Yes...the other day someone was coming over and Kyle and I spent two hours cleaning so that they could literally walk in the door for two seconds and walk back out....(package being delivered).

    liz @ j for joiner

  16. Omg! You are cracking me up over here! How do you keep up with all of it?

  17. I'm so not laughing at you I'm laughing with you! I play the numbers game too an dang we just like to see the data we are use too. Is that too much to ask? Would it not be cool to have an all in one, ahhh maybe one day! I had the fitbit one for like 4 years. This fitbit charge I've been through 2 in just over a year.... Just don't make em like they use too! :(


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