Monday, June 20, 2016

The weekend that was full of kombucha, cold brew & celebrating dads

Here we go - the Monday before the first day of summer.  I honestly can't believe we're 3 months from fall, which we all know will fly by... & school supplies are back out in stores!  Didn't school just let out?  But to be fair, we do have year round school here so school starts back super quick.  I am jealous they have year round school now. All the breaks during the year?  So worth just getting 2 months off school.

& I can say that because I'm not a kid now. I'm sure no kid agrees with me.

But no school - just back to work... & dreams of how fast weekends go.  That's the adult way of living.

Here's some fun highlights of the weekend


... I just felt BLAH all day long - so instead of getting my usual Starbucks celebration drink on the way home, I went with kombucha instead.  Trying to get my stomach to feel normal again.  I love this stuff too.

Note my thumb. All the cooking with Blue Apron?
I sliced my thumb straight open #chefskillz

... got home to see Ricky's car.  He got rear ended on the way back to work from lunch.  Man, he's just on a string of bad luck lately.  The light turned green & apparently this guy, in a HUGE dump truck sort of thing, didn't care that Ricky couldnt move forward because of the car in front of him... the guy just hit the gas & BAM! Right in the rear end.

Well the hubs is just on a bad luck roll lately  #WreckItRicky #nothisfault:
You cant see here - but the whole rear end is pushed up into the car too on the sides :(

... with the way I was feeling & the day Ricky had, we just called it quits on Friday early.  Just sat on the couch all night long with the dogs & watched TV - almost finished with 60 Days In.


... We had some chores we needed to take care of & wanted to get them done early.  So we were out the door by 8:30am.  There's something rewarding about getting out in the world before it gets really busy.

... I had to stop at Rainbow Blossom - our nearest health food store.  I saw a new kombucha & decided to try it. Mango flavor.  It wasn't what I thought it would be - but not bad. Tasted more like orange juice with fizz.


... how do I walk out of the health food store with 3 items & spend $60.00. Ouch.

... I had to stop at a store to get some tools to make some cold brew coffee. I had made a mason jar worth the night before at 10pm & then realized when I went to bed that I didn't have anything useful to strain it.  UGH!  Ricky kept saying he just knew this wasn't going to be worth the time & the hassle ... until I got the tools, made my first batch, had him taste it & he was like, OH WOW! Anyone else do this at home? It is a little bit of a mess & a test of patience waiting for it to strain... but I like having cold brew coffee sitting in my fridge right now.

... Ricky was ready for lunch & we decided to try a new place that we've not been too before.  I knew walking in Ricky wasn't going to like it. He's not a 'mom & pop' kinda place fan.  He ended up getting a sandwich for lunch & I didn't see anything on the 'healthier' side so I ended up getting a veggie omelet.  I hate his was bad because mine was DELICIOUS.


... Ricky has had to make 110 stops to Home Depot lately for a project he's been working on & he needed my help lifting things with his hernia - & thanks to my Hammer & Chisel. #gettingmuscles ...  I told him that that view right there with all the lumber & the smell of all the wood brings back so many childhood memories.  I can't tell you how many trips I made to the lumber yard with my dad when I was little - riding those orange carts that say "Dont ride" #rebel


... we ended up not getting home till almost 2pm - which I'm glad we headed out early.

... I didn't get to Bible Journal last weekend so even though I usually do it early, I was determined to take the time & do it even if it was the afternoon.

A good reminder of the VALUE of your name. ❤ #illustratedfaith:

... laundry, laundry & more laundry

... worked on some knitting projects

... worked out & got my sweat on

... had to make a late night run to Target.  I wasn't thrilled to have to run back out again - why we went out early, but I had to take advantage of a sale that was ending Saturday night.

... watched Deep Impact & always get so disturbed at the idea of an asteroid hitting earth.


... headed down to church & ended up stopping for Panera Bread for breakfast.  I dont know if it I was so hungry or if it was just extra good but it was one of the best avocado egg sandwiches I've had there.

... my glasses broke. Dang it. I can't see anything close up so always have reading glasses near me or more than likely, on top of my head.  I had to run into Target & get another pair.  I got some with spring hinges so I hope they do a little better with how I am constantly putting on my head & pulling off, putting on my head, pulling off, putting on my head, pulling off. I'm rough on glasses.

... went over to see my daddy for Father's Day.  Ricky was excited to get over & see my dad's new lawn mower. Boys & their toys.

Love my daddy!
Dont care how old I get - always will be a daddy's girl

... worked out

... more laundry... more cleaning

... get my planner set for the week

... the humidity was so low so I took my Kindle out on the back porch & sat while the sun went down reading my book. That's how you finish out a weekend.

How was your weekend?

Did you celebrate Father's Day?

Do you like Kombucha?

What smell makes you think of your childhood?


  1. I'll have to try that drink the next time I feel a little off! Hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. blech! getting rear ended sucks. hope everything works out with the fix/insurance and all that other nonsense that comes with accidents.

  3. Man, I'd be worn out after that weekend. So glad Ricky wasn't hurt in that accident. Love your Bible journaling.

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. I've been making my own coldbrew at home for years. I love it.

    Sorry for the car stuff, that's a total pain to deal with! I'm glad he's okay, in the end that is what matters even though the other stuff is not a picnic.

    I love getting up and out early.

  5. So glad Ricky was okay in the accident even though that's definitely not a way to start the weekend. We tried the gingerade kombuca this weekend and it was definitely too potent for me, but I wish I liked it since it's supposed to be so good for you.

  6. Sorry to hear about car accident. So glad no one was hurt, that is most importnat. Cars can be fixed, people can't always be fixed. Oh I love Cold Brew coffee. It's my favorite. It's so much better than regular cofee, at least to me. My friend's son goes to year around school and LOVES it. In fact, he liked it so much that they moved to another town so that he could attend the high school that was year around and this was a kid who use to hate school.

  7. Ugh on the car stuff. Glad everyone was safe but that is such a bummer!! I need to try the Ginger-flavored Kombucha - I tend to stick the chia ones.

  8. BUmmer about the car accident. That is so frustrating!

  9. You & your daddy are just so cute! Total bummer about the glasses. My dad is really rough with glasses, too. We went out to eat on Friday and he pulled a pair out of his shirt pocket to read the menu and realized that a lens was gone! Haha! Fortunately he just buys the cheap kinds from the end of aisles :)

  10. Yeah ... I'm gonna need your cold brew recipe (please). I've been hearing about it and have tried it a couple times recently at Starbucks and Kolkin -- delicious!

    I can't get out of Rainbow Blossom without spending a paycheck ... WHY oh why does it cost so much to eat healthy?? I do like Kombucha though ... I've seen recipes for making that at home but haven't tried it. The scoby part scares me.

    Any day (no matter the temps) without humidity is pretty awesome in my book! :) Add a book to it, makes it even better. :)

  11. I enjoyed your post! I've never heard of Kombucha (sorry!). Father's Day was quiet for us. Both boys called and talked with their dad, which Joe enjoyed immensely. There are two smells that always take me back to my childhood. One is strong chlorine smells at the pool and the other is creosote. Our dock on Rocky Fork Lake was soaked in creosote to waterproof the pilings and it has a very distinct smell. We spent nearly every weekend there in the summers. Then there is Granny Kelly's fried chicken...

  12. Low humidity, what does that feel like?! It's always full blast here. Ugh! Sounds like you did a lot of laundry this weekend mixed in with spurts of fun. lol Sorry to hear about Ricky's car, that stinks. Hopefully he wasn't too sore after. I hate when one of us has a really good meal somewhere and the other doesn't.

  13. Glad Rickey's OK! That really stinks about the car though.

    Every time I try cold brew coffee, I really like it, but every year I get a "bottomless mug" at Brueggers Bagels and go there every morning for my coffee (and the afternoon for a mid day pick me up) and their cold brew isn't included in my bottomless mug, so nope.

  14. Oh no! What a bummer about Rickey's car! Hopefully the process to get it repaired is painless. Love the pic of you and your dad!

  15. I Love love love kombucha! Nom nom. So sorry to hear about Rickey's car :( What a bummer. Glad everyone is okay!

  16. Great photo of you and your Dad! Breaking glasses is the worst feeling ever! I've been wearing them since I was 8, so I completely can relate.

  17. I hate that about Ricky's car, but at least he wasn't hurt! Loved reading about what you've been up to!

  18. Love this pic of you and your dad. So sweet. Love that color on you too. What a time y'all have been having lately in the not-so-great luck dept! Glad you were able to get some things done. Always a good thing.

  19. That stinks about Ricky's car. I was rear ended a few years ago and the insurance company ended up totaling my car because even though the damage looked like it was repair able, the frame was actually damaged. I was SO upset. Not only did I love that car (as much as you love objects of course), but I hated the fact that I now had to shell out money for a car when I was payment free!
    At least he wasn't hurt though. Being hit by a dump truck could have been real bad.

    I'd love to hear more about this all year long school thing. A few years ago I read about one school down South doing it where they had off like two weeks between each quarter or something like that. Is this something the entire state participates in our is it District by district?


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