Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I think I'm going to like this... first week of Project Life

I'm doing it... keeping my camera with me!

I'm really challenging myself for the month of June to capture life... with a good camera... not just my phone.

Good to see things in a more creative way... a good way to work on my editing skills... a good way to just capture life!

I'm not sure how I'll post - weekly?  Monthly?  Whenever the heck I want? ... it may just be whenever I get time to upload my pictures on my computer.  So we'll see... but I do have pictures from June 1st - June 7th already... so taaa-daaaa, my first week of Project Life.

That's a lazy dog... or one that is just worn out from playing a hard round of frisbee


So I'll make a disclaimer here & say that most of you have little kids that you photograph - well, my house is full of fur kids, so be prepared for lots of dog pictures. It's my world. I love my babies like you love your babies.  #sorrynotsorry

Anyways - here's my little man. He'll find the sunlight whenever it shines through.
&I love little Zoe creeping on her bed in the backgorund


I just had gotten home from seeing the movie & had to pull out my book & read the last chapter... again. I read the last chapter of the book right before I read After You... but after that movie, I had to read it again.  Oh Will Traynor.  


What my typical Saturday mornings look like with my Bible Journaling.  Actually a lot messier than this. This is a more organized type of day. Probably because I had started on it the day before so I was able to clean up as I went along.


This moment. Ricky was sitting on the steps talking to me on what the plans were for the day, when Harvey came down the steps & just sat right next to his daddy & just leaned over on him.  Heart melt.  I've never seen Harvey sit on our steps before.  But he'll go wherever his daddy goes.


This just reminds me of a lion hiding out in the jungle.
No, its just Harvey watching me prune my rose bush waiting for me to throw the frisbee.
Still the same amount of thirst for the thrill of the game.


Speaking of roses, we have one lone bud right now. Everything else has died off & has pruned back & new buds are already springing up, but for now, this little beauty is the star of the show.


So there we go - the first week...

I think I'm going to love having these pictures to look back on
... & we'll see - Project Life may just continue into July

What's your favorite picture of the week?


  1. what a great little project! i don't take nearly enough pictures. i bought a great 50mm lens that i've only used once!

  2. I love this idea and like you most of my photos would be of the animals in my life! I made an attempt to do "a sentence a day" like you do for my summer break. I thought it would be a good way to document how I spent my time over the summer. I started June 1st and unfortunately I think I failed

  3. What a fun challenge! And to use your good camera as opposed to the phone--good for you!!

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  5. I like this project and look forward to your pictures. I take lots of pics of my fur baby too. No apologies either. lol. What a beautiful red rose!!

  6. I looooove these photos! You're such a skilled photographer and I think it'll be really enjoyable for us to see things through your lens!
    Harvey is the prettiest pup! And I'm glad we got a rare glimpse of Zoe! I love when K sits on the steps and Lylee plants herself beside him.

  7. What a great project. Love the pictures you have taken so far.

  8. I love this idea! You're going to look back and have so many wonderful memories to cherish!

  9. This is a great project! And that photo on the stairs is so sweet :)

  10. Love this! Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls and a few others have been doing a Picture Perfect project, their link up is tomorrow. Some are trying to take a picture a day, I'm just doing one picture a month for our family calendar, it can be up to you! Might help keep you accountable :) The other day I had brought my point and shoot and my friend said, I think you are my only friend that still carries around a real camera...I took that as a compliment.

  11. Great idea. I use my camera all the time here at home unless I want to instantly post something to Facebook. I enjoyed this post! Life is worth taking photos of.....

  12. Love it! I did a "Foto Friday" last week that I'm going to try to do weekly. :)

  13. I love that you are taking pictures!! It is something I am horrible at. Unless it is food, of course. Love all your pictures.

  14. Love love love this idea.

    The second one and second to last one are my favorites, but honestly I like them all.

  15. You're such a great photographer! Even in your candid photos it's like 9 billion times better than the average person. Love this idea!

  16. Love those pups and Harvey is gorgeous. I am partial to big dogs. Looking forward to more photos this month!

  17. I haven't seen the movie yet, but hoping to go tomorrow night with my BFF. I loved the book!

  18. Love that you hashtagged Belle's rose, because I immediately thought of the rose from Beauty and the Beast when I saw that picture!

  19. I like this. I like this a lot. I feel like it's a little peep into life that doesn't necessarily get shown in other posts. :) Like the rose bloom & some of the pup pics. I'm all for you carrying this on into July.

  20. All wonderful, but I adore that picture of Ricky and Harvey Dent.

  21. A lovely series of photos. I think I especially like your dog peeking out of the bushes. Have a great weekend.

  22. I enjoyed your photos and the rose pic is lovely, they can be very tenacious, can roses. Your dogs are all cute as well - we don't have one these days but I've been thinking it would be nice to get a little one again. (Or as my father would have said, not a real dog).


  23. Animals sure know how to find the best spots! That rose is just lovely!!

  24. Such sweet pictures! Bring on all the puppy pictures!


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