Monday, June 06, 2016

The weekend that I went to cry by myself...

My pile of work is almost as tall as me while I'm sitting at my desk.
That's never a fun way to start a Monday.  But, whatcha gonna do?

Greet Monday with a smile... however forced it may be.

I'll let weekend memories push me through the day...

Here's some highlights:

... I took myself to the movies.  The first time I ever did that, but I knew the hubs wouldnt like the movie. He hates anything sad. If its sad, he sits next to me & says the entire time I'm sniffling, "Why do you do this to yourself? I hate this movie"... & I wanted to sit in Will Traynor sadness with someone who totally got it, so that just ended up being me.  I actually was so into the movie, I didn't even pay any attention to sitting alone.  & truth be told, I was sniffling so bad, like trying not to do the chest breathing sob crying, that it probably would have been embarrassing to be with someone.  Did you see it?  What did you think? I think they left so much out (of course, like every book to movie) but it was enough to feel the emotion. & truly, the one thing I didn't like about the book was Louisa's irritating family so I was glad that was mostly cut out.  I totally wore a hat because I knew my face would be red & puffy & it's a good cover to walk with your head down & not let anyone see your blotchy face... until you take a picture of it & share with the world anyways.

This is even a good 15 minutes after the movie & my nose is still red & my eye lids puffy.
... I could NOT sleep Friday night. Like it was 2:00am & I was still tossing & turning & exhausted, but couldn't sleep.  My knee was aching so bad & I dont know if it was that pain that kept me up, but man, I was miserable.  Rain came through in the middle of the night so I dont know if that aggravated my knee pain. I just know I was so totally dragging Saturday.

... Our house seems extra quiet a weekend after the Grands are here.

... I tried the new Vanilla Cold Brew at Starbucks.  It definitely is nice & smooth & tasty, but the barista asked me if I wanted extra vanilla in it because without it, its not that sweet. Well, I didn't think it was that sweet - just right - but turned over the side of the cup & saw it said 7 PUMPS of vanilla?  OH MY GOSH.  & it still didn't taste very vanilla tasting, so I'm not sure I'll be getting this again.  Plus, it cost like an extra $1.50 more than my vanilla iced coffee with cream that I usually get.


... Took 2 days to work on this Bible Journal page.

... I got all my editing done by Friday night & then Saturday, I had no plans & no where I needed to be or anything scheduled, so it was really a day of relaxing & taking it easy. I actually wasn't sure what to do with myself.


... I totally messed up & deleted a whole folder of pictures I was saving on my phone.  & before you tell me, I had already deleted them from my Cloud a long time ago. DANNNNGGGG ITTTT!!!!!

... what I did do was work on editing pictures of my step daughter that I took while she was up last weekend for my Etsy page.  If you notice, I've got a link at the top of the page for my store.  Again, I know its the WORST time possible to try & sell knitted warm stuff, but I sit & knit all year long so if anything, my store will be ready for a rush sale when the cold weather comes back in. I actually finished another hat this weekend & have started on making baby & children's hats.  Keeping those needles rocking.

That green & blue hoodie cowls are my favorite!1 I have a grey one I have worn for 2 years.

... I've actually done good with my Project Life where I've been carrying my DSLR with me for June. Now to figure out when to post the pictures from it.

... Got wrapped up in The French Open on Sunday. I always say, I don't watch any sport, but tennis is my game. I will sit & watch & get totally wrapped up ... like how Ricky watches UK games. I'm yelling & screaming & cheering & pumping my fist.  I love me some tennis.

Totally #TeamDjokovic

... JOY Bible Study on Sunday.  It was funny because a few of the people couldn't make it & Chasity has written on our Facebook board that she would cover snacks since it was just the 5 of us.  Ricky said, "Is that the original 5?" ... it totally was. It was neat to just be the 5 of us that started off together.  I say it all the time, but can't say it enough - I adore these ladies.  They each have their own perspective & views on things & I love every one of them.  We're all so connected in weird ways.  Like I took the wedding pictures of one girl - who knew Chasity from school - who also went to school with another girl - whose husband is my neighbor & we live in his old house ... I mean there are connections that cross connections. Its just cool how we all do life together & cheer each other on & pray for each other & support each other.

... I had to get in my work out late on Sunday.  I almost skipped it, but I haven't missed a work out yet in the Hammer & Chisel program & I'm now into week 5.  I now am on a mission to not miss any of them.  I love a good goal.

& that was a wrap....

Now to tackle this MOUNTAIN of paper on my desk... sigh... Hello Monday.

What was the best thing that happened in your weekend?


  1. Let's try this again, first comment didn't save!

    I love going to the movies alone all the time, especially with a tear jerker. I'm glad it was good. I didn't care for her family either.

    You go girl getting the late workout in!

  2. It sounds like a full weekend! That sucks about the deleted folder :( I hate when I lose stuff I've been working on.

  3. You can read about my weekend in my weekend recap post:

    I read that book. Haven't thought about seeing the movie yet, but may just wait for it to hit Netflix or On-Demand. Then I can cry all I want!

  4. most definitely yes, the rain/climate affects joints. there's a chinese word for that which means "damp" and if you have "dampness" in your body/joints, then it will hurt when the pressure drops/it rains.

  5. So, I really don't go to the movies all that often, but I would say 50% or more of the movies I go to I go to alone. I feel like they're such an individual experience anyways, you can't talk during them. That if it's a movie I don't think a good friend will also LOVE, I just go alone. Plus then, no one tries to snatch my snacks.

    Best part of my weekend? I finished a great book last night, sitting out on the porch. I was glad to finish it, but now I'm sad it's over.

  6. Oh wow, 7 pumps of that vanilla syrup is a lot! I stopped getting flavored coffee out because all they use now are those syrups and they gross me out!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. I am SO anxious to try the cold brew - glad to read your review! It sounds so yummy!! The pictures from your etsy shop look amazing!

  8. I'm the same as your husband. I can't do sad movies at all. I cry just at cheesy commercials so i'd just be a mess during s movie. I'm staying clear if that book & movie!

  9. Oh phooey. Good luck with all your paperwork. I have a similar stack sitting next to my desk. UGH. (At least it makes time pass quickly...)
    I love your weekend recaps. They're always a nice mix of busy and relaxation. I need to get that pattern down!

  10. I've never been to a movie by myself...oh man i definitely can't see that one...I am such a crier! :D Love your bible journaling page! :)

  11. Ahh I didn't get to see the movie this weekend, but I really can't wait to - I'm ready for the sob fest! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. I tried a regular cold brew form Starbucks this weekend and it tasted fine but I was super annoyed it was like $3.50 and basically tasted like a regular coffee-- so I won't be wasting my money on that again anytime soon! And I don't think I can bring myself to see the movie-- I LOVED the book, but I'm with Rickey and can't handle putting myself through something so sad. I hope your knee is feeling better!

  13. I was totally planning on going to the movie myself but then my mom volunteered to go with me. She kind of already knew what it was about since I talked about the book during one of our long walks. I felt the sister was much less annoying in the movie then she was in the book. She seemed pretty selfish in the book. Also, no mention of Will's Sister in the movie.

    So, tell me what your favorite Frappe is at Starbucks? Do you ever get those? I got a cupcake one the other day and it was delish! I finally got my birthday reward on my card but now my birthday has passed a few days ago so do you know if I can use the reward anytime this month?

  14. Love that Bible journal page.

    I go to the movies by myself once in a awhile now. Hubby doesn't like to go and with the girls gone that's the only way I get to go now. I prefer company, but it's not too bad.

    Hope you get that stack of work whittled down quickly. Have a great day.

  15. I'm planning on seeing that movie ... but want to read the book first. It's definitely on my list. I'll probably end up having to see it alone or when/if it hits Netflix anyway. I tried a vanilla cold brew this weekend too -- thought it was ok but I don't know if I got any extra vanilla though. Probably would have made it better. Best part of the weekend was Saturday morning - dropped the car off for a couple new tires and spent the morning walking around with Matt. Starbucks, Feeders, Target, Big Lots, Ben Franklin, Kroger, then back to get car ... and it starts raining on us at that point. :)

  16. I so want to see Me Before You but I'm afraid I will cry so much that I will give myself an Asthma attack. When I cry hard like that, sometimes, that happens. No one wants to go see it with me because of that. But I don't want to go alone incase that does happen. I got the vanilla sweet cream cold brew this weekend too, I didn't think it was that sweet at all. In fact, I thought it was really bitter. Not sure if I would get it again. I can tell you this, I don't like the cold brew in a venti, I feel like it's too watery. I will only get a grande. It totally tastes different. Crazy, I know.

  17. I've never gone to the movies by myself...ever.
    There's something so wrong about cold anything from Starbucks! :)

  18. I haven't gone to the movies by myself but if Michael isn't down to see Me Before You you'd better believe I will be doing that! I need to see it!

    I got that sweet cream vanilla cold brew last week but with no extra pumps or anything and I had to add sweetener for sure. But 7 pumps of vanilla? Dang!

  19. I did see the movie and I loved it. I did not read the book. Your bible journal looks amazing.

  20. Tossing and turning is the worst :( Sorry girl. I have never even heard of that movie.

    I love your etsy pictures! So glad you have a model :) Helps you are a photographer too!

  21. i used to go to the movies on my own all the time, i loved it. now i never go because kc always thinks i am trying to get him to come by saying i'll go on my own.. which i'm not. but then he says 'ill go with you' and then it somehow changes to 'no don't worry about it' because its always the girly movies i want to see haha and i'd rather wait for dvd than listen to him complain or make fun of me for crying. i almost went to see me before you on my own after i saw your picture, but then kc asked me to go to waterfront park with him and a student he works with on the side, so i did that instead. i really want to see it though!

  22. Those scarves are amazing, you're so talented girl!

  23. OH man, deleted photo folder, WORST FEELING EVER! I've gone to the movies by myself, but would rather go with a friend or wait for it to come out on dvd, then I can cry all I want in the comfort of my home, hehe. We would be good movie buddies :)

  24. I haven['t been to a movie in 6 years! haha! I am excited to see Me Before You when it comes out on blueray/dvd/netflix/whatever. I loved the book but I just know the movie wont be the same. I figured the cold brew stuff at Starbucks wouldn't be as good as my regular orders. 7 shots and still not sweet? Yikes!!

  25. I don't know about your phone, but my phone has a folder called recently deleted photos that stores all the photos I've deleted for 30 days. Just a thought.

  26. Yay for taking yourself to a movie! I do that all the time, it's awesome! After the first time it just get easier and frankly now quite often I just prefer it, LOL LOL
    I want to see that movie, though I haven't read the book yet. I know where have I been, LOL
    The piles of work, I get that! Granted I've only been working at my new job 5 weeks, but today was horrible in the I didn't even have a spare minute, the Dr offices were so busy I didn't even get a break today and I felt like I accomplished nothing, yet so exhausting. I realized I have not missed this part of the workfield, LOL So what I meant to say (or over said, haha) is I totally get it and feel your overloaded work pain!
    Hopefully the rest of the week goes better and the work gets done and you can have less stress!

  27. I know I would be crying my eyes out at the movie!!! that’s why I didn’t see it in the theaters.

    7 PUMPS??? I can feel my diabetes creeping up.

    Sorry on the photos!!! That’s so frustrating ugh. I try to back my photos up on my external harddrive in case I make the mistake of deleting them off my phone.

    liz @ j for joiner

  28. I've gone back and forth about whether or not to see the film. Haven't seen it yet, and am feeling like I might not be able to handle it. The book really stayed with me.

  29. Aw! I still haven't seen Me before You and I'm dying too! Heck, we just saw Captain America this past weekend so it's kinda far down on the list. I would have gone with you and sobbed right beside you if I were closer! And Yay for getting your workout in!


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