Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Downtown, coffee & books & a extra kinda day .... Project Life Week 3

I can't believe I've been doing this now for 3 weeks. 
I can already tell how I really WANT my camera near me now already.
Like I see things & I'm like, I gotta take a picture... they say that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. This seems to really becoming a fun habit to have.

So here's week 3 - & there are extra pictures on some days - especially on Sunday which was Father's Day.  I think on special days, they totally deserve extra pictures, right?
My little project ... I can make my rules as I go along.
I usually do in life anyways.


Y'all know I meet Ricky every Wednesday for lunch - sorta our thing.
& this wall is right next door to where we meet at. 
I always love this girl... but curious what the new painting is down on her bottom right.
I told Ricky it looks like Bernie Sanders. 
Why did they put that right there?



I was sitting on the front porch reading a book - guess what it was?  The 3rd book in the Dorothy Must Die series - so I thought it was kinda funny when I look up & see a rainbow. It had just sprinkled a little - not even a big rain & I felt like someone wanted me to go over the rainbow right then & there.  It was even a double rainbow.  What a fun surprise.




This is my happy place right here.
I must touch & look at every color & let my mind roll on what I can make next



I had to run out early Saturday to get something to funnel the cold brew into another jar.
This little funnel was PERFECT. Put in a coffee filter - & I even put a seive over top of that to catch more grounds - & drip away.



Went over to my parents for Father's Day & it was fun taking some pictures of a cat instead of a dog for a change.

I dont think I'm supposed to see her under here.
Let me tell you, getting down on my knees on concrete wasn't fun.

She came out from under the bushes to get my attention
... & demand some petting & rubbing.


So my dad is a true cowboy at heart.
Give him a zero radius turn mower & he's going to imagine an automatic bull riding machine.
(He really was spinning it in circles & twirling that hat of his)


Dad giving Ricky his final instructions before he takes off to mow some of the land


I think this one is my favorite of the week.  Something about the close up of the fence, but having Ricky heading down away from the picture... I dont know, this one just speaks to me.



I love my hard back books.  Goodness knows I have a TON of them
... but I love E-readers too.
It really is the best of both worlds.
I know some people prefer one or the other & some people are DIE HARDS on that decision
... I just want a good story & print I can read.  Simple as that.
This is the book I have 10% left to read, which means it'll probably be finished by the time you see this.



I try to take candle wax tarts to work & use in my Scentsy burner
... anything to make it smell more like home & give a cozy feeling.
Plus, when this was melting, it just looked really cool. Almost fluffy.


There it is... another week in my world through my eyes

Which picture is your favorite this week?


  1. My favorite is your books and ereader.

  2. Loving that mural and rainbow - so great that you were able to capture those moments! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love the cat photo -- she's looking at you like "OK human, you took my picture. You must now pet me for payment." And I made cold brew coffee yesterday! Mine was much messier than your photo though. And I went off and left it at home this morning ... so it's Monday on a Wednesday in my world.

  4. I just love all these photos- they're so frame-worthy! I really love the coffee drip one and the ones of the kitty. It was worth the pain :) The vibrant green from the shrub really brings to life the b&w fur ball :) That rainbow is also an AWESOME shot!

  5. That rainbow is perfection! So glad God blessed you with His Promise last week!

  6. I love the rainbow pictures!! They are amazing! I'm loving your coldbrew set up. I always thought you needed one of those fancy cold brew set to do it. I so need to get your set up and make it myself at home.

  7. I love them all but there is just something artistic about the cold brew. It's like a photo you would see in a gift shop or something!

  8. I love that you guys meet every Wednesday for lunch. Greg and I used to meet every Friday. I hope we can start it again one day! The rainbow pics are so pretty. Those zero turn mowers are so much fun.

  9. Those pictures of the rainbows are gorgeous! Haha love that lucky in kentucky art! ;)

  10. I'm thinking that I'm going to do a similar challenge once the baby is here, I love the idea of it. It will especially get me more familiar with my good camera! The rainbow pictures are gorgeous.

  11. I love this challenge! Great pictures that capture life. :)

  12. I love seeing the pictures with your good camera. We're headed out of town and I've been debating taking mine. Haven't used it in MONTHS and you're inspiring me. I love the ones of the cat. I'd love to take some of my sister's cat to surprise her!

  13. love the one of your dad acting like a cowboy!! that was too cute!!

  14. I keep meaning to bring my scentsy burner into work.

    Love that mower picture too.

  15. Such fun pictures!!!! For whatever reason, the candle tart one is just so cool looking haha.

  16. Love all these--how the pictures perfectly illustrate little slices of life.

  17. How can you ask us to pick just one? I love the rainbow photos and of course the ones of the cat. Then there is your dad and his hat on the mower....

    Thanks for sharing your week!!


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