Thursday, June 30, 2016

Surgery Day... but still lots to give thanks for / Thankful Thursday #78

Life Update:
As you are reading this, Ricky & I have been at the hospital for his hernia surgery today.  A bright & early wake up time of 4:30am, which I think is cruel & unusual punishment.  But hopefully that means we'll be home early as well... & praying that everything goes smoothly.

So if you can lift up a prayer for my hubby today? 
Appreciate each & every thought lifted for him.

This week I am Thankful For:
(The numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts journal / in other words, ignore them)

561 / Zoe OK after being trapped. WHAT? Yep!  ... OK, first of all, it is NOTHING for Zoe to go downstairs & hide when a storm comes. Or even to just cool off. Girlfriend is smart. She goes in the safest place in a house during a storm. & she loves to go down & lay on the concrete floor in the back part of the basement to cool down when its hot. So when it stormed one day while I was at work, I got home & didn't see her upstairs. Nothing unusual.  If she wants to come, she comes. There's no calling her to come. She's a total diva. I didn't think anything of it.... & so I go to work out & Ricky gets home about an hour later & he goes downstairs & I hear him say, "OH MY GOSH - ZOE!"... to find out that she did indeed go downstairs, but something but have fallen & shut the door & she was trapped in the back room.  Bless her heart - her face was wet where she was probably drooling needing water... & she jetted out the door to go pee - she held it all day long.  I felt horrible not looking for her when I got home.  But SOOOO thankful she was ok.  After drinking a bowl of water & extra treats, she was back to her diva self.

562 / New headbands.  A friend pointed these out to me on Facebook & I immediately had to order them. & they are even cuter in person.

How cute are my new #headbands ❤  had to get the mermaid one with my red hair.  #princess #disneyfreak #hippierunner . . . . .  #squadgoals #headband #hippierunnerheadbands #runner #sweat #disneynerd #disneylove:

563 / Happy Customers.  I got a phone call from a family member of the photo session I just did recently of the 50th anniversary. She wanted me to do a family wedding coming up in September.  She was just so kind about my work & it just makes me giddy that they were happy enough with their pictures that they wanted to work with me again.  Unfortunately, I'm already booked for September so I hate I wasn't able to work with them again because I would have loved to see everyone once more.  But hopefully in the future.

564 / Homemade pizza was DELICIOUS.  This was out of the Blue Apron box.  A spinach/mushroom/potato pizza. Potato. Yes. You heard that right. It was AMAZING though. & I had never dealt with dough before. I actually got to use my rolling pin that was my momma's.  I honestly want to make this pizza again.  Ricky even requested to have it again.

565 / New Room for working out.  My little office space / yarn area has tripled as my workout room - & its just been getting too tight with added weights & the step/weight bench - so after a lot of 'discussion' - Ricky finally gave me a room in the basement - where its also so much COOLER for working out.  I love having all the space for working out AND for having the space back in my room.

566 / Home Security Camera for lost things.  Ricky was FREAKING OUT the other day when he couldn't find his hernia belt.  He was literally turning the house upside down trying to find it. I told him he was making more of a mess trying to find it, making it HARDER to find it.  I remembered when he got home, he took it off - so I had an idea when he took it off - so I went back to the security camera around that time & lo &  behold - he's right there taking it off & we saw him take it over to the side of the kitchen.  & we walk over, & its right there on the counter. GEEEEZZZZZZ... but glad we had the camera to look back on & help with the process before the sledgehammer came out.

I'm pretty sure Ricky looked just like this
... & I never tire of this GIF....

569 / No plans on a hot day.  When its over 100 degree heat index, I am so thankful for days I dont have to put on real clothes & dont need make up & hair done in any way except for a top knot bun & have absolutely no plans.

570 / Ceiling Fan in the right direction.  All summer, I hadn't really felt the ceiling fan doing anything productive & couldn't figure out why. Light bulb moment!  We had turned the settings for winter, that brings the heat up.  Ricky hit the switch & turned the fan back on & it was like an instant 10 degrees cooler. AHHHH!

571 / Baby holding at church.  Sunday during service, I got to hold my grand buddy Caden the whole service.  This is a rarity.  There's basically always a long line to hold Ryan & Chasity's kids at every event/place we are at.  I loved getting to hold this happy smiley boy... except I think I was supposed to try to get him to sleep but instead, we played with fingers & pony tail holders the whole time. Oops.  I probably won't get to hold him again now after that ;)

My hobbies include smiling, talking, and eating my hands. 😍💙 #CadenMichaelCzeczok:
Snagged from his momma's IG page
572 / Grocery stuff at Target. I didn't feel like dealing with the grocery after church, but we needed a few things. I'm so thankful that Target carries just enough groceries to get me through!  Another reason to shop at Target.

573 / A Large.  I went shopping for some shirts & for the first time, I think in my life, I got 2 shirts that were a size Large instead of an Extra Large. I almost cried y'all.  Really.

575 / Good honest people.  I was in Kohl's & had $20.00 in Kohl's cash and also had a coupon for $10 off... & then lost them both.  It was in my pocket with my phone & when I went to pull out my phone, it must have fell out. I was so bummed out, especially after finding some shirts I liked.  I went to the counter to see if they could check to see if it was used based off of my credit card number... & lo & behold - someone turned it in!!  Someone could have easily taken that $30 for themselves & no one would have known the difference.  

This is to you Honest Kohl's Person

580 / Fruit/nut tray at gas station.  I had to run out to the doctor at work which means that was my lunch at 9am - so I figured I would be hungry at my desk later in the afternoon.  I stopped on the way back to work to get an iced tea & looked & they had a little lunch thing with fresh apples, cheese & almonds. A good portion size.  I was so happy to find something healthy to take back to snack on at work to get me through the day.  Good for you gas station for some healthy options!

581 / Humidity Break.  It has felt super nice out the past 2 nights.  Humidity makes a world of difference & when its here & then leaves for a few days? It feels like night & day.  I actually sat outside Tuesday night until I couldn't even see the writing on my Kindle anymore. Soak up the beautiful evening.  I know the humidity will rear its ugly head soon enough... like in a day or two. Sigh.

..thankful for good hair the past few days too!

So what good things are happening 
in your world?


  1. What other things have you made from Blue Apron? I've been debating on trying one of those food services during the school year.

    I'm hoping Ricky's surgery goes well today. I will say a prayer for him.

    You know that I am Thankful for Baylee's health this week. That situation could have been a lot worse!

  2. Love that sweet baby's smile!

    The pizza looks amazing...and since I haven't had breakfast yet, it's all I can think about. LOL

    I'm praying for Ricky today. I remember when my dad had hernia surgery. He had had all kinds of surgeries before that and after and he always said that was the hardest. I'm praying, among other things, that they have surely improved on the technique since the 70's and Ricky won't have much pain.

    Be blessed, girl!

  3. Prayers lifted for Ricky, you and his surgical team!! I'm always thankful for my family and the friends in my life! Keep us posted on the surgery please!

  4. Keeping Ricky in my thoughts and prayers. You have so much going on, I got exhausted just reading.....

  5. Definitely sending prayers and good vibes to you and Ricky today! Hope he's home & comfortable in no time!

    I'm glad y'all found Zoe & everything was a-ok. Dog mom/dad guilt is a real thing! Lol!
    Checking the security camera was genius!

  6. Praying for Ricky.

    And poor Zoe! What a good girl!

  7. Can't wait to hear how well Ricky's surgery went. Hopefully he will have some relief! That was a great idea to use the camera footage!!

  8. Praying for Ricky! Yep, that gif doesn't get old at all!!!
    Oh, that Zoe! Pepper's been trapped in Robert's office before...I know how you feel!
    Love the headbands!
    Somedays, it takes all I have not to shop at Target. Nope, no more Target for me. :)

  9. I'm praying for Ricky. I hope everything went ok.
    That pizza looks so good. I made a homemade yeast pizza crust a few days ago, it was awesome. My first time making it too.

  10. Hope all goes well with Ricky! I wish there were a Super Target nearby ... I'd go out of my way to shop there. We stop at the one by my parents' house every time we visit, even if we don't need anything ... we can always find something we do need after all. ;)

  11. oh poor zoe! thank goodness she was okay. KC trapped Millie in between the big door and the screen door once and i could hear her pitiful meows.... he felt so bad but i'm just glad no one opened the screen door and let her out lol. hope ricky's surgery goes well! and congrats on the large shirts, you go girl!

  12. So many things...poor Zoe...and that fan...hmm..there is a heating and cooling option, interesting. Yay for being a large! Woo hoo! What you're doing is working, keep up the good work!

  13. Hope Ricky's recovery goes well! I have locked my cats in the garage on accident before. Usually, it's not for too long because they start meowing. I'm glad poor Zoe is okay.

  14. We did the same thing with our fan! We've never had a ceiling fan in apartments and neither of us has lived in a room with a Michael was checking out our fan/the remote for it and realized that which way it spins make a difference! It felt so much better once he switched it! Good luck to Ricky! Hoping for a smooth surgery and recovery!

  15. I love the story of the person turning in the cash. I feel like that might be a rare thing now, but maybe not. This makes me hope : ) Praying all went well for your hubs yesterday, and recovery is smooth.

  16. Sending love for Ricky and hoping he is recovering well. Bless his heart.

    And poor Zoe! It must have been a bit of a shock for her, but it's lucky she was unscathed. I know what it's like when Baker accidentally hurts himself or something and I feel awful so give him lots of extra love (and sometimes treats haha), I'm sure she didn't object too much to that.

    Gotta love a homemade pizza too! It's pretty much the only pizza I eat these days...though as I type this we actually have one being delivered. Using the extra time where I'd usually be cooking to catch up on all my friends blogs!

    Danielle xo

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