Thursday, June 23, 2016

A new wildlife friend, extra coffee & Ricky didn't get smashed.... Thankful Thursday #77

This week I am Thankful For:
(the numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... in other words, ignore them)
537 / Lunch still on.  Ricky & I have our Wednesday lunch dates every week but last Wednesday, Ricky had a doctor's appointment to get his hernia checked. I went to our lunch place as usual not expecting him to be there... & walk in & see him at our table.  That was a fun surprise.

539 / Our new deer friend.  So I was sitting out on the porch reading, when I happen to see Harvey sitting straight up staring at something. I just told him to stay, figuring it was a bird or something he could hear 500 miles away ... & continue to read. & then I notice he's still sitting like that. I look up & no more than 10 feet from us? A deer.  Standing right in our drive way - looking at me & Harvey, us looking at him.  I slowly grabbed Harvey's collar so he wouldn't get a bright idea to chase him. & then I started talking to the deer.  He just stood there & his ears just twitched with every word I said - totally listening.  I so wish I had my camera next to me... I slowly back Harvey into the house - the deer staying the whole time & I just keep talking to him.  He finally ran across the yard & then stopped & turned & watched me for another good 10 minutes. & then he ran into the trees.  ... funny side note - Ricky said he was outside cutting the grass & a deer came out of the woods & was just watching him cut the grass. Not afraid of the noise at all.  I live in the midst of hunters so I'm going to say a little pray for my new friend.

540 / Alleve.  Mercy, I just felt bad all week & I was so thankful for some Alleve to help with aches & pains & headaches. Basically, my body falling apart.

541 / Yarn on Clearance. I found some yarn on clearance & wasn't sure of the color.  But if its on clearance, why not try it?  I'm almost finished making a hat out of it & it may be one of my favorites. The colors are so unique.

543 / Talk with an old church friend.  I have a friend that used we used to go to church with who was calling me about a potential job offer but I just loved talking with her & doing a little catch up.  I'm telling you - the group we had at our old church was just something special. I miss that tight connection we had with each other but thankful that we still do stay connected in new ways.

545 / Ricky OK after wreck.  Yep - I posted the pic Monday of his car. But it doesn't escape me that a few months ago, a woman died when a truck about the same size rear ended her.  This big truck could have just rolled over Ricky & crushed him.  Glad he came out with a sore neck & sore elbows.

546 / Our snuggler.  I just love how Harvey loves to snuggle & wants to be held.  Ricky came home from work Friday & was exhausted & fell asleep in the middle of the floor. Harvey didn't care - he went & snuggled with his daddy anyways.  I laughed when I took this & Harvey got up & came over to me, only to go press his back up against Ricky's & sleep for about an hour just tight against his daddy.  Our big baby.

Ricky fell asleep in the middle of the floor & someone found a way to still snuggle with him. #harveydent #rjvdogs #loveshisdaddy #dogsofinstagram #australianshepherd:

548 / Laughing with Ricky.  I went to pick out a fathers day card & couldn't decide between 2 of them. I told Ricky to pick, "1 or 2?" - he said 1 ... & then looked at me & said, "You're going to get 2 now, aren't you?" ... which I busted out laughing because as soon as he choose that one, I did immediately think, I want the other one.  We both got so tickled & laughed so hard right there in the card aisle. Laughter is magical.

550 / No cares what I wear.  We were out doing all sorts of chores on Saturday & I was a HOT MESS. Like running shorts, an t-shirt that said Coffee & cardio on it - no make up - hair in a messy bun - Old Navy flip flops.  & I didn't care one bit.  I love days when you just dont give any cares on what anyone thinks about you.

551 / Extra Starbucks.  Ricky & I had ran through the Starbucks drive through on Saturday & they had accidentally rang me up for 2 venti iced coffees - I told them to bring it on - no problem. I took it home & put in the fridge & it was perfect to wake up on Sunday & have it sitting there waiting on me first thing in the morning.

Bought an extra #starbucks yesterday & now I get to enjoy a great #icedcoffee without leaving home.... hence the Culvers blue straw ☕:

552 / Panera breakfast dates. I always love when we go out early for breakfast at Panera.  Love it even more when we sit outside & take in the morning air, feeding the birds.  The best.

553 / Kindle on the go.  Ricky, with all his trips to Home Depot lately, has worn me out there. I can handle a trip or two, but I told him I dont even make him go to Hobby Lobby that much.  But I always carry my Kindle with me & its been handy to just sit in the car, reading away while he gets to play in his fun little store.

554 / Father's Day.  Blessed to celebrate my daddy.  Love him & so thankful for him - each & every day.

555 / Longest Day of the Year. I honestly LIVE & LOVE for sunlight. So when summer comes & the sun is out for the longest day of the year, it makes me happy. Warms my heart. Literally.  ... & now, we start to loose 1 minute of sunlight a day. Cue the depression.

557 / Ice cold water.  Especially when I'm not feeling good. Something about ice cold water makes me feel better. Makes me feel like I can breath better.  I cant wrap my head around the idea that there are parts of the world that doesnt have easy access to water.  That alone is a blessing.  But what water does FOR the body is a whole other blessing.

559 / Bible & Beach Updates.  Our church has sent over a thousand kids down to Florida for a week.  A full week!  of friends, playing on the beach, & drawing closer to God. What an amazing week for young hearts.  & I love that they have updates on their website every day - what to specifically pray for for the day ahead for the kids. I know of a few kids there & love to specifically pray for these things for them by name, as well as all the other kids there.  I'm really debating about taking some vacation time next year & going with them as a leader.  What an experience that would be.

What good things are happening in your world?


  1. My mom has so much yarn it isn't even funny. She is in a knitting group that makes and donates chemo hats, scarves for soldiers, lap robes for the elderly, baby blankets for premies, prayer shawls, and more. She is always buying yarn on sale or at yard sales or flea markets or wherever it turns up. If she can't use it, she takes it to their meetings and lets the other ladies have it.

  2. Summer is not my favorite season, but days filled with so much light are, so it's a trade off!

  3. I love reading about all the things you are Thankful for. Could you please spare a prayer for Baylee today? We've been having a rough 2 days and I can't get in to see the vet and I am very worried.

  4. I love your deer story! Yesterday I stopped at my aunt and uncle's house and my uncle pointed out a chicken who was going blind and being picked on by the others. So I scooped her up and held her and told her how great I thought she was. She will most likely die soon because of her injury/possible tumor, but I still went home and said a little prayer for her. (And my aunt and uncle and cousins are careful to shield her from the mean other chickens and hand feed her.)

  5. Your deer story reminds me of the time that my dad had 5-8 of them that would come in to his yard every night at dusk for food. A few of them got so comfortable that they even wanted pets from my dad and nephews. It always makes me nervous though, because I dont want them trusting all humans! I hope he comes back when you have a camera, deer are just beautiful!!! When they aren't throwing themselves at your car.....

  6. That is so sweet that you guys do weekly lunch dates at the same place and same table! I'm a sucker for romance!

  7. I love that you two meet up every week for lunch. & I would love to start a mini tradition like that.

    I went on a trail run last night on a new to me trail & it was just so enjoyable. I wish I had brought my phone with me for pictures, but it just means I'll have to run it again. The trees were so thick I never would have known I was right near a golf course.

  8. I have the same problem with scrapbook supplies. but it's coming in handy having two small children, I'm fairly certain they think it's normal to have a room full of paper, stickers and anything else they can imagine at their finger tips. The surprise lunch, love it! Happy Thursday friend!

  9. Girl YES Cheers to being a hot mess while running errands. I am right there with you!

  10. I love having the Kindle app on my phone -- I prefer 'real' books but if I'm stopped dead in traffic or waiting for someone, I'll open up a book. I've been forbidden to purchase any more yarn until I can use some of it up. Need to find time and patterns ... but the patterns I find usually call for more yarn than I actually have of one color so I HAVE to get more, right? Deer are so trusting ... I get worried about the ones who pass through our neighborhood. We have a fairly busy road on one side and a huge wooded area and creek/river on the other so they're just passing through. I enjoy seeing them though and they haven't located our garden yet - yay!

  11. I somehow missed that Ricky was in an accident!! SO so so glad to hear he's okay!

  12. The ice cold water is interesting--I always say that's why I like fall. It's not too cold and I can always think better when it's cooler, like my brain isn't so fuzzy from the heat.
    Glad RIcky's still doing ok from the wreck.
    And SCORE of the Starbucks--bring it on! hehe--loved that

  13. I always love your thankful Thursday posts!

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