Wednesday, June 01, 2016

From cold to hot, lots of TV & photo season has begun... One Sentence a Day: May 2016 Edition

Y'all ... how is it June?  The 6th month of the year... like half way through the year. WHAT?
I'm still in shock kids are out of school now when it feels like they just started.
All of this just means that as usual, time is moving way too fast.
So here's a quick look at how my May went...

1. I  was so glad to wake up the day after my half marathon with no aches & pains except for blistered feet.

2.  I am happy that a rarity occurred of having a Monday work day fly by.

3.  I voted in our Indiana Primaries!  #GodBlessAmerica

4.  I'm pretty sure winter is just around the corner as cold as it felt today.

5.  I started my new 60 day adventure of working out with Hammer & Chisel.

6.  Excited to get off work a few hours early in thanks to the Kentucky Oaks.

7.  Congrats to Nyquist on his Kentucky Derby win.

8.  We celebrated Mother's Day with my momma & then over to eat dinner with my Vincent Momma.

5.8.16 #VincentsRockSunday
(We stopped by our old home on the way home from Mother's Day

9.  I got to hear my friend Lauren's voice for the first time after MANY years of 'talking' via text & email.

10.  Thought for sure lightning was going to hit our house a few times in some horrible storms rolling through.

11.  Finally got our air conditioner fixed.... for now anyways.

12.  Got our new doggie door flap installed after Harvey has gone in & out so much, it broke off its hinges.

13.  Stopped by the hospital to sit with my friend Erica for a bit & got to meet her precious new son, Harrison

14.  Had to deal with frost & 40 degree temps in May.

15.  Went to give my friend Erica another hug at the memorial for her momma before she got on a plane & headed back home to Colorado.

5.15.16 #VincentsRockSunday

16.  I was excited to start using some 10 lb weights in my Hammer & Chisel workout.

17.  I'm getting really really REALLLLYYYY tired of being dizzy about now with this vertigo.

18.  Feeling like if I dont see the sun soon, I'm going to just curl into a ball of worthlessness.

19.  Snuggled in for the Grey's Anatomy season finale.

20.  I held my breath sitting in traffic on the way home in a downpour with my gas light on.

21.  What a blessing to celebrate with a beautiful couple for 50 years of marriage.

22.  We got to watch the 8th graders take over youth for the day & then I headed out to do an engagement session.

#VincentsRockSunday 05.22.16
23.  It only takes that first episode of The Bachlorette to suck me in.

24.  Was totally happy with any of the dancers winning Dancing with the Stars but kinda got teary eyed when Nils won.

25.  Can't believe Nashville ended like that!!!!

Hayden Panettiere on Nashville.

26.  Its 88 degrees & we still haven't turned our AC back on & its actually not too bad. #nohumidityyet

27.  A busy day of catching up everything at work.

28.  Photo session time with one of my favorite youth girls & then home in time to have my Nashville gang pull in the  drive way.


29.  The grands got to get on the back of a horse for the first time in their lives after a big day at a local orchard & winery.

30.  The grands slept in late & then we made sure to hit up an ice cream parlor for an afternoon treat.

31.  After a long weekend, this day was full of LOTS of coffee to get me back into routine.

What stood out for you in May?

Give me your best memory!


  1. Annnd another month goes by where I really like reading this post and think, "I should do that" but didn't. LOL

    I'm with you though...I can't believe it's already June.

  2. Your May just seemed to fly by- even just reading it! I love that firefighter photo shoot! Too cute!

  3. I'm with you, May really flew past! I can't believe it's already June. I love that photo with the horse :)

  4. That firefighter picture is precious. And I'll wager a guess that the whole shoot was too.

    What stood out in 8th HM, a weekend backpacking trip, & some QT with my Daddy at the Indy500. May was busy busy now that I'm looking back.

  5. I can't believe May is now only a It seems like it was just Mother's day last week.

    I am VERY disappointed in Nashville. Love that show but can't understand why it ended, an like that?

  6. Yay for voting! We watched the 500 (on TV! at the right time!) which was nice compared to living in Bloomington when it was always delayed. It did seem like a super crazy busy month!

  7. I'm still wondering what happened to April -- let alone figuring out how I missed May! If I had a time-turner like Hermione had, I'd wear it out by continually going back to see what I missed. :) Happy June to you!

  8. I was so disappointed in Nashville. How could they end it like that?? I really hope it does get picked up by another network.

  9. I know, I can't believe it's already June! I'm convinced Nashville is coming back on another way it could end like that! (Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!) xo, Kristina

  10. I can't wait to hear more about the hammer and chisel It looks like a great program.

  11. Loved that Nils won DWTS - he was amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. I always love these posts and think I should do one but I totally forget! Note to self: start a draft for one now! Ha!

    May went by sooo quickly. I swear you just ran your half marathon and Mother's Day just happened. Where did all those days and weeks in between go?!

  13. I swear the rain really does depress people, it's crazy! Hoping you have sunshine soon! Love the horse picture! :)

  14. How is it June??????? Like 2016 is running by, get it? Since you're a runnner haha, too cheesy?

    When will the vertigo be able to actually be fixed? I've been a little distant from the blogland and don't know if you've already posted about it again. It's horrible. I get it but not nearly as badly as it sounds like you do.

    liz @ j for joiner

  15. You look so pretty in your voting picture :) Yay for no pain after the half!!! And for the 10 lb weights, get it girl!!!

  16. I love how you keep your workouts varied. I imagine that helps keep things interesting. I think I need to do that. My May has been pretty spectacular but it was a special month! I think next month will be back to reality with a bump :)

  17. Great run-down of your month! My niece's wedding stands out as just the best thing about May - and seeing family while there!

  18. Love this recap of May! I think I just loved wearing long sleeves and tights in May. I'm already fondly wishing for those days again!

  19. Love the "sentence-a-day" recap! May was full of good memories for me. But seriously, where did the first half of the year go??!!

  20. had a busy month! I do love these monthly recaps! Have you turned your air on yet??? Ours has been on for months!

  21. Vertigo is the worst!! And seriously with the cold temps!! Thankfully my neck of the woods has seemed to recover! HA!


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