Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Angel paths, blue all over & a safe place on a sad day.... Project Life - Week 2

I've been getting used to carrying my camera bag around with me even more
... taking it to work, out to lunch...
ready for anything to catch my eye.
Really, its when I'm settled in my own safe environment that I am able to capture my pictures for the most part, but I still love making my brain look around for new things to take pictures of.

have you ever seen the web site Humans of New York  or follow them on Facebook or Instagram?
I love this idea.
This guy takes pictures of people randomly in New York & tells a little bit of their story.
So random - so cool.
I would love to get brave enough to do that one day

Until then, I'm just trying to get through my month of taking pictures every day :)
... slow steps...

So here's week 2 in my world ... in pictures...

My Grumpy Old man. He loves to just go out & spread out in the grass - or what I call "Superman" - where he spread his back legs out as straight as his front ones. As long as I'm outside, he's outside... if I go in, forget it, he's coming in. He's my little partner, always at my side.


I love seeing things grow in & through objects that they shouldn't.
The ultimate picture of defiance.


Opened up the garage on Friday morning going to work & see this.
Sun Rays just always speak to my soul.
Don't know who told me this, but I always believed it was the road for angels to go to & from earth so whenever I see them, I always just envision angels zooming back & forth doing their 'thang


I had to take a quick portrait before I jumped in the shower after The Color Run on Saturday.
I mean, its not every day you have a bunch of color all over you
... or are you mom's always covered in exactly that? :)


I had a bridal shower to go to on Sunday... the day that the world was in shock about the shootings in Orlando.  What struck me about this shower & this picture on this particular day?  It was for a couple - 2 women - who are getting married in July.  I thought how they were celebrating their upcoming wedding & surrounded by friends & family who love them.  You can see the fun & laughter here.  A safe place.
The world needs more safe places.


This is our little girl Zoe... & she may be the most frail thing & smallest of the group,
but let me tell you - she's the one who rules the roost.
She keeps those other boys in line
I love she just eats her food whenever she wants & dares the boys to touch her bowl.


I was cleaning out my car & found this bag of crayons.
First of all, I have NO IDEA where they came from.... & second, why they were in my car... & third, how they hadn't melted to a flat pile of mixed colors.
What I see now? A Pinterest project in the making right here!!!


So another week down.... 

Excited to see what the world puts in front of me next week

Which picture is your favorite?


  1. My favorites are the two pictures of your dogs. They are so adorable. I also love the sunrise and the bright colors of the crayons. So basically, I like them all. ☺️

  2. Aww sweet zoe!
    I like the idea of the NYC photographer. I should follow him on IG. Does he really tell about the person or just make up a story that he thinks would fit what they are doing?
    When my sister and I were younger we would "people watch" and make up fictitious stories about them. We really made each other laugh! It was all in good fun though.

  3. Love your pictures! Pepper is my little shadow...where I go, she goes. When I'm in the shower, she's right in front of the sink waiting for me.
    I've never thought to take a picture of a tree starting to grow through a brick! That's a great picture!!!

  4. I love this. I love the picture of all the crayons. So many great colors.

  5. I love the snap of Zoe! And the one with the plant through the brick is so darn artistic! (I really love reading the stories on Humans of NY's FB page!!) Those crayons are pristine! It makes me want to color right now!

  6. Really great pics...sunrays speak to me too. I love the grow where you're planted and the group photo too though!

    HONY frequently makes me smile huge and also cry.

  7. haha, that is a pretty big bag of crayons! Like what the heck? The picture of your cute dog...Love when dogs do that, just totally relaxed and feeling comfortable.

  8. Love the "superman" picture! And the bag of crayons!

  9. Haha I love the random bag of crayons. And, like you, I am impressed they didn't all melt into a big puddle.

    But, I think, just because of what happened in Orlando recently I love the picture of the shower the best. I think in light of everything, I'm so glad that's not stopping love.

  10. Oh my, that is a lot of crayons! haha!! I really love that sunray picture, it is so pretty! And my dogs are the same way, my little shadows.

  11. Haha mystery crayons. You do so many events, who knows how they got there. Hope you find a fun project to use them for.

  12. I love HONY! So many great stories, both happy and sad.

    I agree with Jessie, the picture of the shower and your description ("a safe place on a sad day") is very powerful. But I do always love me some puppy pictures.

  13. I love everything about this post! I really need to get back to posting my pictures for the week...

    HONY is one of the things I check on Facebook every day. I got his last book for my dad for Christmas.

  14. Can't wait to see what DIY you come up with for the crayons! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  15. The crayons all look new, too! How interesting! I sure enjoyed your photos!!

  16. Such great pics! I love the eye that you, like other photographers, have for "the little things". That "weed" growing through the pretty.

  17. I love the sunrise photo - had never heard of that about the sunbeams, but I love it! The weed in the brick photo is very good too -- saw a post about how persnickety roses are (must have perfect soil, pH, water, etc.) and a wildflower or weed makes the best of what life has given to them and blooms anyway ... and that's why I love wildflowers so much more than roses. I always look forward to the HONY posts on FB or Instagram -- so poignant and personal.

  18. I absolutely love these photos and your idea! Humans of NY is one of my favorite Facebook pages to follow for sure. I love your Color Run photo, and that sunrise - wow!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  19. A nice series of photos.

    My favorite? The green plant shooting out from the concrete brick. I being been fascinated by things that grow through hard surfaces of all sorts. So much symbolism and lessons in such images.

  20. A nice series of photos.

    My favorite? The green plant shooting out from the concrete brick. I being been fascinated by things that grow through hard surfaces of all sorts. So much symbolism and lessons in such images.

  21. Those are good crayons! Don't melt them!


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