Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Mural | Fathead – Peel & Stick Wall Graphic | Disney Decor:

Wouldnt that be really cute if you made like a frame around it too
... this is just a wall cling, but you could get wood & form a frame around it
....ohhhhhhhh... I want!!!

Favorite Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Popsicles! Savor summer with this delicious, easy treat!
I've been on a cold brew kick lately anyways -
but how perfect is this for summer!

Favorite God Thought

The point of your life. Francis Chan:

Favorite Pin Organizer

Upcycle a thrifted mirror or ornate frame as a display for trading pins! I think it would be cool to have a black one like this with haunted mansion wallpaper fabric in the background. Or use outdated lanyards as the background. There are soooo many possibilities :D:

I have a bunch of Beauty & the Beast pins that I could totally do this with.
Do they still do the Disney trading pins? Its been so long since we'v been there.
... but it made me wonder if this would work for earrings too? Maybe?

Favorite Creative Item

Drink clip to keep drinks off your desk and away from spilling on your computer. I need this:

 Helps keep your coffee off your desk if you spill it!

OK - ANOTHER Favorite Creative Things

Den: Grass Pen #den #pens #den:
I want... no NEED... these pens.
Perfect to sit in your kitchen... or even on a desk.
Anywhere. Totally the cutest!!

Favorite Funnies

How To Properly Store Them:

true . . .:

This Child:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Religious vandalism…:


... how my Mondays start---> & how it typically continues

... when I hear someone doesn't have cable

... how I feel after I workout - & then eat a bunch of junk

... me every day of summer

... when I see my grape Zevia drinks on sale for under $5.00 at the grocery

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!


  1. The drive-thru one is definitely me! 😋

  2. That pin organizer is so cute! Makes me want to collect pins. Lol

  3. I love the plant pen set-- it's so fun! That's such a fun way to display your pins and a coffee popsicle sounds delicious!

  4. that plant pen set! i need that for my office for sure!

  5. Not only do I not have cable...I don't even own a TV! My one before was old & a free hand-me-down. I knew my new place didn't have cable, so I didn't even brother bringing the TV with me.

    I mostly watch a lot of Netflix on my laptop, or some channels you can watch free on the Interwebs, like the CW. & Hulu is good too.

  6. I think you need that cup holder in your life!!! The drive through funny - spot on! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. We don't watch a whole lot of TV but I cannot imagine life without cable! Ha!

  8. Cold brew popsicles sound amazing! I want to make them!

  9. I am sitting here laughing at and shaking my head "yes" to everything you've said today! I love those pens and I swear all those memes are me! Also, I'm pretty sure Disney still trades pins! I LOVE trading with people there!

  10. haha, me with the work out and then eat a bag of swedish fish...oops!

  11. Oh my ... I need to make those popsicles! That Monday meme is my everyday meme. But the drive-thru? Me too ... and I hate it when they ask me to wait a minute. Messes up my train of thought and I have to rephrase everything in my head! Gah! Happy Friday to you!

  12. Ohhhh I love that Beauty and the Beast picture!!! Have you seen Thomas Kincaid's Disney Collection???? I basically want every single piece. Hand me a cold brew popsicle please!

  13. Kev loves the grape Zevia too. He's so excited when he finds it. And yes, they definitely still do the Disney pins, when I was there, they were everywhere!

  14. Whew that Francis Chan image - that hit me!!!! What a powerful quote. I will probably be resharing. Thank you so much

  15. I haven't had cable for almost a year. I miss it more every day! (Pitiful I know!)

  16. That pin frame looks nice and I love the portable cup holder. That container of pens is also awesome, would love that in the kitchen!

  17. Coffee popsicles??? And that cup holder!!!

  18. Haha, that last one is from Modern Family isn't it? I know that cus I have

    I love all the creative things you posted. Yes, Disney Pin trading is still a thing!

  19. I seriously almost bought that coffee drink holder thingy this weekend!! I am kicking myself now!

  20. those pens are awesome!! where did you see them? And the little girl hitting the wall.....ya...monday.


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