Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hand holding, lawnmowers & not needing the bathroom at a race!!! ....Thankful Thursday 76

This week I am Thankful For:
(the numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... in other words, ignore them)

512 / Mom OK after back procedure.  My momma has had back issues for most of my memory of life growing up. Poor thing. Just having low back pain on & off, I can't imagine it being a life time of misery.  But she had a procedure last week where they went in & gave her something to block the nerve in the back, down her leg.  Scary stuff really. & she came through it OK. Don't know how effective it really is yet & she still has to go back for the other side to be done - but nothing awful happened this time around.

513 / Cleaned out my car. It's scary what you can find when you let your car go for winter.  I actually found some Christmas wrapping paper in there. Seriously.

514 / Driving home around 10pm & there was still LIGHT IN THE SKY!!!  The sun is setting so late right now & I love being outside so late & its not totally dark.  It all changes here soon - June 21st - that's when the sun starts setting 1 minute earlier every day (NOOOOOOO) so I'm loving every minute of all the light on these summer nights.

515 / No wait at Immediate Care Center.  Ricky was in so much pain last Thursday that we thought we were heading to the Emergency room, which you know is ALWAYS a wait.  So we drive by a ICC on the way so he said, lets stop there first & see if they can see me.  There was no one in the waiting room & we were in & out within 20 minutes. & the doctor was great too.  Big thumbs up.

517 / Dad got his dream lawnmower.  Having a few acres to cut now, his little lawn mower just wasn't 'cutting it' ... hahaahahah... I'm such a jokester.  Anyways - he really did need a new one & his new baby got delivered this week.  I think my niece is the happiest about it though. Apparently she is just sitting & watching the grass & willing it to grow faster so she can get on it & play.


519 / New Workout Shirts. Race packet pick up was at Kohl's & when in Rome.... I had to look at some clothes while I was whizzing by to get back to work & saw a whole big rack of the cutest new work out shirts. I ended up buying 4 of them & was proud of myself because I wanted all 8 designs.

Super cute for $8.99, huh?

520 / Free Starbucks Tea x 2!!!  I stopped at Starbucks for my usual Friday stop to get a mango black tea lemonade - found out it was National Ice tea day so got one for free... but then saw I had a free reward already on my phone so I ended up getting the whole thing for free!!!  I felt like a Starbucks bandit.

BAM!! It's #nationalicedteaday so it was get one tea & another free at #starbucks .... got one for later. Even better? I had a free reward so 2 iced teas for free. 🤓❤ #luckyday #mangotealemonade #greentealemonade:
Green Tea Lemonade for the next day

521 / Color Run with my friends!!!!  I can't believe I never did a race recap. I'll have to do that soon.  It was just the best & I was so thankful to have friends with me that made the run full of laughter & joy & FUN!


522 / For REAL friends.   I mean, one of those friends you can keep it real with.  I love that when my friend Heather & I crossed the finish line & was heading to the car, I high-fived her & said, "I didn't have to poop" (my stomach was all a mess that morning) & she screamed, "I didn't have to pee!!" (which she thought would happen.  There's something refreshing about just being real in life & the other person totally gets it.  Heather just is the most joyous person too... I am blessed to know her & her family!


524 / Not too bad weather. There were heat index warnings all weekend long & I was concerned about the 5k & if it was going to be too miserable.  It ended up being really pleasant. Especially in the shade.  It was nice enough that we sat on the patio after the race at Panera to enjoy the fruits of our labor - literally ;)


527 / New knitting needles.  I have a project on a set of needles & I want to start another project for a baby that will be coming soon but I needed the same size needles.  So instead of hurrying & finishing the first project, I headed out & got more knitting needles & double pointed needles.  They make me happy.

528 / Fun Bridal Shower.  I always get nervous going to a shower because you dont know if its going to be weird or who is going to be there or if you'll know anyone.  I did know most of the people there & it was just so much fun.  You know when you are sweating playing games, it's a good time.

People are super creative!! #bridalshower #toiletpaperdresses:

/ Emerson loves her Pappy.  We were walking in a crowded hall way & I was with Chasity picking up Emerson from her classroom.  Ricky got held behind in the crowd & Emerson just wanted to get out of the hall way to get to the kids slide in the front of the church.  She turned around to see where her mommy was & saw Ricky in the crowd.  She got so excited, pointed at him & yelled, PAPPY!!!!!!! - it melted my heart. She just loves him.


/HAND.  When a little one says "Hand" & reaches for you to hold her hand - is there anything better in the world?


531 / Blue Apron.  We got a free trial of that delivery service that sends all your food for 3 meals to your front door.  I was super-duber impressed with everything they sent & have been making the meals this week.  I was nervous since Ricky is so funny about food.  But he has loved the 2 meals I've made so far.  One more left. I'm going to go ahead & pay for next week's since the recipes look delicious & if he likes it & it's teaching me to cook - & it saves me from having to buy stuff at the grocery I'll throw away at the end of the week anyways? Why not.  (I'm going to take pictures all next week so I can do a blog post about Blue Apron)

Spicey Korean Ricecakes
... didn't have a clue what ricecakes were - but they were DELICIOUS!
533/ $10 dress! I have a wedding coming up next month & found a beautiful purple lace dress that is regularly $95 for $10!!! & I love it!  SCORE!  Now, I gotta go find shoes... & that means I can spend up to $85 - right? (Kidding Ricky... kidding!) I'll be sure to post a picture when I wear it to the wedding.

536 / Fun Nails.  I bought this weird green color at Walgreens at my last trip & wasn't sure I liked it - especially because it was more of a matte. I hate matte nail polishes & I hadn't notice that it said 'matte' on the back of the bottle.  I'm just not good at applying that kind of polish well.  So I put this gold sparkle top coat on it to give it some shine... & I ended up loving the fun look.


So as you can tell, its been a busy week full of good stuff happening in my corner of the world.
How about you? Tell me something good!


  1. Thankful Thursday selects are great this week. Especially in the midst of so much sadness around our nation right now. This made me smile.

  2. Lots of things to be thankful for! :) I'm thankful I was able to spend the past few days nearly completely unplugged from the world. We went camping in western NY and only had wi-fi when we'd go to the camp store, even then we didn't have cell service for our phones. Weather was PERFECT (no humidity and not above 75) and I'm ready to go back. BUT, I"m also thankful for getting home safely, and having umpteen loads of laundry to do to wash out the woodsmoke smell -- because we have a home to come back to, air-conditioning and electricity (or a clothesline, whatever), wi-fi, and my doggies won't let me out of their sight (not complaining!).

  3. I think that nail polish turned out super pretty! I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday :) I'm also thankful that my best friend just reached out to me and invited me to a concert on Sunday! I'm going to be one tired girl on Monday, but I'm sure it'll be worth it!!

  4. Can't wait to see the dress! I love lace!

    FREE Starbucks?! That's like my definition of extreme couponing. Haha.

    Thankful for this week...last night the BF & I were on the same page with wanting to do nothing. We made a simple dinner, & just vegged out & watched TV for the rest of the night. Usually one of us is in a veg mood while the other isn't. So, it's nice when we both feel that way & there's no need for compromise.

  5. So much to be thankful for this week! Glad to hear your mom is doing ok. Not having a wait at urgent care is like a straight up miracle. Those Starbucks teas look so good!!! Yay for getting them free, love when that happens! That polish is totally cute.

  6. Glad the procedure went well for your mom. I'll be praying it helps her pain. My nephew had the same thing done a couple of years ago...after they had to put him in rehab to get him unaddicted to pain killers. The good news, though, is that he has been pain-free ever since.

    No, there is nothing better than a little one wanting your hand or spontaneously throwing their arms around your neck. Pure heartmelt.

  7. So many things! Bridal shower games are so fun, you really are a Starbucks bandit!!!, I NEED that t-shirt!, and the "hand"...heart = melted! I wish I had close friends or family members with kids so I could hang out with kids more.

  8. I'm so excited to hear what you think about Blue Apron! I've always wanted to try one of those services, but at the same time I like eating what I like when I feel like it. Hope the procedure works well for your mom.

  9. You have sure had a good week!! The green sparkle polish is super cute! Another blog friend is doing Blue Apron and loves it. Not sure my picky eater (Joe) would sign on for it. You bet there is nothing better than having those little hands reach up to be held!!

  10. Great to hear about your mom! Back surgery is a major surgery. My mom had hip surgery several years back and while it was considered a "non-major" surgery, I was still pretty worried.

    I love your dad's new lawn mower, I wish we could justify something like that but we have a small yard ha. And your shirt! Yes! Although knowing me I'd wear that as fashion not as a workout tee.

    I love the nail polish too! I usually choose a mint colored nail polish so it doesn't clash with my ring too much, and score on the $10 dress!

    liz @ j for joiner

  11. I've seen Blue Apron around! It looks like fun. I'm glad you liked it. And congrats on your race!

  12. Your Panera drinks photo is like summer in a picture.

    I'm glad your mom got relief!

    Nail polish is one of my happy things.

  13. I want to try Blue Apron...worth it? Starbucks bandit...LOL. So much to comment on...but you are having a great week!

  14. glad to see there was some good this week for you. the hand holding was precious! since i nanny, i get snuggles and hand holding all the time, but i know it won't last since they are growing up. melts my heart every time.


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