Thursday, June 08, 2017

A shower, & then no shower, & is God telling me something? {Thankful Thursday #128}

Thankful Thursday

This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

382 / Windows down driving.
I love when its nice enough to drive with the windows down, wind in the hair, radio up loud, singing like I'm auditioning for American Idol.
(even though I am now dealing with horrible allergies & my throat is closed & I sound like James Earl Jones)

384 / Sweet text.
The young lady that I am partnered up with to lead our small group in MSM - she is just so amazingly special. Since this Sunday was our last one, she sent me a text with the most kind & precious & sweetest words.  Made me choke up a little. I'm so excited we'll get to serve again together next year.  ... & then she graduates & will leave for college. I dont want to think about that yet. I'll choke up even more.

385 / Rain chances WRONG.
All week long, I was in touch with my photo client for the weekend because they were calling for rain - bad rains - all weekend long.  We had to relocate the session & trying to find an indoor location.  After going back & forth & finally settling on a place.... there was zero rain. Not one drop all weekend.  How funny is that. Never believe a weather report until the day of!... & even then, question it.

386 / Got to see my cousin.
I got to do this girls senior pictures a few years back & I just so enjoyed getting to know her better.  It's so funny because we're like peas in a pod. She's a book nerd like me.  Last time I saw her, she wanted to learn to knit or crochet & she's since taught herself!!! (KUDOS TO HER FOR THAT) & now she told me she wants to start running.  I feel like I just need to spend every weekend with her.  So glad I had the chance to run into her over the weekend.  I told we totally need to plan more get togethers.  I also got to meet her boyfriend & he was just the nicest guy too.  I totally give a thumbs up!!!!

388 / MSM 7th Grade done!
I made it through my first full year of MSM... & am so blessed on how the year went. I wasnt sure how it was going to work out being in such a big mega-church, such a difference from a little country church where everyone knows everyone.  I have to say, it really is different but it was so much better than I expected. I have grown so close with my girls this year & have gotten to know their families & made some real connections in church over the past year.  I am so looking forward to next year & leading my 8TH GRADE GIRLS! YAHOO!!!!

How we celebrated the last day of MSM

389 / Celebrating the future Bride.
I am so thankful to be invited to my sweet friend's bridal shower.  It was all so lovely.

390 / Ending a weekend the best way.
It was nice to sit on my dad's back porch & help him with a computer problem while Ricky was loving on Cochese ... if a weekend had to come to an end, this is the best way to end it before a new week kicks in.

391 / Romans 5:3-4
So dont know if you remember when I did a painting for a friend a few months back....

But ever since, this verse is just tracking me down... I see it EVERYWHERE...

& then I pull out my temporary tattoos from Armed with Truth since its short sleeve weather again - & pull one out without looking, put it on my arm, peel back the paper & see what verse it is... & just had to laugh.  Think God is telling me something?  I love when stuff like that happens

392 / Vertigo attack at home.
Now... dont get me wrong - I'm not thankful for my vertigo - its MISERABLE (... I need to read that verse above again....) but I am so thankful that when this last spinny attack hit, I was at home. I had it hit one time when I was at work & had to get home with it - even got stuck in a traffic jam while having it.  THAT WAS THE WORST!!!!!  But none of the attacks are fun, so I was just glad I was home where I could lay on my couch & then the floor & then over the couch & upside down & all the things to try & make the world stop spinning... in the comfort of my home.

393 / Still enjoying my patio room.
Y'all.... I have spent more time in this room this week reading than anything else. My every growing laundry pile will attest to that.

Tell me something good about your week!!!!


  1. I always enjoy your thankful lists!! My week has been stressful. Enough said!! Fun times are coming!!

  2. This is a wonderful list! It's so funny about driving with the windows down. I always think it's something I'll like but then once my hair starts whipping around and in my face... I put the windows right back up!

  3. My week has been one of trying to resolve a few problems around the house and thankful they are being taken care of. I am also a book nerd! My best news this week is what I blogged about today in my thankful Thursday. It's nice to meet you finally after seeing My Friend from Florida's thankful Thursday each week.

  4. love your patio room! this week is finally going to be summery weather and i can't wait to get back there to clean it up and sit in the sun to relax and read.

  5. I love that you're enjoying your patio so much!! So you keep with your group of girls from 7th grade through 8th grade?

  6. Vertigo? That sounds AWFUL. I am so sorry friend. Ugh. Okay, what is the deal with the weather man failing lately. Really though, they have been so off, haha. Not that it's an easy job, but still. Ugh.

    I still can't get over that painting!!

  7. I'd like a donut celebration right about now.

    Weather report = frequently wrong. lol

  8. I love your patio room, and your temporary tattoo! I LOVE tattoos of words. My one tattoo is words: "a room without books is like a body without a soul."

    I love hearing about your MSM group. I want to be in it LOL!

  9. Something good...lunch dates with friends.
    I admire your dedication to these posts :)

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  11. I love windows down driving weather too!! I just created a new playlist on my phone with all my favorite summer driving songs! And yay for rainy forecasts that are wrong!

  12. Dude the weather people are only right 50% of the time, lol. Today it was great because we've had very little rain after rain for days! OMG i love those tattoos (off to shop) and I love it when God talks to me like that. He did it a couple of times when I was on the mission trip and it just gives me chills!

  13. I love having the windows down too. :) It's too too hot here.. ick. Love Ricky with that horse and all of your pretty lettering! :) Hoping for just as much reading time in June. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. If it makes you feel any better I sound like James Earl Jones...with allergies and a cold...ALL the time when singing.

  15. I'm thankful you didn't get a vertigo attack when you were out and about too. That would have been tough. And that's also super duper cool that you got to hang out with your cousin and that you're both so similar. :) I love it when we find such similarities with cousins.


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