Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday Favorites {06/09/17}

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Favorite 4th of July Decoration

Tons of Patriotic Party Ideas! Crafts, DIY Decorations, fun food treats and Recipes. Perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor day fun or summer fun -

I'd use this all summer actually

Favorite Hack

Dorm Room Hacks and Tips - Use Febreze Car Clips and add to Air Vents to Help Freshen the Room. More College Tips on Frugal Coupon Living.:

I want to try this.
Be nice if it works to do in a bathroom, wouldnt it?

Favorite Door Mat
 Amazon - Door Mat
OK.. I've been on a roll now looking at door mats.
This one speaks to my 80's teenage heart.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

It’s Lit Lumière Parody - Get lit for talking objects and fantastical musicals with this “It’s Lit” Beauty and the Beast inspired, parody design! Perfect for a Disney lover, BATB fans, Lumière fans, partying, getting lit, and showing off your trendy slang knowledge!:

Favorite Shirt

Old Navy

Perfect for the 4th of July
... & who doesnt love a comfy baseball raglan shirt?

Favorite Purse

Isabella crossbody purse
Anyone else hate carrying a big purse when its hot outside?
This is great to throw in a credit card, some cash & a phone & be on your way.

Favorite Peencha

I love this... this is my kinda thinking adult

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics:

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics:

Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics: accurate picture of how I make it through the work week

GIPHY! ( July 23, 2016 at 04:53PM

... when I step on the scale after watching what I eat for a week

GIPHY! ( September 16, 2016 at 12:20PM

... me every Sunday night setting the clock for work in the morning

GIPHY! ( March 9, 2016 at 02:57PM

.... me at 4:00pm

GIPHY! ( March 4, 2016 at 12:22PM

Happy weekend Y'all!!!


  1. Happy Friday to you! But the mantyhose is a nope-nope-nopity-nope.

  2. Oh no! Those man pantyhose aren't really a thing are they?

  3. Why did I never think to put the car air freshener in a house vent???
    No, where he picked was not fine. LOL Us. Every.Single.Time.
    That kid is brilliant!
    Aurgh! Let's just put the man bun with the pantyhose and top it all off with one of those spiffy lace jumpsuits for men that have been hitting Facebook this week. Eeeeek!

  4. Happy weekend! I hadn't heard of the mantyhose things before... that can't be real, right? I mean, I find them so uncomfortable that I can't imagine why anyone would want to wear them if they don't have to.

  5. OH MY!! I would never have thought to put a car air fresher on one of the vents. That is brilliant! I'm cracking up at your funnies, mantyhose...hilarious. Have a great weekend.

  6. it's FRIYAY!!!!

    the things that they come up with for men, it's hilarious. my coworker has a manbun so i sent him a meme of a clip-on manbun LOL

  7. Love the air freshener on the vent idea! That is genius!

  8. Mind blown at the air freshener idea! And how cute is that Beauty and the Beast mug! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. LOL at the 33 nerves - ha! And I think that men SHOULD have to wear pantyhose! Let's add some high heels & a bra while we're at it!

  10. Yes to the air freshner! Getting my smile on with this fun Friday Favs...the BEST funnies!!

  11. Oh the scale! That actually happened to me last week and I really was disappointed! I have a baseball shirt (San Diego Padres) from back in the early 80s that no longer fits me. But I refuse to get rid of it! And BATB - did you buy your copy yet? Beth and I went out last night and bought one, then came home and watched it! I think I liked it better the second time!

  12. I am always amazed at how much Beauty & the Beast products there are :) I love that you always bring a new one to the table.

  13. Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? We loved it!

  14. Oh my gosh I love that door mat!! I haven't carried a big purse in a while and I don't think I'll ever go back. I carry a tiny cross body just like that one and love it! Whenever I carry a big bag I end up stuffing in 12 pounds of junk lol. I like that with a little one, I only ever put things in it that I need and will use.

  15. I need that mug!!!! And the febreeze on the air vent is smart!!! I need to do that in the room Mac sleeps in! Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. so I do that febreeze thing with essential oils. I put a few drops of EOs on a cotton ball and then put it in the vent of my car, house, wherever......instant diffuser!!!

  17. I want that purse! Thanks for the giggles!

  18. The funnies were a great way to kick off my morning! I am excited for some 4th of July decor!!!

  19. I want that purse. So cute and blush. I also want those 4th of July Mason Jars. Perfect for a cookout!

  20. Love the mason jars. Great hack for the vent and I adore that door mat. Want the coffee mug, Lumiere is my favorite!


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