Monday, June 05, 2017

The weekend that was I was consumed with Younger....

I'm not saying I'm not thankful for my job or the opportunity to work... but I may have felt like crying at the thought of getting back to it on a Monday.

That's normal, right?

But its another weekend chalked up in the books... & another weekend full of things accomplished.

Friday, I ended up soaking up the beautiful weather by sitting outside & reading another book in 24 hours.  I am on a roll lately.  I will say, I quit 2 books because I wasn't feeling it. I've learned its not worth the time to invest in bad books when there's books out there that make me read straight through them.

We actually went out to dinner on Friday evening too.  That's something we rarely ever do. It made me feel like a kid again. I can remember every Friday, my dad would get his pay check & it was a big deal for us to wait for him to get home from work, he'd take a shower, we'd load up in the van, go to the bank & we'd go out to dinner... usually the Ponderosa.  It was like Christmas every Friday.

So when I go out to dinner on Friday's now... which is rare... it always makes me think of that... funny how memories work.

I also got through the rest of season 1 & half of season 2 of Younger.... ended up staying up to nearly 1am because I didnt want to stop watching it.

I did end up getting to bed though because I had an early morning photo session.

I wish I could share the pics - but they are a surprise for Father's Day... so I'll have to post some pictures later... after Father's Day that is....

But it went well & I'm glad we got it done early in the day before it got really hot.

I ended up stopping at Starbucks to flip through my camera & look at the pics & refueling on some iced coffee in air conditioning....

A little sneak peak from a distance....

Then it was time to get home & upload my pictures & start editing.

I had told the client that I would try & have them all edited by the end of the day since we did this one early.  I also just wanted to get it all behind me because I always feel the pressure of wanting to get the pics done for the client & because I just hate having more on my TO-DO list....

I did really well at finishing... got it all done...REALLLLLY LATE....

But I did take a break in there ... to start reading a new book...

& we ran out to pick up a quick dinner.

& to, of course, play frisbee whenever you can with this spoiled one.

Speaking of spoiled... Ricky can NOT sit down without Harvey thinking that he should just be held.  He cant even be comfortable in Ricky's lap... he's too big - he can't fit on his lap in a chair... but he still tries. Every time.  & he will lay there until Ricky just cant hold him anymore.  I'm telling you, he is probably our most spoiled dog we've ever had. & I'm totally OK with that.

While I finished up editing, I made it through the rest of Younger....


Image result for younger tv show season 4

I cant wait for Season 4 to start.  It's bad when you binge a show because you put so much of your time in one thing & when it ends, it feels like something is missing.  The down side of binging!!!

I ended up not going to bed till nearly 1am.... YAWNNNN....

Sunday had me getting up & heading to Krispy Kreme... only to see more youth leaders in there getting some donuts.

Why all the sugar?  For celebration!

It was our final MSM of the year....

Donuts for my girls... iced coffee for me
... which side note - I was NOT a fan of. I couldnt drink more than 3 drinks of it.
We still have MSM in a sense, but no lessons or small groups during the summer with all the camps & vacations... so we always have the 8th graders who are leaving MSM to go to HSM (Middle School Ministry to High School Ministry) lead the final class of the year & then there's a 'graduation' of sorts.

Love that this 8th grader was giving a message on Anxiety & fear..
& that's her momma watching her from the front row so proud

My group are 7th graders... we'll be that group next year leading the final class & having a graduation. I can't even imagine these sweet girls heading to high school... but it'll happen soon enough.

I left right from church to head to a bridal shower of one of my beautiful friends.  She was a former youth kiddo of mine & I watched her grow up into this amazing woman.... I'm so excited for her wedding.

& loved celebrating her bridal shower with her & her family.

I finally got home to read another chapter or two in my book...

& then we headed over to see my parents for a bit....

while Ricky got to play with the horse....

& I got to fall in love with triplets.

Then BAM SMACK BOOM.... the weekend is over.  Dang it.  Really DANG IT.

It was time to get settled in & get cleaned up & mentally ready for Monday... because this week is going to be so busy... really, the rest of June is going to be busy.

I need a vacation... you have no idea....


  1. We don't have Krispy Kreme out here, but I did get to go there when I was in Raleigh, NC for a race. I'm such a huge iced coffee fan so I was excited to try it... DISGUSTING. hated it. UGH. All I wanted was an Sbux or DD.

  2. I am so glad you are finding joy in Younger now we can text about the new season! Do you think you will be able to watch the rest of the seasons before the new one comes on? I hope so cus I have a major concern/ question I need to ask and apparently not even @YoungerTV could answer

  3. I'm not ready for the beginning of a new week, either! Bleh!

  4. I legit just saw an ad on my Insta for the Penn Station subs...and now i want 8:43 am. Haha. Glad you had a good weekend.

  5. I can't wait for Younger to come back - it's one of my favorite shows!! Also read the Matchmaker and loved it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I started watching Younger but lost interest, mostly it was because it was on DVR and I had about 12 episodes staring me in the face and I had no time to watch it, so I just deleted the whole series so those unwatched episodes wouldn't be watching me wondering when I was going to watch it...but now that I can binge watch it, I might have to. Sounds like a pretty good and very full weekend to me!

  7. Did you know today is actually "Thank God It's Monday" Day? Hahaha. It just seems right in line with your disgust for today. Ha!
    Glad you had a good weekend! Our confirmation class used to put on a service at the end of the year. It was a fun activity for us!

  8. I'm so excited for Younger to return! Yes to reading out in the gorgeous weather! And I love the Friday night dinner memories! xo

  9. I know exactly what you mean by struggling with a Monday morning, but God gives us the strength and the grace and the excitement and joy to keep going! :)

    I love that you got to take photos this weekend too! :)

  10. We started Younger last year, but I dont think Chris care much for it and we never picked it back up. I need to put it on my list to watch when he isn't around. Thanks for the reminder! I always get the sads when I run out of a episodes of a good show to watch! Sounds like you got lots of reading in too. Life is too short for a bad book, I always say that and feel no guilt quitting something if I am not feeling it. I hope this Monday is better for you!

  11. you know me and my 50-page limit....ain't nobody got time for bad books!

  12. Yay for reading. I've never read any Erin Hildenbrand, but I definitely want to. Good for you abandoning, life is too short. I love that photo of Ricky playing with the horse. :) Too cute. I want to watch the rest of Younger. I think I watched all of season 2.. but maybe not. I'll have to check! I'm so glad it keeps getting renewed though, because it's so much fun to watch! We just finished up Riverdale, which was pretty fun in a "teen drama" kinda way. :) Up next I think are 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, and the most recent season of Sherlock.. because we're behind. LOL XO- Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. My weekend just flew by too and we've got a really busy week too. I'll definitely be ready to rest by Saturday. Man, I don't want to wish my life away though.

    Those little triplets are adorable!

  14. It's completely normal because I feel the exact same way about my job. I love that you got so much reading and relaxing in. I love that Harvey needs to up with Ricky. Our golden used to do that too and let me hold him like a baby until he was too much for me to pickup. I am in love with your parents property and that horse! #goals Beautifully Candid

  15. Wow. Busy busy. I hope you get a few days scheduled for nothing but rest. You and Ricky need to go away for a weekend and forget about everything else!

  16. Reading outside time is the best time.

    LOL @ Harvey the lap dog.

  17. Weekends always go by too fast. I love Elin's books. I just finished her christmas series, so good.

  18. Wow, you managed to get so many things accomplished girl! I also feel like weekends fly by.

  19. Sounds like such a great, full weekend! I really need to learn the lesson of stopping books I don't like. I always hold out hope they will get better! Haha.

  20. Wow that was a very busy weekend! Hope your work week goes by really fast! :)

  21. Wow, I can't believe you were able to finish all the photos from that session in the same day. Lemme just say, as one photographer to another---

    YOU ARE INSANE, girl! (And totally a rockstar!)

    That's just the best feeling ever though to know that you're totally 100% done with a session, though, and it's got to feel so good to get it out of the way so quickly :)

  22. You do need a vacation. I can't believe how much you did over the weekend. Photos, a bridal shower, books, going out to dinner and what not. I love the story about your dad and his paycheck. Brings back similar memories. Thanks for sharing that.


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