Monday, June 12, 2017

The weekend that I took my bible study to heart...

I'm not going to complain....
summer has hit. Like we're in the 90's today & this week, humidity has hit - so I'm giving fair prediction for all my summer pictures - 100% CHANCE THAT FRIZZ WILL OCCUR.

But we've had a really nice Spring I think. We're half way through June before the humidity has hit.  Most years, it all hits in the beginning of May - so I'm thankful for the nice weather we had.

& I took full advantage of it to give it a little hurrah.

Friday kicked off just the usual way... a trip to Starbucks.

No Friday is complete without a Starbucks to celebrate the weekend.

Mango Black Tea Lemonade seems to be my summer drink. I need to get me a Peach Green Tea Lemonade. I used to down those babies like water & havent had them since I tried the mango version.

I then took the leap ... something I'd been putting off for a long time... bathing suit shopping.


I just have no reason for a bathing suit really... but its always nice to have one. Ya know - in case I win an all expensive paid vacation to a beach.  Which wouldnt thrill me - just give me an animal-empty pool & I'm happy.

But I'm leaving for camp with my youth kiddos this week & want to have the option of getting in the water with the kids... so off to find a bathing suit.

& I gotta say, KUDOS to Target for having such good options. They had all the tiny bikinis & all the cute styles & I love how you could mix & match the tops & bottoms.  & for me, they had something  I felt comfortable in that was modest, something that didnt go so low in the chest, (This is church camp after all) & something I can be active in.  I'd honestly wear the bottoms out for a run... & yes, those really are swimming short.  Bring on the water!!!

After feeling happy with my purchase, we came home where I promptly had to get to the spot that is just calling me lately.. my back yard... to read.

I HAD to finish this book... & what a heart tugger.  I was emotionally spent after reading it... which is why I had to have a sweet treat to comfort my broken heart.

Saturday, the poor hubs had to work.  Which usually means I clean & stay busy getting the house together.  But this time, I just straightened up around the house & started a new book.  It has totally wrapped me into it... so cleaning the house?  On the back burner.

Though I did do about 8 loads of laundry so at least I DID do something productive.

But all in all, I never left from this spot most of the day....

Except to come in & eat some lunch & I got in the first episode of Anne with an E... I'm going to LOVE this show.  Hate there's not very many episodes.

I so enjoyed the lazy day, you have no idea... I need them. Like, TRULY NEED THEM. They are so rare for me, that when I have the chance to not change out of clothes all day except for a shower, its the best day ever.

Sunday, I decided to stay home from church. We had no MSM, I'm getting ready to leave for church camp this week & I just didnt want to get out of bed.... #whocanblameme

I eased out of the bed around 9 & made me a smoothie & got caught up on the important sales ads...

& then watched as Harvey Dent remidned me whose dog he really is...

& then it was time to do some Bible study outside in the beautiful weather before it got too warm.

It was perfect timing reading my Bible study for the day to remind me that being lazy this weekend is just what Gods wants for us to have ... we aren't meant to be on the go all the time. Rest is important.  God created a Sabbath for a reason.  This weekend was my Sabbath- for sure.

I did spent some time getting bills done & some chores that needed to be done...

& then we were off to celebrate our grand buddy's 3rd birthday.

I cant believe she's 3... amazing...

But she's totally into Belle right now (makes this girls heart super happy) & her Belle dress I got her when she was a baby is a tad too small....

This is back in April.. & she's singing Beauty & the Beast
& she loves to dress up. Her momma said she just changes Princess dresses 20 times a day. (I want to do that)

But I had to get her some dresses that finally made her really feel like Belle.

Couldnt decide on one... had to get two
These fit her size & can go up all the way to 6T so these should last her for awhile.

Funny thing, she was more excited about a Belle hooded towel more than the dresses. Who can predict what kids will like.

Ricky & I left from her little party to go get some dinner.  He was craving something different so we headed to Outback... which when you're a vegetarian, some of these places just aren't friendly for those of us that dont like to kill animals.  So my dinner.....

It was pretty delicious though. I will give it to Outback for the most amazing broccoli ... every time.

We got home in time for me to take a shower & plop right now in my favorite spot of the weekend & read some more.. (Y'all, I'm LOVING THIS BOOK I'm in right now.)

As Old As Time... a Twisted Fairy Tale

& I read all the way up to 8:30 when I realized the Tony Awards were on & had to run in & catch up with it.

Image result for tony awards 2017
Anyone else see this guy & NOT think of Pitch Perfect?
He's so stinkin' adorable though!!!!

... & with that, I was singing musical songs all the way to bed ... late... thanks Bette Midler ;)

How was your weekend?

What do you like at Outback?

Did you watch The Tony's... or are you watching Anne with an E?


  1. LOL I saw that guy and thought: oh, Pitch Perfect guy!! hahaah

  2. Pitch Perfect guy, no idea what else he does, haha.

    What a great Bible verse, something to think about for sure.

  3. Girl!!! I walked out of the house this morning and the humidity nearly knocked me down!! Not a fan!!

  4. I'm so thankful that the Sabbath is a gift from God. It's not a drag or something that's hard to do when you remember that it's a gift from God to us, a gift for rest and worship! I'm so thankful you had a lovely Sabbath weekend.

  5. I'm already over this humidty we are having. Honestly, it just really bothers my asthma and I get all worried that I'm gonna have an attack. I have been wanting to read The Matchmaker!! I love love Elin's books. I was in Nantucket once and she was having a book signing and I missed it. One day!! I will meet her. haha

  6. I felt the same way after finishing the Matchmaker - I actually cried on the train finishing it so I feel ya on the emotional heartstrings that it pulled!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Weekends that you can rest and just be are so important. We are usually always on the go but when those type of weekends happen I appreciate them even more. I'm glad you found a swimsuit that works for you. Target is a great go-to for that and I always find something great from them. Beautifully Candid

  8. What a cute bathing suit. Love it. I love those 2 Belle dresses too. Reading is what I've been doing this weekend also.

  9. And ... ANOTHER book to put on my to-read list! :)

    The humidity is pretty much what I despise about this area. Well, that and the ice we usually get instead of snow.

    Another busy weekend where I have no idea what I did, but was running ragged the whole time. I really need a Sabbath day/weekend. Time alone with God would so soothe my soul.

  10. I was just in Target yesterday and they had so many cute one pieces. I like that more stores are starting to get with it and realize not everyone wants to wear a teeny bikini lol. Love that belle princess dress!

  11. I bawled after The Matchmaker, bawled! You so needed a day of rest and now I'm super thirsty for a peach green tea lemonade. We just hit 90 degrees and I'm sweating!

  12. My run Saturday morning was soup city. So humid. But time to get used to it I guess.

    I wore my new swim suit top paired with an old set of bottoms to a pool party on Saturday. And while it's not something I would wear to church camp, the netting across my chest really kept everything locked & loaded while still being cute, something I've been missing in the past!

    Send your book recommendations this way - I am in a FUNK.

    Pretty sure Outback is the one with the Bloomin' Onion, if so, hells yeah. The dipping sauce for that is delicious too. I always order extra and then use it to top my steak.

  13. I'm so bummed I missed the Tonys, I watched them last year for the first time and loooved watching! I've actually never been to Outback, but I'm glad they have a few options for you sans meat! Love the perfect timing of the message in your bible study- it's the best when that happens.

  14. Those Belle dresses! So cute. I need to try that Mango Black Tea Lemonade. Sounds like such a good summer drink.

  15. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And I want one of those peach green tea lemonades! Mango and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it tastes delicious and other times it tastes like soap. :D Love those Belle dresses, super cute! I did not get a chance to see the movie in the theater, I know bad me, but it's coming out on video and I'm excited to finally see it. Sorry to hear about the humidity. I cannot handle humidity. Nope! It's been awhile since I've eaten at Outback but if I remember correctly, they had amazing brown bread? If so, carbs are always going to win my heart. :D

  16. I do really enjoy the sweet potatoes and veggies at Outback.

  17. I love the mango black tea lemonade. Also, I want a one piece but haven't been looking that hard.

    I used to love the Wallabee Darns at Outback (is that how you spell it?). But the fries with all the fixings, for sure.

  18. I was just doing some swimsuit shopping for myself and my little sisters while we were in the US! Nobody's favorite, haha! I literally bought running shorts for my swimsuit bottoms so hey, multi-use--probably a good thing because I swim regrettably infrequently considering there's a pool in my apartment complex and the beach is a 10 minute walk away. That baked sweet potato looks GOOD!

  19. I can not get a Peach Green Tea Lemonade without thinking of you❤️ So Matchmaker and As Old As Time..A Twisted Fairy Tale are on my list now 😊

  20. Bathing suit shopping. Ugh. Glad you found a good fit!!

  21. Outback . . . not my favorite place at all!! I struggled so much to find something to eat the last time that we haven't been back! Glad that you were able to rest though!

  22. When we watched the Tony Awards I told Chuck, "Oh look! They finally let that guy sing with the Treble Makers and now he went on to win a Tony!" :)

    The last book series I read was by Karen Kingsbury. Above The Line is about two missionary families who feel led to come back to the states and make faith-based movies. It deals with the behind-the-scenes happenings in the movie making business. Trying to follow God in a business that doesn't. Plus their relationships and seeking God or not seeking Him and heartache and joy... I LOVE everything about being behind the scenes and will usually watch the bonus features before I watch a movie so this book series was perfect for me! I loved it!

  23. Those Belle dresses!!! I definitely see Pitch Perfect there. Ha. Love that movie. I love black tea lemonades from Starbucks, but I have never tried the mango. I have done peach though. I will have to branch out.

  24. you and your outdoor reading, I love it. It's been too hot here for me! Target has some great swim suits. I really love some of the one pieces and high waisted two pieces. I'm all about coverage. hahha Hope you are having fun at camp! XO - Alexandra

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