Thursday, June 01, 2017

New faces, bubbles & I'm never coming inside.....{Thankful Thursday #127}

Thankful Thursday

This week I am THANKFUL For:
{the numbers go with my One Thousands Gifts journal - just ignore}

371 / Little ice pack from momma.
When I pulled my neck muscle, my momma brought over a tiny ice pack - that on first glance, I thought, What is this thing going to do?  But it is AMAZING! It sits really well on the little spots that hurt.  & it holds its shape so well too.  & its really the perfect size to hold on your head for a headache, or a jaw for a toothache, or my knee cap.  Needless to say, I went to the store the next day & bought all the store had!!!

374 /. Day reading.
I cant believe I spent a whole morning reading & finishing a whole book this past weekend.  It made me remember why I love quiet time to sit & get lost in a book. It happens so rarely.

375 / Little Date night.
It seems like Ricky & I hardly have had time to just go out to dinner & take it easy without needing to rush or run a dozen errands.  It was nice this past weekend that we were able to just go out to dinner & not have any eyes on the clock or any things on a check list to do. Just a nice little date night out.

376 / Kick off our new Bible Study
I'm so excited to jump into our next study & even more excited that we have 3 new faces joining us in this study.  It's been so amazing to watch how God brings people together in such unique ways.

377 / Closet changed over for season.
Whew... that's always a chore.  Glad to have it all cleaned up & orderly... at least for a few weeks.

378 / Finding Memories.
I posted some pics of the memories of Ricky &I when we were dating #babies ... but it was so cool to find old cards & letters from friends.  So many from friends that passed away.  I had a whole shoe box of a letters from my friend Steph though.  Oh man... I could hear her voice in my head reading through these all.  I'm so glad I have these tucked away.

379 / Sparkling Water out for dinner!
I talked about this the other day finding bottles in check out lanes at Target... but I was even more stoked when at a restaurant the other day, they too had Dasani Sparkling water.  I was like a kid that just found out it was free refills on candy.  #allthebubbles

381 / Clean Patio Room
I wish I took a BEFORE pic of our patio room. It was so out of control.  The chairs were all a mess - scattered everywhere - we even had a dead rose bush in a pot in here. Really. I tried to save it during the winter. It worked the year before - this year, it just left dirt & dead leaves all over floor. This room was AWFUL.  But Ricky & I double teamed it & got it cleaned up... & Ricky even found some furniture he had bought on clearance at Target last year that fit in perfectly in this room.  I am so excited how nice it all came together.  I have been sitting outside every chance I can get now in this room.  Enjoy the breeze of outside without the bugs biting the tar out of me.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. yes to a clean patio! we've been slowly cleaning up ours but with all the rain it's been hard; we'll clean a bit but then clouds roll in, the wind picks up and we have to haul ass inside before bullet-sized drops fall.

  2. I love your patio room. Makes me wish we had one. I can just imagine sitting there reading.

    Such a cool ice pack and it sounds like it works great for you. I hope your neck and shoulder are doing better.

    There's nothing quite like relaxing times with our husbands.

    Thanks for continuing with Thankful Thursday. It's so important to be thankful!

  3. Oh - what a lovely patio! My first house had a screened-in porch and I loved to sit out there and watch the world go by. The current house just has a huge deck outside but no good protection from wind/rain if I want to sit outside for fresh air. Happy Thursday to you!

  4. A clean room is always the best. :) Days of reading in a clean room (or pretty outdoor day? even better!). :P That little ice pack is too cute! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. That ice pack is so cute! I hope you are feeling better soon. I love when any room feels clean which seems to be a rare occurrence in my house these days. They're only clean (or maybe I should say tidy) when the kids are in bed.

  6. Changing out my closets for each season is a chore, too, but the Fall/Winter season switch doesn't bother me as much!

  7. I love patio rooms (we call them Florida rooms. I love regional differences in naming things) and yours looks great!

    Where did you get those ice packs? I'd love to carry some around, particularly when the child has practice or the gym hurts too much.

  8. A clean sun room sounds great! I love hanging out outside, but sometimes the bugs are too much.

    And YAK, sparkling water. It's huge in Europe, and I'm like, can a girl just get a glass of TAP WATER around here? Simpleton for sure. Haha.

  9. I love your patio room. Wish I had one! We have 4 Patios

  10. Your clean patio is adorable! So much to be thankful for! Your list is so diverse and cheerful this week!

  11. That patio looks so inviting! Kudos to you guys for working as a team to get it cleaned up. I'll bet you guys had some fun while you were at it!

  12. Your patio is looking good!!! We need to do a major clean out of our garage. Luckily our cars still fit in there, but it has gotten out of control! That ice pack is so cute!!!! I love going back and reading old cards.

  13. Oh man, my closet is still a wreck from the move. Other people put the clothes in there (which I REALLY appreciated), but they're all willy nilly. I never fixed it & now it will be a while because of the surgery. Maybe I can bribe someone to come over & do it for me...

    Jealous of your patio room! We have a nice deck, but it is NOT bug free.

  14. That patio looks beautiful! The idea of being able to feel the breeze and not have to worry about bugs sounds perfect.

  15. I love sparkling water. It is the best in the summer. Your patio looks so clean and beautiful!

  16. That ice bag is the perfect size!! I'm going to look for one or three! As always, I enjoyed your Thankful post! Glad you and Ricky had a nice date night!

  17. I'm definitely not a sparkling water fan - well, sparking flavored water, yeah. but not seltzer water. YUCK. Love the clean patio!

  18. Love your patio room!

    I just started drinking some types of sparkling water last year.

  19. The old cards and letters are a real treasure! My mom gave me a bunch of stuff she had saved a couple of years ago and there were a few from friends and relatives who are no longer with us. So precious to read their words again.

  20. We have a date night tomorrow and I cannot even wait!! :) So sweet of your momma, and that's such a convenient size!

  21. Ok, I have to ask...what were you reading?!!

  22. I absolutely love your patio room! I sometimes daydream about having a room exactly like that built onto our house. Sigh. Some day.


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