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Mojo, tail up & the best IG shoutout....{Thankful Thursday #131}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

426 / Heads up.
I go to lunch sometimes where I drive on this long empty road that goes behind the airport.  Its like 4 lanes wide, a straight path & no one is ever one it.  It's just crying out for you to speed down it.  Especially when you're late getting back to work from lunch.  So I was sailing away & noticed a truck coming towards me flashing his head lights at me.... I immediately slowed down & just as I got to about 7 mph above the speed limit, I see a cop sitting behind bushes. I'd never had seen him & would have surely got a ticket.  Thank you stranger for those headlights.

427 / Bruno Tail Up.
You can tell our poor little Bruno has been feeling bad lately.  It's rough when you're 112 years old. (I feel like I age in dog years too)  But he's been walking with his tail tucked down & just 'mopey'... but the past week, his tail has been creeping back up & even wagging.  I would have never thought a tail could bring me so much JOY.

428 / Doing a 5k
I havent ran in nearly a month. So it felt really strange & foreign to be back in that motion of running. But I really enjoyed it.  It's getting my running mojo fired up again.

430 / My Buddy
I am so thankful for my sweet friend Nathalie that paid for our entry for this 5k.  & she sent the sweetest card to me in the mail along with my race bib & medal.  She is just a JOY in my life in so many ways.  I mean, she even texts me to check on my dogs... if you know me, you know my dogs are my world so that means a lot to me when someone checks in on them.

431 / Senior Session
I was just so thankful to have a perfect day for this senior session.  Earlier in the week, rain chances were high - & this day could NOT have been more beautiful.  Plus, I just loved catching up a little bit with this amazing young man (I used to be his youth leader in our previous church) & hearing his future plans.  Even when 'my kids' grow out of youth ministry or I'm not even in the same building as them any more, I still love them & love seeing how God is working in their lives.

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432 / MSM Remix
I was kinda bummed at the idea that there was going to be NO MSM during the summer... but love they still have something for the kids.  Leaders just arent required to be there is the only change. Well heck, you cant keep me away from my girls. I'm happy to still go during the summer.

433 / New JOYster
I am so excited to see who God is bringing to our JOY group.  The new young lady was actually a bridesmaid in one of the weddings I shot many years back & loved getting to talk to her & getting to know her more.

Some of our Mini-Joysters

436 / Good Neighbors!!!!
I had heard 2 different stories about nightmare neighbors from some friends in 2 seperate conversations & it just made me so thankful that we are blessed with amazing people on both sides of us.  I dont take that for granted one bit.

437 / Fresh eggs.
Speaking of good neighbors... our neighbors have recently started raising chickens & has a bunch of eggs.  So when they gave me a dozen fresh eggs, I was doing a happy dance... in the form of the chicken dance. Only appropriate.

438 / This IG post.
Its funny how God can use small simple things... & all of this just because I posted a picture of my hand lettering with the simple words "Just Start"

439 / Good report despite a brain tumor?
We took Bruno to the vet to have his skin looked at with his allergies aggravating him so much.  The vet said he looks surprisingly good for 16 - nearing 17 (in August)  She did say that she thought he may have a brain tumor, because his eyes are bulging out a little, & she thinks that may be what has caused his blindness.... which I'm still not 100% on that.  I can see cataracts in there too... BUTTT- I'm not doctor.  But she said even if it is a brain tumor, it apparently is slow growing because he's lost his sight slowly over time.  I've mentioned for at least 4 years how he's loosing his vision.  So she said if it IS a brain tumor, it seems slow growing so its probably nothing that will cause problems.  As she said, "Time will probably get him faster than that tumor"... she doesn't know we plan on him making it to 20 years old ;)

What's something good about your week?


  1. Yay, for the friendly trucker who warned you. I don't see much of that around here...probably due to a combination of things. One being the internet rumor from years ago that gang members were killing people who flashed their lights as part of their initiation and two, here in PA it's illegal to warn others there is a cop. I don't know how often it actually happens, but they can ticket you for doing so.

    Seeing or hearing how one of my youth group kids is doing now (geez...they are all pushing 30!) just makes my day. They will always be MY kids. :)

    Aww....Bruno. <3 <3 <3

  2. So sorry to hear about Bruno's illness. Poor Pup! Hope he gets to feeling better soon. I wish you lived closer because we SO need a new family portrait! We haven't had one since Alise was four and she's now - ahem!- 12! Yea!

  3. How about I got my first speeding ticket ina decade this weekend? I saw him ahead of me and began slowing down, but he already had his lights on before I passed him. Then he came right out with the ticket already to go. Hmph. I had no chance. BUT I got out of jury duty, so win!!! Thinking well thoughts and prayers to the pups.

  4. Recently a truck flashed me a cop warning, too! I felt so happy and grateful that he gave me the heads up!
    SO HAPPY Bruno's tag is up and perky! That's so sad about the brain tumor but it sounds like he's a little fighter and determined to give you as much time with him as he can!
    So jealous of your good neighbors!!

  5. You little speeder ;) Good thing that truck warned you. I love that your neighbors gave you fresh eggs and that you have such good surrounding neighbors. Moving near someone can be tough and if they are obnoxious, oy vey. How amazing what a simple post can do for someone. That is amazing and must be such a good feeling. I hope that everything is ok with Bruno <3 Beautifully Candid

  6. Oh my gosh that instagram shoutout is amazing! How cool!! :) So much to be grateful for, but helping or inspiring others even just a tiny bit can make such a bit impact on me. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I bet that little tail wagging does make your heart so happy. I remember that it would make me so happy when our beagle who lived to 14 years old, would be happy and want to go outside and be with us and just kind of 'play' with us. :) And what a wondrous thing that the Lord is so amazingly adding to your JOY group. <3

  8. Oh yes, and I'm so thankful for sunny summer days right now. I've just been finding so much joy in seeing God's grace everyday.

  9. Always enjoy reading your list of thankfuls!!

  10. Poor Bruno. But bless you for taking such good care of him. He's a lucky little dog.

    I love the headlight-flashing kindness. My brother, a cop, told me it's illegal ha ha.

  11. There is a bridge by me that cops regularly set up speed traps so I try to pay extra attention there. Otherwise, in LA, you generally won't get stopped for just speeding. You have to be insanely speeding and/or extremely reckless because everyone speeds. :D I'm glad Bruno's tail is starting to wag. My beloved Emeril's tail hung low in the end when he got so sick and it about killed me. I would normally say that I wish my neighbor had chickens and gave me fresh eggs, but since I live in an apartment, I'm actually pretty glad they don't chickens. LOL! But fresh eggs are amazing. I'd do the chicken dance too!

  12. That is really an interesting thankful list!! Glad you slowed down when the trucker flashed his lights! Poor fun-baby. Too bad the tumor wasn't discovered four years ago, but it still would have been too hard for surgery to correct it. :( He is a lucky boy to have you two for his mom & dad.

  13. Oh I too would be thankful for a stranger flashing his lights! I suspect he was an old timer cus I didn't think people did that anymore!

    I'm so glad that ya'll take such good care of Bruno but as long as your pushing towards 20, why not 25??.lol.

  14. It's always hard for me to ease back into running after doing a big race, and I can only imagine how it would be after the crazy half you did, so kudos to you for making yourself get back into it! I still need to get back into a regular running routine myself. It's been way too long.

  15. That's a good looking kid, you take amazing photos!
    Yay on the car who helped you not get a ticket, that's a prayer answered that you didn't know you needed. Great way to kick off the day!

  16. I read it's even illegal in some states for drivers to flash their lights in warning, so I stopped doing it. Glad that person still did it for you. I'm sure you've explained Joy group, but I must have missed it. Love that your friend paid for your race and sent you that sweet card and OMG that IG shout out is amazing. Love it!!

  17. Oh sweet friend, I am so thankful for you as well! You brighten up my life!!! I'm thrilled that we are friends. ❤️❤️

  18. Awe poor Bruno. I am glad it is slow growing if it is a tumor. Praying for the little guy. Yay for another 5K. That is awesome. You are rocking the running and I am slacking. Ha. What a sweet friend to pay for said 5K and send a thoughtful card.


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