Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Food

Healthy Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge!!!!!!

(Click Picture for recipe)
I'm for anything that says "Healthy" & "Fudge" together

Favorite House Tips

Simple Daily Cleaning Routine and Natural Homemade Cleaner Recipes on 100 Days of Real Food

I love this blog & love this little simple reminder on how to clean rooms
I need little reminders... almost a check list to keep my life in order.

Favorite Reminder

95 Motivational Quotes

Favorite Books for Summer

19 funny books to read that are sure to make you laugh. These funny books for women and for adults are great if you're looking for some humor!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast
My graduation cap for my Master's degree graduation @ CSUF :)  Beauty and the Beast

Best college graduation cap EVER!!!

Favorite Peencha

Favorite Video

I literally laughed till I couldnt see through the tears.....

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics

Just Funny Pictures

If everything I ate said this, maybe I wouldn't eat so much...

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 32 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

... when I saw my dad on Father's Day

GIPHY! ( October 12, 2013 at 12:20PM

... what I have to remind my dogs of every Friday night

GIPHY! ( June 23, 2016 at 09:09PM

... when all the kids are trying to explain Snapchat to me

GIPHY! ( June 19, 2017 at 05:17AM

... me at 4:00pm today

GIPHY! ( June 19, 2017 at 12:43PM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!


  1. Is that a new Janet Evanovich I see in that list of books? I have been getting twitchy waiting for another one from her. I don't even care which series it's in!

    Bahahahaha...the dog in the cowboy hat cone and the "not my job" one!

  2. That fudge looks divine and I am in need of some funny reads so thanks for a great list!! Hope your weekend is as lovely and precious as you are!!

  3. Awww that bathroom selfie pic with the older lady! so cute....although that girl in the blazer forgot her top at home :/ (LOL)

  4. The fudge sounds yummy! I keep watching Beauty and the Beast over and over again. Love the graduation cap. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. So many good funnies, I'm not sure which is my fav. The dog cone, the dogs sleeping in, the TP, cake or Ross - thanks for the Friday laughs!! Have a great weekend!

  6. The Ha Fat meme is hilarious! I love the Beauty and the Beast Graduation cap. Gorgeous. My cat, Emeril, (RIP) had to wear a cone of shame and I can't remember how much it cost. But now I know a cowboy hat works just fine. LOL!

  7. Pinning that fudge, yum!!! I have Janet Evanovich's new book on my list to read. I loved the first one in that series. hahahahah your funnies crack me up!!!!

  8. that father's day video!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

  9. Oh my that Jimmy Kimmel video is hilarious!!!

  10. That piece of cake is the funny I needed today.

  11. Hahaha that husky one is hysterical! I also need to check out that list of funny books. I am always on the lookout for something light to read by the pool :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. Love the pic with the old lady!

    The household tips thing is what I call my daily dos. I add picking up in general though!

  13. I love your "favorite reminder" quote! And I love David Sedaris! The Ten Dead Comedians book looks good, too!!
    That shaved dog is ridiculous!! Oh my gosh! And the Kimmel Father's Day video is pure amazingness!! So funny!

  14. Enjoy your weekend! I hope it's a great one!

  15. Ooh that piece of fudge does look SO GOOD. And I have to agree with that quote towards the top. Too often I doubt my identity in Christ Jesus, and that holds me back.

  16. I need to try that cleaning routine. I always put it off all week and then have a mess of a house to deal with on Saturday morning!!

  17. Is it bad that looking at that cake just makes me want to eat it? I have no fat shame. Ha!

  18. That Jimmy video is hilarious! Also, I REALLY need this cleaning tips sheet. I need all the help I can get in that area.

  19. Oh my gosh, the toilet paper and the cake. I was laughing so hard!!

  20. Oh my gosh, I love that little smiling TP roll! :P Looking into one of these books, and that old woman in the bathroom selfie makes me so so happy! :) Going to look into the cleaning routines. I need to finally buckle down and come up with something that works for us! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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