Thursday, July 06, 2017

Jeans, goodies & painted horses {Thankful Thursday #132}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore}

440 / Gas before it went up.
I didnt think I was going to have enough gas to make it to work... & when I did, I usually just wait to get gas at lunch but for some reason, I stopped on my way into work. & boy, was I ever glad I did. It was $2.04 when I filled up & when I went out to lunch, it was $2.49. Whew! I would have been so mad if I had to pay that.

441 / Belle surprise.
Made my day when the hubs came home from work last week & was like, 'I have a goodie for you" (our friend Steph always was big on 'Goodies' for everyone in her life so we still use the word)... & then he pulled out this beautiful key chain. I love it!! I tried carrying it on my keys but its SO HEAVY.  It weighs in my purse & on my keys in the ignition so I may not carry it so trying to find a good place to use it though.

442 / Clearance books.
I went out for lunch & was going one place but ended up pulling into a bookstore. Sometimes the pulls of books takes over me.  I'm so glad I did because I found some good clearance books - all 3 of these cost me $14.98 TOTAL... & funny thing, that book Behind Closed Doors is on sale at Target for $13.95 - almost what the total of 3 books cost me.

443 / Quiet Office.
If you have to work during the holidays when everyone else is off, at least I can appreciate & enjoy a quiet office.

445 / Sweet texts of thanks.
I had sent out cards to all my girls that went to camp (talk about writers cramp) & I got the sweetest messages throughout the week from all the girls showing pictures that they got my card or kind words of thanks.  These young ladies are just so special.

447/ Postage paid.
Speaking of those cards.... I am so thankful that the church paid for the postage on all those cards. Which I'm so glad because there was near 30 cards that I sent out.  It was a fun surprise when the Youth Pastor told me the church covers that expense.  That just gave me more money for another trip to the bookstore. ;) haha

449 / Photo session FINALLY
I am so glad we were able to do the photo session this past weekend, even in the heat & even cut short, because my poor cousin & I have had to schedule & reschedule so many times, I've lost count.  I was glad we finally pulled it out.

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452 / Jeans on Monday
We do casual Fridays at work but when you work on a day where everyone else is off & you're off the next day, I ended up wearing jeans to work on Monday... & so glad I did.

453 / 4th of July celebration
It has become our yearly tradition to celebrate the 4th at my parents with his neighbors throwing the best fireworks show at the end of the night.  This is becoming a great tradition.

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455 / Edit Day.
I was thankful for a day off work so I could work my OTHER job #likeaboss ... it gave me time to edit my photo session up in one shot & get those pics out of the way.  That's always pressure off of me.

Tell me something good about your week.....


  1. I got in a very much needed day to myself on Tuesday. Ordered Chinese food, got my hook out and binge watched season 4 of the Originals. I was feeling down so I needed to just veg out. Felt much better Wednesday and today -- so far so good!

  2. lucky! i NEVER find any new/good books on clearance :(

  3. Even a bad day is full of good things! Check out my thankful post today!! I always love reading about your thankfulness!! Love those jeans and that shirt. Very cute!!

  4. Wish they'd let us do jeans on Fridays. Love your outfit. I love the pictures this week of your dad with his horse. So cool!

  5. Loved the pics of your dad and his horse on instagram!!

  6. Yes, I remembered your dad always painted the horse for July 4th. Does this horse have a name?

    What a nice goodie you got! That key chain does look heavy. Do you have any ceiling fans in your House? Perhaps you could use it as a fan pull?

  7. Our office was dead on the 3rd. I forgot to wear jeans, but took a long lunch & went home early instead. Haha.

    I ran for 15 minutes today, 3 sets of 5 minutes each with some walking in between. It was slow, but it was the first time I've run more than a few steps since I fell off my bike. And it was PAIN FREE!

  8. I love clearance books! Sometimes I find really good books by new-to-me authors I'd never heard of before ... and then end up going out and buying the rest of the author's books at full price. Funny thing - that last photo, I thought it said "Laughter of the King" and I started thinking "how neat!" (One of my favorite portrayals of Jesus is of him throwing his head back and laughing with pure joy) ... then saw it really says "Daughter" ... and then was trying to figure out how laughter and daughter should sound more similar ... and then my train of thought derailed. :)

  9. That Belle key chain is so cute! The office is so much nicer when a lot of people are away :) You're definitely right about that. As far as a good thing this week... I found out an author I used to like has a whole new series out that I somehow didn't know about. So now I have a bunch of books to read :)

  10. Oh yay for book deals! That's the best! Love that family photo. It's just so classy and gorgeous! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. Most of the people in my office took the whole week off! So it's been pretty quiet, which I'm ok with. :)
    Gas in Shelbyville is 1.99! I'm sure by the time I need to fill up, it'll be expensive again. Love the painted horse!

  12. You're glad you filled up before gas went up to $2.49. We're glad gas came down to $2.49...the lowest it's been in months! PA has outrageous taxes on gas.

  13. I love that family photo - that little boy is so cute! Looks like a Norman Rockwell pose :) And I love your dad's patriotic horse. Very cool!

    Now that I'm even more immobile (figured out I just CANNOT come up the stairs into my house without a lot of pain), I'm thankful that I work from home. And that I have a house-husband to take care of me!

  14. Wow what a jump in gas prices. If it's one thing I cringe paying for, it's gas. That horse painted is too funny! I can imagine those fireworks were amazing. And in the backyard?! We aren't really allowed to set them off her...but some do. I'm sure it's no where near the display you saw. Beautifully Candid

  15. I love your family's 4th of July celebration!! So festive!
    You are SO dang cute! Your work casual is so stylish and you are just adorable!

  16. I love your casual "Friday" look. We wear jeans before a day off too. Love that. And on Fridays too. I can't believe gas went up that much in a few hours. Crazy.


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