Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What's Up

Last Wednesday of the month! Can you believe it?
So here's What's been Up for July!

What We're Eating This Week
haha - poor Ricky - first thing that comes to mind is "What we're NOT eating"... ever since we watched What the Health, Ricky said he cant bring himself to eat much of anything lately. So he's basically been living off of protein bars, Cliff bars & these new fruit pressed bars from Kind. haha.

Image result for kind fruit pressed bars
These things are AMAZINNGGGGGG!!!!!!

What I'm Reminiscing About
Last Friday was Harvey's birthday & as I was going through the latest pictures I took of him, it made me think of one we love of our Sydney Girl.
I had to put them together & sent this to Ricky
... he said he forgot how much he missed her until he saw this.

What I'm Loving

Image result for cherries

I cant get enough of these babies right now.
I'm going to be so sad when summer is over & these are gone
... or the price is about $10.00 a lb.

What We've Been Up To
Still on the hunt trying to find a good dog food for Bruno's skin.
He's doing SOOOOOO much better, but he's still having some flares.
We are finding no grain foods & treats help - but we need a LOW-CARB food for him as well.
... & we've been up to a LOT of dog baths.
Good thing our Bruno is a pro at baths & actually enjoys them.

What I'm Dreading
School traffic.
School starts around here today for most schools, tomorrow for the school system I live in.
Which means, buses going 5mph down my road, making 15 stops (not even joking - 15 stops - I count every year) till I can get to the end of my road - or home in the afternoon.
Plus, the expressway is more packed with buses &all the parents getting back on this schedule.
I always enjoy my summers just as much as all the kids enjoy being off.

What I'm Working On
I'm working hard on my Etsy store...
not sure if its going to do any good, but I've been about updating new products
& adding new products in... & creating an Instagram account
AND creating a FB page for my store.
Whew... its' been exhausting... & fingers crossed its worth it.

What I'm Excited About

Image result for taking time off

I've got a long break in photo sessions coming up.
Like, I purposefully made sure not to book things so I didn't have to be over whelmed & ends up, I have so much time with open weekends. Y'all - it makes this girl THRILLED to think that I can do whatever I want on the weekends.
I do love my photography sessions, but I'm so enjoying the freedom more.
& fall is coming up which is always photo busy & a wedding in the fall - so plenty of time to shoot away. So I'll enjoy this little break while I can.

What I'm Watching
As every summer... I'm all about Big Brother.
I've watched it every year & never tire of it.
& always wonder how I'd do in that house.

Image result for big brother 19 kevin and christmas
My favorites... Kevin. & then Christmas (yes, her name is Christmas)
Also excited that Real Housewives of Orange County is back.
Especially that Lydia is back. I love her & her little fairy princess ways.

Image result for real housewives of orange county 2017
How did Tamra get the center billing with Vicky behind her? WHOOOOO

What I'm Reading
Just finished Dumplin - which I talked about Monday.
I just saw it said on Goodreads "Dumplin #1"
Is there going to be another book in this series?!?!?!?!
PLEASEEEEEE!!! I love me some Willowdean.

Image result for dumplin book fan art willowdean

What I'm Listening To
Image result for jen hatmaker podcast

So excited Jen Hatmaker has started a podcast!!!

I'm also all about my Bachelorette podcasts right now as we get ready to wrap up Rachel's season.

What I'm Wearing

A lot of sandals ... a lot of flowy, light weight dresses & a lot of leggings
Summer 101 wardrobe

What I'm doing this Weekend
Its a photo session kinda weekend
... & the start of MSM! YAHOOO!!!!
We're back to regular schedules & small group time.
& my girls are big stuff 8th graders this year!
We get the upstairs for our small group - the 'cool' spot.
Cant wait to kick off another amazing year.

Image result for southeast christian msm

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I'm excited that I'm going to be having lunch with my blog buddy, Katie in a few weeks.
We've connected via blogs & then Instagram, & we've seen each other in passing (literally) doing races (she's a runner) & I just swear we have so much in common, we're soul sisters.
So I'm so excited because we have a lunch planned.  I have a get together later that same night which I know is going to put me on a schedule for that day, but its probably good because I know I could sit & talk with her all day long!!!
I'm sure there will be lots of pictures.

Mix & Match Mama


  1. Ohhh I need to try those Kind bars. I'm always looking for healthy snacks...because I snack a lot. lol!

  2. Congrats on your etsy shop - you're going to do amazing!! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Cute outfit looks! And what precious photos of your fur babies. No matter how long it's been you never forget one you lose. :(

  4. Awww Sidney is so precious. She looks a lot like Harvey but with a spunky hair cut!
    Tell me more about school starting? That sounds awfully early. Is your district one that goes all year but has several weeks break in between? When does school let out for the year?

    My school always started in September but this year we are starting later in August which does not have me excited but we will be done by Memorial Day next year so I guess that's a good thing!

  5. Love these posts of yours. That picture of the doggies...<3 I'm going to look for that book. And I have to say that you've really cheered me up this morning. I was feeling all whiney because I only have a month of summer left and here you tell school starts today where you are. I suddenly feel very, very good!

  6. That is so exciting you get to meet up with a blogger friend! Sandals and sundresss are just the best right now and you look so cute! I love the graphic for your Etsy store!

  7. It's crazy to think that school is starting up again so soon! And I love that Rebecca Jo Creates is getting started. And sweet cherries have been wonderful this year. I'll be sad when they're gone too.

  8. Love it! I am also dreading the students come back (hello university town!) yikes. It's so nice and quiet and easy to get from A to be in the summer. I get that way about eating after documentaries like that too. If I'm being honest... I hate eating much in the summer. It's just too hot for me. : / Yum. Cherries though. I'll just eat fruit all summer thank you very much! OMG Dumplin' 2??!??!?!? It was my FAVORITE book of 2015!! Hands down. So exciting! Loving your Instagram stuff for your Etsy store! Work it lady!!! :) Inspiring me as I have had Etsy on my list for forever and 3,000 days. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Enjoy your break!!
    Sydney was such a gorgeous dog! Harvey Dent is, too, of course :)
    I just LOVE your style! You have got to be the most stylish in your office!
    I feel like our area starts school so late!! We don't start until the end of August!

  10. I so LOVE RHOC!!!! Its my favorite one :) Sweet Cherries are the best! I can't wait to have some! Hopefully they arrive in Kansas soon!

  11. Oh my goodness! I can't believe y'alls schools are already starting! Yikes! We start around the 15th of August and I can't even think about it right now or I'll throw up!

  12. I really want to try those Kind Bars. Perfect for when I am traveling around. You are the cutest when you take outfit poses. I need to be more fun like you!!! Here is to having some rest!!!

  13. We have been eating cherries too! SO good!! I was just saying that I get to retire two weeks before school starts! I won't have to dodge school buses or get caught in a school drop off line!! Your sweet puppy was so pretty!

  14. Hahaha what you're not eating. Love it. I literally just finished off a bowl of cherries a few minutes ago. My grocery store has them for $1.99 a pound right now so I am eating alllll the cherries!!!!


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