Monday, July 24, 2017

The weekend that I was girl bossing it from home....(& its my daddy's birthday!!!!)

Before we even get started on the weekend, we have to take a hot minute to wish my daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAHOOO!!!!!

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Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole world....
May your day be filled with cowboy dreams ... & heart healthy food ;)

OK... back to your regular scheduled programming ;)

Did anyone else feel like they were melting this weekend?

OH MY GOSH... how awful.  I dont think I've ever been more thankful for AC my whole life than this weekend.

Friday, Ricky & I met after work to head to the pet store because it was a special day - Our Harvey Dent's birthday. Our baby boy is 4 years old now. How is that possible? I feel like we just got him.  But when we got him, we still had Sydney with us & it feels like forever since she's left us. Funny how time works.

But Ricky & I splurged on our boy... $70 worth of toys & treats for him.  & then the battle was on to see which one Harvey liked the best - my choices, or Ricky's choices.  Well, its easy to say that Harvey Dent is a equal opportunist kind of dog because he loved it all & at one point, he gathered up all his new stuff & just laid down next to it. One happy Boy.

Or he just knows not to make either side mad so he can keep reaping the benefits of 2 different kinds of toys & treats.

I spent the rest of Friday night working on those folder covers that my MSM girl requested for her binders to have at school...

The "Honey" one was at her request because she said that during dinners, they always had memory verses & that was one of hers that she always remembers learning & it sticking with her. I love that... & she let me pick the other cover to do whatever I wanted.

I wanted to stick in Proverbs for her & I loved this verse for a teenager in this rough world.  Keep that heart on track... it's going to lead to better decisions if its full of the right things.   Excited to give these to her to share some of God's wisdom to her classmates.

Saturday, I woke up so glad I had NO WHERE to be ... 2 weekends in a row. (THANK YOU LORD) & especially because I didnt want to have to get out in this heat.  I think if I had to get in my car with black leather seats when the heat index is 104, I'm pretty sure I would have left a layer of skin on those seats.

But I just wanted to get started on working on my Etsy store.  Since I've changed my name & ready to add some hand lettering products to the store, I have a HUGE PILE of finished pieces I needed to take photos of.  & man, it was a legit job. I had to take pictures, edit them & then ended up just putting up a few of the items for now - I'm going to slowly add some in a little at a time....

... except I went to bed thinking of another pile of pieces I forgot I had - so I have another days work of doing the same process of taking pictures & editing.

More work goes in this Etsy store than some people realize.... I literally spent 6 hours working on pictures & editing & posting some things.... but I love it gives me something productive to do.


I mean, cleaning a house is productive work too but its not FUN productive work ;)

I spent the rest of my Saturday playing some Rummy with Ricky, loving on the dogs, drinking multiple cups of iced coffee & getting a run in... only to find my toe nail came off after that little treadmill trip.

I'm forever loosing toenails. I know people say its because you need bigger shoes. I have done that & dont like the feel of it, plus, still loose toenails. I know its because I run with my toes pulled up. Not sure why I do that, but I'm forever lifting my toes.  Pulling them back is more like it. I always have a hole in my shoes from where my big toes rubs through.  Its just a habit I cant break.... & I'm used to not having toenails every few months so it's not a big deal to me.

I spent my exciting Saturday night watching Descendants 2 ... y'all - no shame. I was so excited about this movie coming out.  I loved the first one & the whole idea of the Disney characters having kids & what those kids are doing.  Add in that there's musical numbers & I'm all about it.

& I really did enjoy the movie.  Yes, I'm 45 years old & am now singing new Disney songs all day long.

Image result for descendants 2
& how do I NOT love that this movie is about King Ben being Belle & the Beast's son & how honorable he is?
Sunday, whew... not my typical Sunday.

I was up so many times with Bruno... & it was SO STUPID MISERABLY HUMID still. Like, usually when I have to take Bruno out at these 1am / 2 am/ 3 am bathroom breaks, I even keep a blanket on the chair because the night air has dampness & gives a chill.  I literally walked out this time & it was like my skin just clammed up. It just felt DANGEROUS to be out in - even at 1:30am... & poor Bruno's belly was upset so he went out a few times & sleep has just been something I dont know anything about anymore....

... so after we got in bed after 3:30am, I ended up sleeping.... I got up at 7:15 & said, I'm going back to sleep.  & then woke up at 8 & said, I'm saying here... & then next thing I know - it was 9:30am.


I cant tell you the last time I stayed in bed till 9:30am.

Sadly, that's the time church starts... so I totally missed out on it... but I so needed that extra sleep. My body needed it.

& some rain had come through to give a little relief of that miserable humidity - so I made some toast, got some iced coffee & went outside in the enclosed room to listen to the rain & enjoy some peaceful morning (abet, LATE morning) time....

It was heavenly....

Wet dog

I think there were some fur babies happy about me being home sitting outside too

& I even got to finish my boot I was reading.

... it was such a wonderful day!

Ricky & I ran out for dinner & then made a quick stop for some groceries ...

& then it was time to head home to finish out the weekend with some more knitting (finished my hat!!!! YAHOO) & some Big Brother....

I'm telling you, I could really REALLLLLY get used to these kinds of weekends of staying home more often. They have just been so good for my soul.

How was your weekend?

Horribly hot where you are at?

Go ahead & wish my daddy a Happy Birthday!


  1. Well, I certainly will wish your stud of a daddy happy birthday! You guys are too cute! Oh girl, the humidity just does me in! We finally have some relief today and I hope you do too! You got so much done this weekend, what a good feeling specially when we can definitely squeeze some good reading time in!

  2. Girl, even your laid back, stay-at-home weekends sound so BUSY! Glad you had a good couple of days, though, and got some extra sleep.

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad!!
    And your shop looks GREAT! It's so sweet that you did those binder covers for your girl!!
    It was miserably hot all weekend :( I was out in it, late at night even, and it never let up. (Well, it finally rained last night and we got some cool-ness, but the mugginess never went away...)

  4. Happy birth to your daddy! And I love how you make a big deal about dog birthdays too!
    I had no idea that Descendents was a Disney thing. Where they books too?

  5. Happy birthday to your Dad! It's been hot here too, although not so humid. When I lived in the MN, the humidity was the worst. Here, it can get hot during the day but nights are normally pretty comfy. Loving the new Etsy store and wishing you great success with the expansion!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Hope he has a great day. I'm so over the heat and humidity. It's raining and in the 60's today and I couldn't be more happy about it. haha

  7. Horribly hot, yes. My weekend was quiet and also good for my soul! Blogged about it today. Happy birthday to your sweet papa!!

  8. The way you care for your animals is such a reminder of God's tenderness and sovereign care for His creatures and us as humans made in His image. I also love how you so sweetly splurged on getting so many amazing treats for Harvey; I LOVE getting treats/toys for our dogs, because it's so fun to see them play and play with them.

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad! I absolutely love your drawings! Do you do the flowers and designs as well as the lettering? Just gorgeous. Actually, we ARE melting here in Seattle. Temps have been in the mid 80's here and no one, well okay, very few people have air conditioning. This is the time of year when we keep the house closed up all day and pull out our fans: box fans, oscillating fans, desk fans, and blow the air around the house! We love our summers (They truly are spectacular here) but we're ready for fall come September!

  10. LOVE your lettering!! They came out so well. Happy birthday to your dad!! I hope he had the best day :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  11. Happy birthday to your dad! Love your Esty store - I'm going to keep my eye out for some of the hand lettered signs for Christmas presents. If I think of something specific that I want, I'll make a special request :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your dad!!! I enjoyed seeing all your Etsy pictures, I cant even imagine how much work goes in to all of that! Dumplin was such a good book, right????? Laura just finished reading it too.

  13. Happy birthday to your dad! :) Dumplin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It's hard not to buy all the pet things. hehhe I actually have a post of our cats favorite stuff up today. LOL We live for our fur babies. :) I love seeing all of your etsy progress! That honey lettering/design is just gorgeous!! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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