Monday, July 17, 2017

The weekend I forgot how nice it was to finally breathe....


a weekend where I took it easy.  A slow, relaxing, no schedule, no need to be anywhere weekend.

I think I forgot how amazing these weekends are. 
& now I want more.

Friday, kicked off with a grocery trip - where I had a "Jesus Debate" with a guy trying to sell me our local newspaper. I told him I didn't need it & good luck on selling some.... to which he stopped me & in his best preaching tone, said, "You're a Jesus believer, right?" (I had on a Christian t-shirt) & & I assured him I was - to which he went on to lecture me about if I was a real Jesus believer, I would never wish someone luck & then went into a long discussion on why & where the Bible refers to that. Ok guy... take a breath....

but then he went on & was telling me some bizarre things that he believed the Bible told him in his studies & finally I just knew there was not going to be any discussion here.  He was very VERY intense on his opinions - at one point, I interrupted him & said, "Are you a Baptist preacher?"... just to get a laugh - & no offense to any Baptist. I was raised Baptist - but Baptist preachers are VERY hell & fire sort of sermons & this is the kind of intensity this guy was coming at me with.... 

Finally, I just had to tell him, "I have Jesus... I'm good.  No matter where that's at, as long as I'm with Jesus, it can be anywhere in this universe"... he didnt know how to respond. He came at me with another attacking thing about how the devil is taking us all down sinful roads every day & how much of a sinner I am (... I wanted to say, You are too dude....) & my response?  "I have Jesus... I'm good"... I finally learned that I was going to be banging my head against the wall to discuss anything with him on what I believe against what he was telling me... so I just started repeating to everything he said, "I have Jesus... I'm good!"... he was getting so aggravated but finally just broke & laughed at me & wished me well as I told him "I hope you sell papers & I'm NOT wishing you luck on that" ;) it was a crazy conversation to say the least - & took about 30 minutes of my time in the grocery. UGH.

I treated myself after that conversation with the new Strawberry Green Tea from Starbucks... a total thumbs up!!

doesnt every one need at least 3 rubber bands on their wrist for hair emergencies?

But my Friday night was spent finishing up editing my latest session & watching the movie The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave...OMIGOODNESS!!!!! I read this book and loved it! cant wait to watch it!

Isn't that a book?  I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with the movie.  Dumb really .. & that ending? Do they really expect to make another one? Glad I didn't pay for that in the theater.

Saturday had me up feeling the BEAUTIFUL day.  The humidity gave us a break & I was all about it - especially since I didn't have any plans on my schedule.

I took some time to work on my Bible Journaling...

& then made some iced coffee & then did some house cleaning.

I've learned that cleaning my house is something that can happen when I'm not running to a dozen places in a day... who knew?

& I even got in a work out!  GO ME!

It was time to really take advantage of a carefree day & no schedule & cooler air by going outside & reading with another cup of iced coffee... & my little shadow, Harvey Dent.

I enjoyed every minute of it... because it wasn't long before the hubs came out with his lawn mower making me move... that's ok though. It made me go in the enclosed room where I wasn't slapping my legs every 5 minutes from bug bites...

& then when he was finished, he took advantage of the nice day to ... & then Harvey Dent wanted to be involved in the family love.

I spy my iced coffee & Kindle by my reading chair

Ricky needed to run down to Home Depot & I told him I'd go - which he said he didnt know how it felt to go somewhere with me on a Saturday since I'm never home (funny guy) & he even let me run into Target to pick up some mason jars. I'm on a total mason jar salad kick right now... even meal prepped for it during the day.   AGAIN - the things I can do on a free day - SHOCKING!!!!

But I took the drive with him but couldn't make myself go into Home Depot - but I'm a smart girl... I took my knitting with me so I entertained myself while he was in there.

We got home & I took a shower early & then gave Bruno a bath (his skin is SO MUCH BETTER) & then I splurged with another movie for the weekend...

From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” a sweeping, CG-animated feature film about an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people. “Moana” sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016.

FINALLY... I cant believe I hadn't seen it yet... & loved it.  It's so sweet.. & funny.  I want to watch it again just to take it all in & learn the songs.

I ended up knocking out SO EARLY on Saturday... like 10pm... I am officially old. I remember those days when at 10pm, we were just gearing to head out & meet up with friends. WOW.

... I'm glad I went to bed early though because I was out walking in wet grass in my yard 3 times during the night with Bruno. A solid nights sleep just doesn't happen anymore with our little blind boy.  That's ok - I'll do it to keep him around with us....

But Sunday, I ended up making the call to skip church since our MSM kicks back in full gear in 2 weeks.  I had our JOY group later in the day & that would have left me with 3 hours to kill down around that area (its not convenient to drive all the way back home to drive all the way back down - over an hour of driving) so I just let the relaxing continue...

I turned on Netflix with my knitting & iced coffee & turned on What the Health...

What The Health – Exposing the Collusion and Corruption That is Making and Keeping Americans Sick, For Profit -- What The Health is the ground-breaking, powerful new film from the award-winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn. The film explores the growing list of medical doctors who are preventing and reversing chronic disease through diet—a diet that government, big pharma, animal agriculture, the USDA, and national health nonprofits do not want you to know about. #diet

Y'ALL.... Y'ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many thoughts. The main one - I want everyone to watch this.

I hate it because people have their minds so set on their opinions on going vegan or cutting out meat or animal products & I just dont get how someone can see studies like this & continue to feel like its totally ok.  Not even for the animals (which is huge for me) but for their own health.  That people come off totally off meds they have taken for years & the turn around in health of some people - & even the athletes that are doing Ironmans & weight lifting competitions all by eating vegan (people are hung up on protein)... it's just so eye opening & full of information - if you want to hear it.  

I feel so passionate about it because I have family & friends that just REFUSE to hear anything about this life style ... plus, you just want the best for your family & friends & want them to really HEAR this information....but minds are shut off from it.  So frustrating to me.  & I get if they watched this sort of documentary & then made the choice, but no one even wants to really hear the information on it all.  That's what is frustrating to me.  

I do recommend you catch it if you can... & watch it with an open mind to change in your life... be your own advocate for your health & those you love.

But after watching that & pulling out my vegan cookbooks & finishing knitting a hat, it was time to head down to see my Joysters...

We were a smaller group for the day with a lot of our gang traveling for vacation... but its funny to me how 6 people is now a 'small group' when we first started out with 5 of us as the WHOLE GANG.  How we've grown.  Love every minute of talking with these ladies.

Joysters ordering up

I left from there to head down to the grocery to pick up a few items that I forgot to pick up on Friday... I really was on this Mason Jar Salad kick especially after watching that documentary.

I got home & fed the dogs & ate some dinner myself & then it was on to put these babies together...

I am so excited to see how it turns out.  How they taste.  I've got one sitting in my work fridge right now counting down to lunch.  I brought in a bowl because I'm not sure if you can just eat it out of the jar (which is why I always read to get the wide mouth jars so you can do that???) or if I need to dump it to mix it together.... we'll see about 1:00pm today.

I just made 2 because Wednesdays is my #lunchwithmylove date so that's a given I'm eating out... & that will give me time to make up 2 more on Wednesday night. Should be easy enough since everything is already chopped & ready to go.

I ended up crawling in bed later than I wanted... I try to go to bed early now because I expect those yard walks a few times a night now.  Needless to say, I only had one last night... at 3:40am.... my poor Bruno boy. YAWN....

So how was your weekend?

Get a break in humidity?

Ever make mason jar salads? ... & how do you eat them?


  1. I tried one of the new tea's from SBUX and really liked it!! We babysat my youngest niece this Saturday and I was sure she'd want to watch Moana, but alas it was Smurfs lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Keep us posted on how the salads work out! I've seen people make up a whole week's worth (well, 5 at a time) and I can't imagine the one on Friday tasting as fresh as the one on Monday. I'm all for meal-prepping though. Those are the quart-size jars, right?

    I need to watch that movie. Need.

  3. Wow, that sounds like an opportunity. I bet the Lord used you to put seeds in that man's mind. <3

    And those mason jar salads are so cool. I love the layered look. :)

    I'm so glad you got to just chill and read and knit and do some really relaxing things this weekend.

  4. I'm so glad you got some relaxing "me" time in, you deserve it! Those salad jars look scrumptious! Can't wait to see what you think of them. Happy Monday!

  5. I'm interested to hear how you make out with those jar salads. I would love to start packing my lunches for all week once school starts back up again but I feel funny packing food on Sunday night and having it sit in the fridge till Friday. Is that even safe? I guess I need more lessons on this meal planning everyone seems to be doing!

  6. You'd think he'd might not want to discuss religion while trying to do business. Lol. Some people are intense ;) Ha.
    I just watched Moana for the first time last week. I loved it! I thought it was adorable and perfect.
    I'd be curious to check out the documentary. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I think I'm open-minded and I try to be aware of where everything comes from.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend! We're listing our house on Tuesday so our weekend was INSANE with lots of cleaning and decluttering and home maintenance!

  7. Just wow to the Jesus guy. Unfortunately, it is people like him who turn some off to religion all together, you know??? If you have Jesus in your life it shouldn't matter if you say something like good luck. Sheesh.

    I didn't know there was a strawberry green tea? Yum!!! I have been ordering the coconut milk mocha mochiattos pretty much exclusively for months I haven't taken a look on their board to see whats new. I have What the Health on my list of things to check out, glad to hear you liked it. I have thought about cutting down on my meat eating, but honestly?? I really just love cheeseburgers. And the protein. I know the health benefits are seriously outweighing and I should change my ways. Maybe watching a bunch of documentaries will help me cool it huh?

  8. You're a better Christian than I am because I would have kicked him in his shins and apologized to God later. :D Seriously, though, that's probably not the place to have that kind of conversation, when trying to sell something, especially something for a business not related to religion and one you don't own. Glad you had a relaxing weekend though! I always think mason jar salads look so pretty. Because I work from home, I do salad prep but don't create cute little jars of them. I'd probably end up tossing it into a big bowl too. I like to really mix my salads. The 5th Wave is a book that I DNFed. It was terrible. You missed nothing. I still need to catch Moana. I love those kinds of movies.

  9. There was a time when I would have engaged that guy, but I've learned my lesson. The BIBLE tells us not to cast our pearls before swine. In other words, don't beat a dead horse or try to convince someone who is blind to the truth. Share the truth once and if they are not at all receptive, shake the dust from your feet and move on. So much better for your blood pressure, too.

  10. so glad you had a low-er key weekend, but still looked busy to me. I love that you shared Jesus... because clearly he needed it ;) So good for you!!

  11. the 5th wave book was actually pretty good; you should pick it up.

  12. Sorry, but I would NOT have wasted thirty minutes on that conversation with the newspaper salesman. No way. You can't talk to a brick wall. I refuse to debate with anyone or let people put me on the defensive as well. You have a lot more patience than I do!

  13. Oh gosh- that conversation! Was he trying to convince you to buy the paper, or did he just see your shirt and use it as an excuse to share everything on his mind? Wasn't Moana so fun? I've been wanting to watch it again, so I'm glad it's on Netflix!

  14. So how was the salad? I always wonder how to mix the dressing from the bottom to the salad on the very top when it is so packed full...but I guess you would have to dump the whole thing out on a plate so you can then pour the dressing over?

  15. Those salads look really good. And strawberry green tea. I haven't seen that one yet. I need to try it. That grocery story is weird, but at least it was a good story to tell us. I love Moana. We just watched it recently too. So cute.

  16. I'm so glad that you finally got to have a relaxing weekend. I'm sorry, but the preacher guy is the reason so many people are turned off to Christianity. They don't want it shoved down their throats!

  17. We had a lazy, relaxing weekend too! You were busier than me though! Let us know how you like the Mason Jar Salads! It seems like a great idea!! Harvey Dent is precious!

  18. You go girl for making all those mason jar salads! I always kinda wish that I ate more salads, but every time I buy salad greens, I ALWAYS end up wasting some it seems, so I just gave up after awhile. But those look delicious! And props to you for being so healthy, in multiple ways :)

    I think that the majority of people might be scared to watch that documentary because we are scared it might make us want to change our habits, lol. I know that's totally your point, but it's like how I KNOW that sugar is bad for me...but I keep going with the whole ignorance-is-bliss thing because I love chocolate so much. I know, pretty messed up! But so it goes. We all have our vices.

  19. Glad to hear that you had a relaxing weekend. How was the salad? looks good.

  20. OOh I have to check out this documentary! They are always equal parts scary and enlightening... oy. Those jarred salads look great. I haven't made any this summer, but I do like them quite a lot! Glad you finally saw Moana, isn't it cute. I just love how gorgeous the animation of the sea, and the night sky, and the flying stingray thingy is. So so pretty. I love weekends like that, and am hoping that this one is that way for me! :) XO - Alexandra

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