Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lots of celebrations, my stationary addiction, & finding good in the tragic {Thankful Thursday #135}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

486 / Long #Lunchwithmylove
If you follow me on Instagram, you usually see every Wednesday a picture showing where I get to have lunch with my love - hence the hashtag.  & Ricky had to work late on Monday giving him extra time for lunch.  He usually only gets a half hour (boo) so it was nice to have the entire hour with him this week.

This past week was a busy one with things to be thankful for!!!

It was my mother in law's birthday!!!!
It was Harvey Dent's 4th birthday!!!!
My parents celebrated their 53rd anniversary!!!!
& it was my dad's birthday!!!! 

What a week of blessings!!!

489 / Someone who gets celebrating our dogs.
I loved on Friday, Harvey's Birthday, when Ricky called me on the way home & said, "Are we stopping for gifts for Harvey?"... when I had already had that on my mind.  I love I'm married to someone who gets that its something to celebrate.

Harvey waiting for one of his many toys

490 / No photo session!!!!
It was SO STINKIN' HOT this past weekend. I said so many times, "I am so thankful I dont have to worry about a photo session on a day like today"... I cant even imagine. I've done some pretty hot sessions before too so I would totally stick it out, but so glad I didnt have to.

491 / Etsy progress.
So much work done.... so much still to do ;)

492 / Heat Lightning
Saturday night, it was just mesmerizing to sit & watch all the heat lightning that was happening all around.  So beautiful.  Here's just a quick little view of it... I could have sat out for hours watching it.

493 / A good late sleep in lazy rainy Sunday.
I think that says it all.

495 / Dresses during the summer.
I love all the easy flowy dresses to wear during the summer. I think 99% of my dresses are from Old Navy.  So comfy in the misery of heat.

498 / Texts from kiddos.
I think I've been having different texts from my MSM kids the past few weeks. I'm loving them all. This week though, I've been getting all sorts of texts with questions about hand lettering & what to get for pens to use & paper to use & just questions on journals & how to start. I love they are getting inspired to do such a fun outlet of worship.

499 / Time with my parents celebrating my dad.
He makes the 70's look good, does he not?

A beautiful day for a birthday!  Cochese was eating grass to celebrate

499 / Gel pens.
I am such a nerd when it comes to anything office supply - journals, paper, pens.  So when my mom gave me this bundle of gel pens - it made me ONE HAPPY GIRL!!!

501 /  Good people passing through
Monday, when I got to work, we got devastating news that one of our coworkers had an accident with a gun, causing him to loose his life.  It was shocking to say the least.  This was someone who held the door open to me on Friday, gave me a candy bar to celebrate the end of the day & told me to have a good weekend. I had no idea that would be the last time I would see him.  It's so hard to find something good in horrible, awful situations like this... but I have to add it here because I do find a blessing in the fact that we got to know this person. He was so helpful & kind & generous to everyone in our office. He brought a joy on bad days.  He was that person you could call to help with anything that needed to be done in the building.  When you loose someone unexpectedly & in such tragic ways, it's good to remember that you were blessed to have that kind of person pass through your life, even for a short time.

What blessings have you found in your week?


  1. Wow, so sorry for the sudden lose of your coworker.

    I am also blessed to have a husband that just LOVES our dog! Baylee is definitely his little girl.
    I also love heat lightening. Something about it is just so tranquil.

  2. July and August are big birthday months for us, too!

  3. Oh - it takes but an instant to lose someone and it's so shocking when it's like that. I'm sorry for the loss of your co-worker. It makes me think - when I say 'bye' to someone, am I leaving them with a good memory?

    By the way - LOVE the gel pens! :) I love the clear ones so you can see how much ink is left. I start panicking a bit when the ink level of one of my favorites starts getting too low though.

  4. Look at all those gel pens!!! Heat lightening is the craziest thing, right???? And I am loving all of your etsy pictures, you are doing a great job!

  5. I almost got a comfy dress from Walmart the other day, but it looked like it might not fit quite right. And it's wonderful that you're getting so much work done on your Etsy shop. :)

    Also, celebrating doggy's birthdays is so fun, but I didn't do it this year with my husky. Maybe I should go get him some fun toys. :)

  6. Oooh you do have a lot to celebrate! Don't worry girl, I am a stationary nerd right up there with you and my love of gel pens is obsessive!

  7. I'm so sorry about the loss of your co-worker. He sounds like a great guy and even though his time was cut short, he made an impact. It's definitely a good reminder that simple things we do - open the door, smile and wish someone well - make a huge difference in people's lives too.

    I love that you guys celebrate your fur babies birthdays too. I love celebrating Max's birthday (or adoption day). He likes all the extra treats and toys but does not like wearing his birthday hat or scarf. And that's my favorite part!

  8. So sorry to hear about your friend, very sad news. I did enjoy reading about all your blessings this week!! AND I love gel pens too!!

  9. No way he can be 70. Doesn't look it at all.

    So sad about your co-worker. He sounds like a really nice person. So glad you had that last contact with him to remember him by.

    I totally love office supply things too and so does my oldest daughter. Must be a girl thing! Except I think my hubby loves them almost as much as I do. lol

    Thanks for continuing with Thankful Thursday. I'm so glad to be reminded to be thankful.

  10. Hooray for a week of celebrations!
    And those pens.....I'm geeking over here!!

  11. oh my gosh, so sorry to read about your co-worker, was not expecting that when I started reading that paragraph. Yes we are blessed for the people that come into our daily lives, whether it before a long or short amount of time. Other then that, looks like you had a great, week, love extra long dinners with the Mr.!

  12. So many blessings this week. My co-workers have out-done themselves to make me feel special and appreciated.

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss! But that is a good way to look at it. I need to get me some summer dresses, but there's not much point at the moment since I leave the house about once a week. But next summer, let me at 'em!

  14. I love those pictures from and of your porch. It looks so relaxing and comfy! And we are big dog-birthday celebrators, too!!
    Your etsy stuff is looking great!!
    I'm so sorry for the loss of your co-worker and friend. That's devastating.


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