Wednesday, July 05, 2017

{One Sentence a Day} June 2017 Edition

Another month down....
& as always, full of life!!!!

What my June looked like - one sentence at a time

1.  Had 6 tubes of blood drawn so had to refuel with some Starbucks since it is half of what my blood is made of.

2.  Another day of reading.

3.  Early morning photo sessions are the best on hot days.

4.  Our last MSM for the year & then I headed off to celebrate one future bride.

5.  Vertigo sucks.

6.  Went to a meeting to get us prepared for next week's middle school camp.

7.  Had to bump up my hair appointment a week early & it convinced me I may have to start making my appointments every 5 weeks now.

8.  Took my car for an oil change when I saw I was 3,000 OVER the time I was supposed to get it done. #yikes

9.  Found a bathing suit that I'm actually happy with. #coveritup

10.  The laziest day I have had in a long time.

11.  Skipped church in the first time since the longest & sat outside & enjoyed doing my bible study in the morning air.


12.  I remember that I'm an awful packer because I worry about every worse case scenerio & feel like I need to pack to prepare for it.

13.  Heading to Camp!!!

14.  Me being the 45 year old adult, had to remind 13 year old girls that its always fun to play in bubbles  #theythankedmeintheend

15. Who doesnt love a Popsicle party on a hot summer night?

16.  Got to watch 29 middle schoolers dedicate their lives to Jesus.

17.  Survived camp & learned there really is no place like home.

18.  Celebrated my daddy for Father's Day

19.  Started a new round of 21 Day Fix Extreme trying to get back on health & fitness track.

20.  Gave Bruno a bath all on my own & felt like I just accomplished an Ironman Competition with all the bending, lifting, squatting, body contortions.

21.  First day of summer has me outside till its dark enjoying the longest day of the year with all the long lasting light.

22.  Walking in the rain getting soaking wet so I could hold the umbrella over my little blind man while he goes to the bathroom.

23. Already throwing 21 Day Fix Extreme to the side #aintfeelingit

24.  A morning 5k with a evening photo session that I could feel my legs aching on from the earlier run.

25.  The busiest day with church, MSM Remix, back home & then back out to my JOY Bible Study #exhaustedinJesus

26.  Survived the day on nearly 3 hours of sleep #mindwontshutdown

27. Got a pretty decent check up for our grumpy old man.

28.  Tried out Bruno's new medicated shampoo & he gave me the cold shoulder the rest of the night.

29.  Need to work out but instead spent my evening reading.  #sorrynotsorry

30. Confused how I spent $140.00 at the grocery when I just wanted to run in for bread & chips.

What was the highlight of your June?

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  1. Finding out that the hubby didn't need to have surgery right now was the highlight of June! Second was getting out for summer break!

  2. Girl! You had such a busy month!! Wow. Glad you enjoyed camp and all of the fun things that came with it. I'm envious of your outside reading days. I've only had a few reading days recently, not enough!! Looking forward to cooler weather.. hahah! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Your hair always looks so wonderful!! Such a great and full month! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Love your hair in that photo, it looks great! I really need to get mind done again soon, I'm so bad at remembering to do it and while I love getting my hair done I always put it off and procrastinate - crazy I know! I absolutely love that shot of the cross at the Camp there, that's such a stunning photo with the greenery behind it. Hope you were OK after having to give blood too, that's something else I need to do as I've never done it before! And sorry it's taken me so long to catch up with your blog, I need to be better at this! Looks like you had a lovely, fun-filled June though. - Tasha

  5. Haha I always get Starbucks after any doctor appointment, but especially when blood is drawn. And I seem to always go 2,000 over for oil changes by the time I clear 15 minutes to go have it done. Oops!

  6. Every time I read this I say "I want to do this". I MAY be able to remember back to what I did each day After School left out, but no way I would remember details from the first week of June. Later this afternoon I will be getting my paper and pen and jotting down things about my summer so far! You need to hold me too this. Text me at the end of the day and see if I did it!
    My highlight of June was vacation in Yucatán and definitely partaking in the veterans Festivities with my family!

  7. Wowser!! Every FIVE weeks for hair color!?? I swear I use to be able to stretch mine more than the 7or 8 I do now! We gotta stay beautiful, Beautiful!

  8. The highlight of June? I barely remember the 4th of July! :) So I got out my calendar... I got new glasses in June. We celebrated Father's Day. I started physical therapy for my back. Started my group for people who touch the lives of those with special needs. My birthday was in June. And Chuck and I went to see a Mariners game! By the way, your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!

  9. Such a full month!! I got my car's oil changed on Monday. It was time here too. Great photos...always.

  10. Our highlight was probably celebrating Father's Day with hubby's family and the many video chats and pictures with my grandson.

  11. I have to LOL at the $140 grocery store bill when you wanted bread and chips, isn't that how it always is? LOL to the #aintfeelingit, been there done that!

  12. Rebecca!! I loved reading your days!! And the grocery bill----always happens to us! We are the worst at not sticking to a list!!
    I gave up on coloring my hair---of course, most of the grey looks a little blonde (well, that's what I'm telling myself..ha ha)

  13. Ohh, this camp had to be amazing. I am not sure if something like that exists in Europe but I think it is a wonderful thing for your kids.

    And I love your hair color, btw.

  14. I love that you had a lazy day - we all need time to rest and recover. I love bubbles too and I'm nearly 60 but I really enjoy blowing bubbles with my grandson. Isn't it lovely to read back over our months and see what we did. I look forward to reading what you get up to in July.
    sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  15. You know, God was with you as you did your Bible study outside on that Sunday that you skipped church, just as much there as in church, in my opinion. Sometimes, recharging our battery is just what we have to do.

    I hear ya about going to have your hair done more often. My highlights (applied in April) are waaaaay to light now. And the gray is creeping back in. If my hubby wasn't a young 'un, I would feel more comfortable about letting the gray out.

    I keep setting a goal of getting back to 21 Day Fix and Beachbody exercises and then life gets in the way. Bottom line, I just don't want to do it. Exercising in other ways and just trying to eat healthily.

    Glad to be getting to know you through these posts. A group of us who do SaD is also doing some bucket list posts. We will publish our fall bucket lists on 9/21 if you would like to join us. Just let me know and I will add you to our email list!

  16. Sounds like a busy month! Glad you were able to sneak a lazy day in there!

    Have a great July!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  17. I've joined in for the first tme this month and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts. We all seem to have gone tinthe harudresser!! Lovely to read your month's activities.

  18. Looks like you had a fun and happy month! Your little poochie is adorable!

    1. … And you're all reminding me that I am way overdue for hair dressing!

  19. #30 - hahaha - we do that ALL the time. I'm glad to hear that Bruno had a decent check up. That old man needs to stay with us a little longer.


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