Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lots of knitting, lots of dogs, & lots of texts {Thankful Thursday #134}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

470 / AC in my car.
I cant even imagine sitting in a car, in this heat, in traffic. I think I have thanked God multiple times this awful heat infested week for my AC on my drive home from work.

471 / Knitting lessons.
One of the MSM leaders that teaches in first service came up to me last week & said, 'I heard you knit....." that's all it took for me to get really interested in the conversation.  She said her daughter had learned how to knit & hadnt done it in awhile & needed a refresher lesson, would I mind?  WOULD I MIND?  Love to share the love of knitting. & do you know her daughter is like 7 years old?.... & did AMAZINGLY well at knitting.  I was really impressed. Start 'em young!

Perfect yarn for a 7 year old knitter

472 / Doctor giving time.
I know most doctors are in & out at appointments but I love getting the first appointment of the day before they are rushed.  My last appointment, do you know she spent over 30 minutes with me.  Isn't that incredible?  I'm sure she was off schedule the rest of the day. haha. (Always get that first appointment of the day or the first one after lunch time or the last one of the day!!!)

Also thankful for knitting while waiting anxiously in a doctor's office

473 / This as my view when I woke up on Saturday.

475 / Bruno so good at us taking care of him.
He is just the most patient little guy when it comes to all the baths he has to have for his skin allergies & I try to keep his hair trimmed up - he'll sit there & let me do anything to him.  His grumpy ways have eased up on him since he's lost his vision. Poor baby.

476 / Sitting outside reading on a lazy day.
Does it get any better than that?  Seriously... no. it doesnt.

481 / Joyster meet up.
I really enjoyed having it in this coffee shop since there were just a few of us & daddy's kept the babies so all the mommas could get some free time.  We had a corner of the shop & it was just great to hang out, drink some fantastic drinks & really share what's going on in each others lives lately.

482 / MSM Text (#1)
I got a text from one of the girls in my group that rarely speaks up or talks in our small group.  I actually didnt even know she had my number.  & she text me asking for some advice & help in a situation. I was so thankful she asked me... & she really did hear what I suggested to her too.   She looked up some bible verses with me & we just had the best "God-text" going on... love that.

484 / MSM Text (#2 & #3)
These girls have just been touching my heart lately.  I got a text earlier in the week from this precious girl telling me how much she's missed me & our small group! love that... & then she sent me this message the other day.  How do I refuse this? ... she's sent me the 2 scriptures that she wants on her binders for school. I cant wait to work on them this weekend for her.

485 / Ricky stopping for dog food.... & momma food
Now that Bruno's food has to be monitored & I'm reading dog food labels like I'm reading my own in a health food store, we have to be really particular what we feed him. So it wasn't smart when we got down to the empty bag & needed to rush out after work to get him some more.  Only, the dog food store closest to us (still 15 minutes away one direction) didn't have it. UGHHHHH - NOOOO... but God love Ricky & his fur baby loving heart. After being so exhausted after work, he still drove to the place we originally got the dog food (30 minutes away one direction) to make sure Bruno had the food he needed so his skin wouldn't get bad again. How sweet of a fur-daddy is he?... & to top it off, he picked up dinner so I didnt have to worry about cooking.

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What's something good in your world this week?


  1. This all sounds so nice! What an uplifting post.

    I can't stand the heat we have going on right now. I don't have central air in my apartment so all I have in a window unit in my living area & in my bedroom. The living area one doesn't circulate very well so I end up sitting & sweating while I'm watching TV. But boyyy my bedroom one keeps my room COLD. I love it. Is it fall yet? Give me ALL things fall. <3

  2. a 7yr old knitting! that's awesome; K still can't get the hang of it (too impatient) LOL.

  3. Getting to sit outside and read in the summer sunshine is amazing. I need to do more of that this year. Also, Bruno seems like such a sweet dog.

  4. I am thankful when I can start my day reading YOUR thankful list! It always lifts me up!

  5. I love your Thursday lists. It's been rough for me this week. I need to start doing this - otherwise I'm going to forget to look for the good in things and only dwell on the bad.

  6. Those rushed doctor appointments drive me crazy. I once had a doctor tell me he couldn't answer a simple question because I didn't make an appointment for that. Um, he could have answered the question in the time it took to tell me that. He's not my doctor any more. Our new one is better and will take extra time if you need it, but I still try to get the early morning or right after lunch appointment if I'm not working (then I have to take what I can get). My hubby never takes anything but the last appointment of the day.

  7. I go crazy when the dr rushes my appointment. Drives me crazy! But i love the nurse at his office, its the only reason I stay with him. She is wonderful!! In fact, the last few times, I just go see her, she is patient and so very kind.

  8. I thank God for air conditioning every summer because I wouldn't survive. I would melt into a puddle of cranky goo. Love the pic of you waking up to Harvey Dent! I'm so glad you could be there for your MSM girl. It's hard being a teen (always has been) and it's so great that she has someone she can talk to and be open with.

  9. i had the first appointment once and my doctor was 30 minutes late so she spent 5 minutes with me and 'didn't have time' to do what i'd made the appointment for. so i don't go to her anymore obviously lol.

  10. I love those pictures of Harvey Dent. He so wants your attention. What a sweet pup. And Bruno is adorable laying there getting his hair cut. Wish my Lucy would let me do that. I love to get the first Doctor's appointment of the day too.

  11. Wow 30 mins with the doctor! That's unfortunately unheard of nowadays!

  12. One of the things I love most about my doctor is the amount of time she takes with me, too. She never seems rushed and talks to me like I'm the only patient in the office. Love her so much! Excellent doctors are a MUST!


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