Monday, July 10, 2017

The weekend I hate my GPS

This is going to feel like the LONGEST week ever after coming off a weird, short week last week. 

I'm preparing myself.

Especially because my week ahead is as busy as my weekend was.  

I find it funny that I'm doing a Bible Study right now about slowing down &yet, my schedule & life seems as busy as ever. hmmm.... something there.


I'm glad I took some time on Friday to stop after work & meet up with some of my Joysters.  We wanted to get a little easy coffee date together because life is busy right now & a lot of people are on vacation & missing our bible study time & one of our Joysters has a new work schedule where she's not been able to come at all to the studies on Sundays so we wanted to make sure she had some girl time still in her life....

Side note - the barista took our picture & it was driving me nuts that she leaned down & took the picture angling up...
not flattering to anyone.  There needs to be a lesson in taking pictures for people.
Side note:  3 pregnant ladies in this picture.  We are a growing group of Joysters!

Nothing like kicking off Friday with girlfriends just sitting & laughing & talking... & a great chai tea latte.  mmmm....

I got home Friday to try & do some things around the house but got totally distracted by the storm going on outside.

I love me a good storm with beautiful storm clouds ... & cool winds... I can sit outside on my porch the entire time breathing it in.

... the dogs? Not so much. 

Saturday, I ended up being up half the night with Bruno - I guess even though he cant see the storms, he felt them & he was up all night long.  He was just wondering around & getting stuck in the corner of rooms & barking for rescue.  I'd put him on the bed & he'd go to walk right off the edge - even over the bed railing we got for him.  I ended up just sitting & rocking him at one point in the middle of the night trying to get him to sleep, just like a baby.... but Ricky got up around 5:30 & I told him, "your shift is on" & I went back to bed & was able to sleep till 9. I was beat.

I spent my morning working on some hand lettering projects - which I'm going to have a post coming up because I have a lot of questions I need some other's opinions on involving hand lettering, my knitting, the Etsy story - just a lot of questions coming....

But then it was time for me to load up & head out for a photo session - actually a double photo session.

I got to do one of my amazing bride & grooms - who I also got to do their baby's pictures & now we're here at his first birthday.  I just ADOREEEEE this pair so have loved getting to spend time with them watching their family grow.  There are just some couples that I just get attached with & find out how amazing they are through the years... this is one of them.

Look how cute all this stuff is momma brought for her son's cake smash pictures.  Looks straight out of Pinterest.  She was like, "here's this stuff, what do we do with it?" & then BAM - it was put together in like 5 minutes & I thought it looked like it was planned out for weeks.  So cute.

But we did her pictures at her mom's home & while I was there, her mom had me do another session for her & her husband & other kiddos.  I hadn't seen these faces since my bride & groom had gotten married - so nearly 2 years.  It always warms my heart to see wedding families again.

Then it was time to head home... & not the way I came.

Back track - I HATE GPS.

When I headed to the photo session, I had the directions from my friend but I thought, I'll turn it on my GPS just to have a back up.  What is the deal with GPS? It had me on every back road - at one point - SERIOUSLY, going in a circle & around a block to come to the same place I was at... & had me pass their house like 3 times. I ended up in a back street that wasn't even the NAME of the location & it kept saying, "You have  reached your destination" when it clearly said I was on Maple Street & I needed something like Oak Street.  SO DUMB.  & in the middle of all this, I apparently hit the world's largest crater in the road & was for sure I left half of my bumper back behind me & was going to have a flat.... ANDDDDD Ricky called me in the middle of this just to say hi.  

GPS is about to give me a heart attack.

Image result for gps funny

Whew... needless to say, I took another way home - & it was seriously - SERIOUSLY - 3 turns to get on roads to get me home.  I need to check my GPS settings to see if its set to "Most complicated scenic route EVER"

I got home & uploaded the pictures & took the time while my computer was doing all the uploading work to finish up a book I was nearing the end of.

This book was about 4 couples - 8 people ... I get so lost in a book, I legit had a card that had the characters names & how they crossed each other & all the crazy relationships.... I had this card out the entire time I was reading this book.  Its how my brain works... or doesnt work I should say.

The rest of my evening was spent on edit mission....

Sunday had me up after a decent Bruno sleep night & heading to church & then to MSM Remix....

& then I had to run & pick up some more food for Bruno. We found out his skin allergies are due to yeast & that's a lot of diet that causes it.  So we're on the hunt for no grain & low carb foods. I'm all about the ones that are based on natural foods. Just how we eat.  It works for dogs too.  We can already see a difference in Bruno's skin changing his diet.

I picked up some lunch & headed home to Ricky who was doing yard work & then it was just a busy day of bills, cutting some dog hair, editing, organizing, editing, finishing up Anne with an E (LOVE THAT NETFLIX SERIES!!!!) & then more editing.

& of course, Starbucks.  Duh.

How was your weekend?


  1. LOL while I love GPS, sometimes it takes me on some weird route and i get mad because why did it take me on a toll road when i can see the free one south of me?!

  2. Your hand lettering is getting so amazing girl! Starbucks runs are necessary on the weekends! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Wow! I think your weekend was busier than mine. I donyk iw how you do it week after week. At leadt most of mine are faitly relaxed. Have a great day!

  4. I've actually done the note card thing with the characters name on it before too. Some stories can get too confusing. Those are usually the ones I don't end up
    Our doggie got a haircut this weekend too. Put it this way, I shaved Baylee and then Scott fixed it!

  5. I'm always super skeptical of the GPS because it landed me in a lake once (a la Michael Scott). Frustrating!

    I've been on a Starbucks kick lately too, which is always a bad habit to get back into lol.

  6. Sometimes GPS can be so good, and sometimes it just isn't smart at all. It's definitely not 100% dependable.

    And I love storms too, but I think dogs just have heightened senses of hearing and such, and so the storms seem to bother them more than us.

    I love how you go through books so quickly. You remind me of my sister, who is a total bookworm. She inspires me to read more books.

  7. Oh man I have a love hate with GPS! The other day it took me down a road that cars were NOT suppose to drive on. Ugh, talk about embarrassing. I haven't been to the bucks in some time but I went this weekend, it was so good. Loving that pink drink.

  8. I plugged directions home from a friends house into my GPS last night - mostly to see how bad traffic was if I went the normal way. It said there was no traffic the normal way but sent me down 6,497 turns instead of the way I know. I said screw it & went my normal way, and ended up home 5 minutes sooner than my phone said was possible. I'm always skeptical...

  9. I'm dreading this week because I know it will seem so long after last week. Oh well, time to dive back into the routine! And those storm clouds are beautiful. Though my kitties are like the dogs, they hate storms. I love the earlier Anne of Green Gables show with Megan Follows and just started the new one on Netflix a bit ago. I'm enjoying it as well :)

  10. Definitely a love/hate relationship with GPS. Girl, you have some mad sharpie skills, love!!!

  11. Omg! That GPS cliffhanger pic had me rolling! As in laughing! Not rolling off a cliff but I might as well be because that's the relationship I have with GPS, too! Fun weekend! And I agree! It's gonna be a loooonnngg week!!

  12. Hahahaha that GPS meme. Sometimes it is spot on and sometimes I am what now???? The family picture with the baby is so precious! And poor Bruno. Sounds like a well deserved coffee after that stormy night, huh?

  13. I love storm clouds too and back in the day I wanted to be a storm chaser. Haha GPS is not my friend at all. Beautifully Candid

  14. That GPS pic makes me think of a thing that really happened. A woman truck driver took out the BIG brick sign pole in front of my hair salon. The thing was probably close to 3 ft. thick and at least 20-25 ft. high. Kinda hard to miss, but she plowed right over/through it. The story she gave the state trooper? Her GPS told her to turn.

  15. Those baby's first birthday photo is gorgeous! You are so talented! GPS can truly be so crazy sometimes!

  16. My weekend is documented in today's blog. I just have to say that your talent is limitless! Is there anything you aren't good at? Seriously.

  17. I filled out a card with all the characters names when I read The Robe. The first 80 pages are all about character introduction and development and I needed help to keep track of them all!

    I'm helping at our church's VBA this week. Arriving at church very early and staying all day. Plus this week I have a physical therapy appointment, a VBA family party, lunch with a friend who has alzheimers... it will be a busy week, but fun!

  18. Ughhhh. Dogs and storms. Terrible combination. I was up all night with Lylee last night. We slept in the basement so we didn't wake K up, but that didn't help ME out at all... ha.
    That little blonde-haired boy is ADORABLE!!

  19. That is the cutest picture set up ever. I love it. I love all of your Starbucks trips. My dog freaked out over the fireworks last week. And he hates thunder too. I totally get your pain. So glad Ricky took over.


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