Thursday, July 13, 2017

Storms, pens & no itchy skin {Thankful Thursday #133}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{the numbers are for my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

456 / Bruno resting better.
Ever since we found out that his diet was a big problem for his skin, he's been doing much better.  Finally resting without having to jerk up & scratch his belly every 10 minutes.  It was awful watching him feel so itchy & there was nothing you could do.  

He rests even more than better when he uses me as a pillow

457 / Seeing old friends.
A funeral home is never a fun place to do this at, but if you have to find good in every situation, it is nice to see old familiar faces in hard times of life.

458 / Belle goodie.
A sweet friend of our family sent this to me - a little Belle plant decoration.  I love it on this pot right next to my reading spot in our enclosed room.  Though I do have a plant in my library where she would also fit really nicely.  I just love her... & am so thankful for my sweet friend Pat who thought of me when she saw it.

459 / Joyster coffee date.
Loved seeing these girls for a little quick break on Friday... knowing I'm going to see a few of them again this weekend.  #AlltheJoystersALLTHETIME

460 / Sitting in the storm.
Always will have this as a grateful thing. I love sitting outside & feeling the winds of storms & smelling the rain coming.  The power of mother nature.

461 / Perfect photo day.
It had been SOOOO hot & humid the few days before my photo session that I was nervous having a little baby out in the weather.  So when that storm came through & cooled it out - it made for a perfect day for 2 sessions.

This is a momma of one of my brides... isnt she beautiful?

464 / New pens & markers.
I've been stocking up on some Sharpies while they were on sale at Target for $1.00.  Bring on all the school supply sales.

466 / Fuel Points.
Thank you Kroger for all the summer deals of 2x & 4x fuel points. I got gas for 90 CENTS OFF! Yahooooo!!!

468 / Knitting still going.
I am thankful to still be knitting for my Etsy store. I feel like I havent finished a project in awhile with photo season going along.  Those cool temps arent too far away.  I think I need to have a good Christmas in July sale though & give out a coupon to clear out some inventory.

Latest edition... I love a good cream hat

What's something good in your world this week?


  1. I agree that funerals are not a fun thing, but it is good to see friends and family. We did that on Saturday and it is on my list today too.

    Such a cute hat and Christmas in July sale is a good idea. Wish I'd thought of it. haha

    Have a great and blessed day Rebecca..

  2. Aw, so glad you got things resolved with Bruno. Dakota is a big time allergy suffer and is always itchy... it's so sad.

    Love your Belle!

  3. When I went back to that Garden store with my husband those Beauty and the beast planters were gone and replaced with fairies. This was after you posted that pic on IG and for a minute I though, Hmmm I wonder if Rebecca's friend shopped here!

  4. Glad to hear that Bruno has found some comfort!!! There is nothing like new pens and markers...right???

  5. Way to look on the bright side with some of these! I love cool storm weather but I HATE what it does to Lylee. She's been waking us up at all hours of the night because she can sense the storms. *sigh* We just cuddle her and try to calm her down at 3am.

  6. I got me some new pens as well....pilot hi-tech maica and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

  7. I'm glad Bruno is doing better. He's such a sweet dog who clearly loves his Mama! We don't get many "storms" out here (until this year not much rain for way too many years) and I miss them, even though they ironically use to scare me when I lived in MN. :D That baby picture is priceless. And that belly, you just want to give it a big smooch and I'm not even a kid person!

  8. I hate going to funeral homes...even with that bright point. I guess, though, that's why older folks are so willing and even eager at times to go.
    Aww...I'm glad Bruno is doing better!
    $1 each?? You can NEVER have too many Sharpies!

  9. $1.63 for gas. Total score. I hate going to funerals, but you are right, you do see a lot of people and it is nice to catch up! I am so glad Bruno is doing better too.

  10. So glad to hear Bruno is feeling better! I've been loving summer storms too! Sitting on the patio and watching the storm roll in -- nothing better!

  11. Those double-ended sharpies are my favorite! What great colors you got. I love the Belle planter decoration, too!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. That baby belly - so cute! And I MISS KROGER!!! Sigh.


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