Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Pillow

Promising review: “This is my new favorite cuddle pillow! It’s so soft and the perfect size for hugging. The description says white but the cover is a light pink. I was happily surprised to see the cover completely comes off for washing! The Velcro is pretty thick, so this will last forever hopefully. I’m buying a second one just in case this one ‘walks’ away with one of my teenagers!” —ABB

Price: $27.99

YES!!!!! I want a couch full of these!!!!

Favorite Kitchen Lovely

Favorite Sweatshirt

The Try Guys Keith & Ned & Zach & Eugene Sweatshirt

Anyone else love The Try Guys?
I think they are just so funny together

Favorite Faith Reminder

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Lavinia Nail Artist on Instagram: “"Quando sembra non succeda più ti riporta…

There's actually a whole Disney line of these where the artist uses different nail polish bottles & brushes - they are beautiful!

Favorite Sweet Treat

The box includes four heart decorated cookies and four undecorated cookies. Promising review: “My brother is in a permanent care facility. It is pretty challenging to find him something for a birthday present. I sent him these cookies as a surprise. He said they were packaged very well and had a lovely presentation. And he would not be shy about telling me if they weren't. They were promptly sent in two days. But, he waited to actually munch on them until the day of his birthday. He said they were just too pretty to tear into. I'm sure he was proud to show off his new little treasure to the staff and other visitors. They made a small statement that he is loved by family. We so appreciate this company.” —SoExcitedUsa

Price: $14.95 

I think these would be amazing.
Oreos.. covered in chocolate.
What a beautiful gift to send someone!!!
They have ones with basketballs or Baseballs on them too instead of hearts for the guys or sports gals in your life!

Favorite Bracelet

Not only is "Let It Go" one of the (dare I say) most EPIC Disney songs of all time, but it's also a pretty damn inspirational mantra. Wear your fave saying up your sleeve until Elsa blesses us with a new one in November.Get it from AdelineQuinnCo on Etsy for $16+ (available in three colors).

A bracelet to get you ready for Frozen 2....
Or just a good life motto to hang onto

Favorite Funnies

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 31 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 31 Pics

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 38 Pics

Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics
(for me, its typically a knee or shoulder)

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 34 Pics

.... when Thursday rolls around each week

GIPHY! ( March 22, 2013 at 08:42PM

... when I notice all the weight that's creeping up on me

GIPHY! ( May 31, 2018 at 04:18PM

... when I walk by the bedroom & see my dogs all snuggled together sleeping

GIPHY! ( June 23, 2017 at 03:48PM

... when someone asks me if I'm going to watch or even care about the Oscars

GIPHY! ( December 21, 2013 at 05:01AM

... me at 4:30pm today

GIPHY! ( February 18, 2019 at 03:14PM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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