Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Help a Girl Out.... Lotion

So I have a lot of things that I have questions on, or need help with in life. I have no shame in that....

I figured I would start a 'series' or just when random questions come to mind & I could ask for your help.  

Every day life has me wondering about things - like how does someone do something better, or what product works best for them, or what do you recommend?

So every now & then, you'll see these posts pop up... Help a girl out!


This week, I am needing some help with lotions.

The winter air is KILLING me. My hands are so dry that the tips of my finger tips are literally snagging the blankets in my bed. WHO KNEW THAT COULD EVEN HAPPEN?????  it's making knitting a total bear too - my hands are just snagging the yarn when I'm knitting - EWWWW!!!!

The rest of my hands are rest & chapped & looks like I've been putting them in a grinder.  Red marks & cuts & scraps all over them.

Let's not even get started on the skin on my legs or my arms. OR MY FACE.  & I know the face thing is a whole different topic- we'll get to that question later.

Today, I'm wondering - what is the best lotion you use for your hands & body?

Image result for dry skin winter meme

& reminder - I'm a drugstore / Target / Amazon kinda gal. If you recommend something to me that is like $60.00 for 2 ounces, I wont judge you, but I'll just applaud you in your life that you can afford that - me? Not so much. I need reasonable ideas that work.

Do you use a certain brand?

Have any tricks?

Use any special home made products?

Help a girl out :) 

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